Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boise State

One of my favorite programs in D1 football has made the move to the MWC. For this year at least I don't see it really any more than a lateral move on their part. Is the current MWC any more potent than the current WAC? Probably not and in fact with TCU moving on to the Big East (that makes geographical sense), and Utah moving on to perhaps dominate the PAC 10, it could be argued that the move is a slight downgrade. Next year it appears that Nevada and Fresno State will be making the move on over to the MWC to again add a bit of legitimacy to the league. It would probably be best if both these conferences combine their forces to become a quasi "super conference." It would certainly make for some interesting match ups and perhaps give both leagues a bit of legitimacy in the "big leagues" of college ball.

As of this time I am a bit behind with my surface depth, inexpert, and usually biased, analysis of the college game. Have not purchased any of the "bibles" yet but will be doing so within the next week or two.

"Stay tuned," as they say.