Saturday, November 19, 2011

Urban Renewal Somewhere?

Now Urban is telling folk that there has been no offer from Ohio State. Hmmmm....Perhaps he is lying again? Remember he said something similar I believe just before leaving Utah. Wonder if he told the Bowling Green faithful something along those lines also. I don't know. Anyway he would be a fool to take the job in Columbus. There will be better jobs opening soon. TAMU will be in need of a HC and if anyone is capable of getting the Aggies to be at least competitive in the SEC it would be Meyer. Tuberville probably will be out at Texas Tech. Doesn't Ole Miss need a HC? Isn't that nut Nutt leaving?
Maybe he would like a to keep a low profile with a bit less stress and take over from Howard at FAU? Not near as much money as available in Ohio I'm sure but a better position none the less. He could certainly coach a smaller school and no one would really blame him. He does not have anything to prove.

There will be much better jobs available soon. If Meyer does indeed want back in the game he should wait a bit. 

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