Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 13 (2011) Predictions

This week looks like it will shape up to be pretty important in various races and indeed even the "BCS" standings. It has been a very fun season thus far with more to come. Any major surprises in store? You bet. Read on.

1. Miami (Oh) vs Ohio: The Bobcats should solidify their entrance into the MAC Championship game with a victory here. They will do so. Go with Ohio.

2. Texas vs TAMU: Which team is better? On paper the Aggies are the better squad. Who will win? The Longhorns. They will send the silly Aggies off to the SEC in fine fashion.

3. Eastern MI vs Northern Illinois: A very important game in the MAC. The Huskies will win here in fine fashion. Will it get them into the MAC Championship game? Not sure. At any rate, Go with NIU.

4. Toledo vs Ball State: As above. Will a Toledo victory be enough to get them into the big MAC game? Not sure how that works. Toledo has lost to NIU but NIU was defeated by Central Michigan. The Chippewas were schooled last week by the Rockets. Be that as it may, I think it will be a moot point. I look for Ball State to upset the Rockets.

5. Houston vs Tulsa: This game has BCS implications. Houston is darn good but Tulsa has the talent to win. Tulsa has a very good albeit under the radar QB and offense. Houston's defense is a bit suspect. It will be a good game and I look for the Coogs to pull this one out of the hat. The BCS hacks are praying otherwise I am sure.

6. Arkansas vs LSU: This one is huge. Arkansas has had a few bad outings and are darn lucky to have beaten Ole Miss and Vanderbilt. The Hogs were schooled by the Tide but that was rather early in the season. LSU has had a questionable outing or two also. The game with the Hilltoppers comes to mind. This has become a rivalry and the Hogs often seem to find a way. They will do so and upset the Tigers in Baton Rouge.

7. Utah vs Colorado: The Utes are light years away from domination in the PAC 12 but have built a decent season none the less. Look for them to crush the woeful Buffs. Go with Utah.

8. UTEP vs UCF: UCF is a disappointment. Much more was expected from the Knights this season. UTEP is UTEP. The game is a toss up and I will go with the boys from El Paso to edge the Florida crew.

9. Ohio State vs Michigan: Remember when this game mattered? No longer. An interesting match up sure and a storied rivalry but just no longer very important in the grand scheme of things. That being said, I think that Ohio State will find a way. Record, and to some extent talent, can be thrown out the window in this one. Go with the Buckeyes.

10. Wyoming vs Boise State: The Broncos will be again on the outside looking in in the national picture but really have no reason to be ashamed of their season. Wyoming is a pretty good under the radar squad. They won't have what it takes to upend the Broncs though. Go with BSU.

11. Alabama vs Auburn: Another huge game. Records out the window. Auburn is capable and there are certainly some chinks in the Tide armor that could be exploited. Georgia Southern found a way to take advantage of them and played a commendable game. LSU certainly found them although to be fair the Tide found some things for teams to exploit on the Louisiana Tigers. That being said, I go with Auburn to upset the Tide in a very close one.

12. ULL vs Arizona: Can the Cajuns go out west and take care of business? Perhaps. I will go out on a limb and pick the Cajuns to take down this ridiculously sad BCS program. Go with ULL.

13. Florida St vs Florida: This game does not matter this year but will in the future be huge. Both are in rebuild mode. More was expected of both teams this season but both have fallen off to the wayside. FSU is probably the better team marginally and I will go with them to pull one out of the hat.

14. USC vs UCLA: This one has not mattered in a long time. USC is a good team but totally irrelevant. Well maybe not. They spoiled Oregon's chances of sneaking back into the national picture last week. UCLA at least has a winning season at this point. USC is the better team and will win here. It may be close.

15. Tulane vs Hawaii: More was expected from the Warriors this year. Nothing was expected of Tulane and of course that is what the Wave gave us. Hawaii should have little difficulty here. The problem is staying motivated. That can be an issue for any team that is basically playing for nothing. Hawaii is the better team and will win.

16. Texas Tech vs Baylor: Both teams have not played to their potential. The Red Raiders in particular have completely imploded. It may be a good  game though. If the bad Baylor team shows up they will lose as long as the "good" Red Raider squad comes to town. I think the Bears will find a way to win here though and edge the Raiders in a high scoring and fun game.

17. Clemson vs South Carolina: I think that Clemson is probably slightly the better team here. The final nail in their coffin was driven in last week though in their embarrassing loss to the Wolfpack. That being said, I will go with South Carolina here.

18. Notre Dame vs Stanford: This is a rivalry of sorts. The Irish are irrelevant but have built a better than average season. The bloom is off the rose at Stanford somewhat but they should have what it takes to knock off the boys from South Bend.

19. New Mexico State vs Louisiana Tech: The Bulldogs need to keep the throttle wide open here. They are in position to have a very fine season and don't want the woeful Aggies to spoil it. It may be close but Tech will find a way to win.

20. Memphis vs Southern Miss: The Eagles will be out to prove that their loss to UAB was an anomaly (which it was). They will take it out in the Tigers here and win by a rather large margin.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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