Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 11 (2011) Analysis

There were quite a number of exciting games yesterday and a couple of "stunning upsets." Who will be number one when the BCS poll comes out later today? Will it be LSU or Oklahoma State? The Tigers are beatable and will lose before the end of the season. OSU? Maybe not. Anyway my won/loss this week was 14-6 for a season total of 147-73. On to analysis.

The MWC looks like it should belong to TCU. It is unlikely they will lose their next two conference games. Boise State will now be relegated to a high third tier bowl. One loss in this conference takes away any chance of a BCS game. The Broncs should also run the table for the rest of the season, but it is irrelevant.

Arkansas State will win the Sun Belt. They have beaten both WKU and ULL and should be in the New Orleans Bowl. Troy has certainly fallen off the pace this season and FIU was a disappointment somewhat. It would be nice if coach Howard at FAU would win at least one game before he retires. He is one of the icons of the game.

The WAC is down to Nevada and LTU. Nevada solidified their position with their victory over Hawaii and LTU kept the ball rolling with a non conference win over a "BCS" conference foe. Of course beating Ole Miss is no great shakes, but a win is a win. Next week the two square off in what may decide who will be conference champ. Nevada has two more games after that one; one being against Utah State. Those Aggies can be dangerous.

Speaking of Aggies....It is about time for those in College Station to start looking for a new coach to "bring them to the next level." Haven't we heard that one before? They better do something quick as next year they begin their career as the laughingstock of the SEC. Kansas State righted the ship with the exciting win over these same Aggies. Both teams tried their best to give the game away. Penalties seem to have been the Aggies downfall yesterday. It is always something.
Texas is in rebuild mode but still very dangerous to any opponent. Mizzou also leaves for the SEC where they will be near bottom of the pack. Strange isn't it?
Baylor almost blew it against the worst team (arguably) in the Big Twelve. They should really be a better team then they have turned out this season. Hard place to win and Briles is doing as good a job as can be expected in Waco.
Now we must discuss Oklahoma State and TTU. TTU has had flashes of brilliance this season and has also looked just pathetic. It is time for Tuberville to go. OSU may be the best team in the land. After watching the Tigers of Louisiana.......There are definitely some chinks in the Bengals armor.

It is said (and rightfully so) that the SEC is the toughest conference in the land. That however does not necessarily mean that they have the best team in the country as a member. Having watched LSU, Alabama and Arkansas this season it may be a bit of a stretch to say that any one of them is the "best team in the land." LSU certainly did not look like it against Sun Belt foe WKU last night. At least in the first half. Ignorant fans discount the SBC but coaches know that those schools are ascendant and can surprise a "top" team on any given day. LSU still has a couple left to be played and the Hogs certainly loom large on the sked. Bama also meets up with Auburn and one can pretty much throw records out the window.

Oregon exposed Stanford somewhat last night. Stanford is a lot like Boise State. A great team that rolls over inferior competition and must step it up when facing quality opposition. Boise generally does so. Stanford? Jury is still out. No one else in PAC 12 play is relevant at this point.

One has to feel for the kids at PSU. The NCAA should allow those who feel the need to transfer without penalty. As for the rest of the league.....Wisconsin is a bit of disappointment as is Nebraska. MSU and Michigan are decent but not really worth discussing at this point in the season.

The Big East is the Big East. These teams seem to beat up on each other each week and there is no clear cut squad that stands out. Someone does have to emerge as champion and will get a BCS game. The conference is mediocre to say the least.

Ohio and NIU appear to be poised to move into the MAC Championship game. Temple and Toledo still are in the race. Both have to play catch up and hope for some help.

Clemson clinched their division in the ACC. Just in case anyone is really interested.

Houston has a couple of tough games ahead against SMU and Tulsa. The Mustangs have fallen off the pace but can certainly be dangerous. Tulsa is a good CUSA squad. It is entirely possible that the Coogs could lose one of the next two. USM has solidified their position as the leader in CUSA East with their win over their last remaining dangerous foe. Unless they completely implode they will be in the CUSA Championship game against either Houston or Tulsa.

Have a good week.

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