Saturday, November 12, 2011

What Then?

I have refrained from mentioning the scandal that is unfolding at PSU. It is a shame really that JOPA will now be more remembered for this filth than for his accomplishments and contributions to the game. However if the allegations are accurate, then Paterno certainly deserves what he gets. It reminds me a bit of (actually goes well beyond) the Roger Clemens scandal. Clemens will be more remembered for steroid use and (alleged) criminality than for what he has done on the field of play. Such is life.

Now PSU should probably just cancel the rest of their season and the NCAA should allow players to transfer to any university to continue the "career" without the sanction of sitting out a year (as is done when transferring from one D1 program to another). Of course it appears that PSU will continue with the season. With only one loss at this point it is not out of the realm of possibilities that the Lions could sneak into the BCS "National Championship" game. Unlikely? Very. A mathematical possibility? Of course.

If, for whatever reason, the top teams in the land implode (ie Stanford, OSU, LSU, Alabama, Boise State, Houston, (ok maybe not), Oregon, Oklahoma, Clemson, and Arkansas), then PSU would be right there in the mix. How would that look sports fans? What would that say about our collective priorities?

Think about it.

PSU should cancel the rest of the season out of a sense of decency. Perhaps cancel all sports this season until this works itself out. Why other sports? Coaches talk. You can't tell me that coaches of other sports have not heard some rumor about this Sandusky and his antics. It is likely a well known dirty little secret.

This makes the scandals at Miami and OSU look pretty tame. It is up there with the Baylor basketball mess of a few years back. It is a stunning turn of events.

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