Monday, November 7, 2011

Strange Happenings and a Few Other Things

It looks as if Mizzou will be joining the SEC as speculated. WVU has apparently been invited to join the Big Twelve. Some lower rent Big East schools are making the move to the ACC and the Big East is trying to raid to survive. I have not heard about a CUSA/Mtn West merger in a while. Where will all of this end? It has become somewhat ridiculous. Blame the BCS system and lack of NCAA control on this mess.

Jerry Sandusky has apparently been accused of diddling young folk. Is the priesthood the next stop for Sandusky? This will become a pretty big scandal as apparently some in the PSU administration had some knowledge that old Jerry was an (alleged) perv. Wonder where this little episode will lead.

The Miami issues have dropped out of the "news" of late but it is doubtful that the story has ended yet. Ditto with Ohio State.

TAMU has perhaps some of the best talent on the field and just can't seem to buy a win. Good. I have been telling you that Sherman ain't the man. It will be interesting to see the Aggies be middle of the pack at best in the SEC.

Texas Tech is schizophrenic. Don't they have pills for that? Tuberville is not the man for the job in Red Raider country.

Andrew Luck looks a bit like a neandrathal.

Sumlin is again being mentioned as possibly moving on to greener pastures. He has been very successful at Houston as was his predecessor. Sumlin should hold out for a good job. Ex Houston coach Art Briles has done a commendable job at Baylor but that is one hard place to win. If Sumlin is offered something along the lines of Kentucky, North Carolina State, etc. etc. it would be to his advantage to stay put.  There has been rumors that Mike Leach would consider the Houston job if Sumlin decides to move on. That would be a good fit.

I have not heard a lot about big name schools looking at Mario Cristobal (FIU coach) of late. The Panthers have imploded and I guess the bloom is off Mario's rose a bit. He is doing a good job in south Florida though and it would be nice to see him stay a while. One doesn't want to get a Todd Graham type reputation. That guy is a scumbag.

WKU and ULL are in the running in the SBC? Things are looking up for both of these schools apparently.

Brady Hoke will wish he had stayed in sunny San Diego before all is said and done and Al Golden will have wished he stayed in cold Philadelphia if the Miami scandal really heats up. And it will.

Turner Gill should have stayed in Buffalo. He was building a program. I give him one more year at Kansas before he is unceremoniously given the boot.

Why is it that no one else but Snyder can win football game at KSU? Is it the work of Beelzebub?

Just a few thoughts.

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