Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meyer Again

It appears that Urban Meyer will be the new HC at Ohio State. Of course he has been denying (lying about) this for a while now. If I recall he did the same thing when he was the HC at Utah. Meyer is a bit of a loon it seems, but he does win games. Any university that wants to upgrade probably can't go wrong with Meyer. After a while he will tire of the gig and move on but he will get some results while employed.

I am not certain why he would chose to work in Columbus though. The "Big Ten" is not what it once was. There are better jobs available (and soon to be available).

Texas Tech would be a good fit perhaps. It is high time for Tuberville to move on and the TTU faithful would probably welcome Urban. I think that Kevin Sumlin would be a better fit for that job frankly but......

Texas Agriculture should certainly be in the market for a new man. Sherman ain't the guy. Those in College Station are always "looking for a coach to take them to the next level." Perhaps Meyer would be the guy. He knows the SEC and if the Aggies hope to have any success at all in that league then they will certainly need new blood at the helm.

UCLA: This storied program has been down for quite a few years. Yes I know they will in the in PAC 12 "Championship Game" this week and that says something about the conference as a whole. That being said, the Bruin program is in need of a new HC now.  It would probably be a better gig than the Ohio State thing. Of course the traffic in LA.........

If Meyer's ego needs a big time program so be it. If not he could take a look at UAB. Calloway resigned and the Blazers are in desperate shape. If Meyer wants again to be looked at as a "miracle man" this would be the job to take. Alabama and Auburn fans would hate it. Meyer might actually be able to talk some regional blue chippers into coming to his program at the expense of the "big boys."

Ole Miss is in need. Now that is a tough gig. If Meyer took that job and performed miracles then the Reb faithful might begin to believe he could change water into wine.

Howard is retiring over at Florida Atlantic. It would be interesting to see if Urban could build this program into a BCS buster. A lot of good recruits in Florida and he might just get some of those blue chippers to buy into his spiel.

I am not sure if Kansas would be a better job than Ohio State but it has been proven that, with the right staff, the Jayhawks can be quite competitive on the gridiron. Meyer would probably be one of the few coaches that could pull that off.

Yep there are a lot of jobs available with more coming available soon. Meyer should have held out for a better gig.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 14 (2011) Predictions

Other than the Army/Navy match up this is the final week of the  D1 season. There are some interesting games on tap including conference championship contests. Should be interesting.

1. WVU/South Florida: I have not paid as much attention to the Big East as I probably should have. It is, as usual, just not quite ready for prime time. WVU does seem to be possibly the best of the bunch but they are probably not quite as good as I would have thought. That being said, they should be able to handle the Bulls. Go with WVU.

2. Ohio vs NIU: Both are good MAC teams. Not so sure they would do real well outside of conference but decent teams none the less. NIU is probably the better squad here and I will go with them to claim the title. Go with the Huskies.

3. Iowa State vs KSU: KSU is a good team. Iowa State can be dangerous at times. Go with KSU in a close one.

4. USM vs Houston: The Coogs are probably a legit top 10 team. They have had a very easy schedule though. Last week's beat down of Tulsa proved a few things. USM can be very good but also rather bad at times. Go with the Coogs here. It may be closer than most think.

5. Utah State vs NMSU: These Aggies are better than their record. They will beat the Aggies of NMSU. Go with UTSU.

6. Wisconsin vs MSU: Wisconsin, even with only two losses, is a disappointment somewhat. They have the talent to be competing for the national title. Not going to happen though. MSU is a pleasant surprise. Better than expected. They likely don't have what it takes to beat the Badgers though. Go with UW.

7. VTU vs Clemson: VTU is hands down the better team here. Clemson has proved to be Clemson. A good team but just not quite a national power. Go with VTU in a possible rout.

8. Fresno State vs SDSU: The Bulldogs have been disappointing. SDSU has built a pretty good season. Go with the Aztecs here.

9. Georgia vs LSU: The big game this weekend for sure. Georgia has recovered from a horrible start and LSU has proven all doubters (including me) wrong. Not that the outcome is a given though. LSU must be on their game. Georgia will be fired up and ready for an upset. It won't happen but it may be a close game. Go with LSU.

10. Boise State vs New Mexico: Boise State will win. The only question is whether or not they decide to run up the score.

11. Texas vs Baylor: Texas has a good defense. Very good. They will certainly need it. Baylor is hot right now and could possibly, at this point, play with anyone. It will be very close but the Longhorns will fall just short. I am not quite sure they are a top 25 team this year. Go with the Bears.

13. Troy vs Arkansas State: Are the Red Wolves a legitimate top 25 team? They are not ranked but perhaps they should be. Troy has been a major disappointment this season. They will want to go out on a winning note though. It will be close but ASU will prevail.

14. ULM vs FAU: Can the Owls win another one before Howard retires? Yes. They will beat the Warhawks. It will be close.

15. UCLA vs Oregon: UCLA is still looking for a coach to propel them above mediocrity. Oregon's only "bad" outings were against some darn good football teams; LSU and USC.  If USC was eligible, they would likely be in the top 5 or 6. Oregon will win here with ease.

16. Wyoming vs Colorado State: The Cowboys are a pretty good Mtn West team. They have built a decent season and should win this one against the Rams. Go with Wyoming.

17. Old Dominion vs Georgia Southern: Georgia Southern is a top squad in the  IAA ranks (yes I know it is now called FCS. Not by me though). If they were in D1 it is entirely possible they would be a top 25 team. They will handle ODU with ease.

18. Stony Brook vs SHSU: The Seawolves have had a good season. It will come to an end though after their contest with SHSU. The Southland Conference teams do not usually do real well in the IAA play offs but SFA will likely have little problem Saturday.

19. UCA vs Montana: This might be a good game. Montana is, as usual, in contention for the title. UCA is not far removed from D2 ball and has done a fine job in the IAA ranks. Montana likely has more firepower and will prevail in a close one.

20. Montana State vs New Hampshire: I have watched NH this year a bit and they look pretty good. Montana State seems to be on the right track also. I really know nothing about them. I will go with NH to win here. Someone has to and that is my guess.

There are some top games this week for sure. It is interesting that again, for the most part, all the usual suspects are there in the IAA ranks. There is some very good football being played at that level. I would put Montana, NH, JMU, App State, SHSU and Northern Iowa up against a whole lot of D1 teams, even some in the BCS Top 25, and expect a very good game.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 13 (2011) Analysis

This week I was 13-7 or a total of 183-77. There were some good games over the weekend with the most important arguably being the Iron Bowl, LSU/Arkansas and Houston/Tulsa match ups. The conference races are pretty much decided and of course there are quite a few teams that should be sitting home but have become "bowl eligible" the last couple weeks.......

LSU is hands down the number one team in the land. One gets the feeling that the only teams with any real chance of beating them are Alabama and/or USC. The "national title" game may well be a rematch with the TIde and the Trojans are irrelevant (this year).

South Carolina, Georgia and Vanderbilt were all victorious over their ACC opponents. The only fly in the SEC ointment was the FSU victory over the Gators. That was predictable though.

It looks as if Ohio and Northern Illinois will square off in the MAC Championship. I would have though this year it would have been Toledo/Temple but they fell by the wayside.

I had a feeling that PSU were pretenders all along. They have had trouble scoring all season oh and Michigan finally got one on the Buckeyes. Illinois has pulled a Texas Tech and seen their season implode.

Louisiana Tech has taken the WAC crown. They are a pretty good football team. Good luck to them

FAU finally won one. I was hoping that Howard's last season as a college HC would not be winless. I always liked that old dude. The Cajuns were at least competitive in their contest with Arizona. Really they probably should have won that one. A 4 loss season in Lafayette is a success believe me. They can build on it.  Arkansas State is hands down the best team in this conference. Funny, WKU, ASU, and ULL were predicted to be the bottom three in conference and wound up 1,2,3......So much for all those professional analysts.

Boise State continues to roll. What bowl will they end up in I wonder? SDSU has had a pretty good season as has Wyoming. TCU is saying good bye to the MTN West with a very successful season also.

Orgeon and Stanford are the only teams ready for the big time in the PAC 12. Good teams both. If USC were able to compete this year they would be right there. No one else is worth mentioning frankly.

The Baylor/TTU game was a good as I expected. It was a fun game and for a while there I thought the Raiders would be able to win this one. The "Texas/TAMU game is in the books. Neither team is real good but it is a damn shame that this storied rivalry is ruined. Oklahoma sure wishes they had the Red Raiders now instead of earlier in the season the Texas Tech was actually a good football team. TTU has imploded. KSU was idle and should be able to beat Iowa State next week but the Cyclones have proven to be dangerous at times.

The Big East is the Big East. Is Cincinnati in the driver seat there? I think I read this somewhere. Maybe it was WVU. Not sure it really matters.

The Coogs have one more game left. The BCS hounds are praying they are upended by USM I am sure. Houston will likely win and they will demand and deserve a seat at the table. I would like to see them matched with Stanford or perhaps Oklahoma State in the post season.

Other than the Army/Navy game, the season winds down this coming week. In addition to those games I will be looking at some of the lower division playoff contests. That is the way a real national champion is determined. Unlike this corrupt BCS nonsense we have in Division I.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Go Coogs

Houston beat a pretty good Tulsa team yesterday. It was pretty much a beat down. The game certainly did not get the attention of the LSU/Arkansas match up among the regular college football fans but it was most definitely one of the most important games for the BCS hacks and honks. Perhaps even more important for them than the aforementioned big game. Why? Those who run the current system do not want any non team from a non AQ conference crashing the corrupt BCS party. You can imagine the rejoice that went on when Boise State was (sort of)taken off the table. If the Coogs can take of business in the CUSA Championship game they will have to be allowed in. If Boise State finishes strong they should get in also. All is not lost though. Both teams have not finished play but if they do finish strong.....Well, the BCS could just pit them against each other. That would be typical and would prove nothing.

The BCS is ruining the game. Have I not said that before?

Friday, November 25, 2011

The End of an Era?

Last night the 'last' Texas/Texas Agricultural game was played. At least for a while. This year neither team is quite ready for prime time. The Horns have an atrocious offense and the defense keeps them in games. TAMU just has issues period. With the talent on that squad/...? The coaching staff has to be to blame. Texas won the game with a last second field goal sending the Aggies off to the SEC on a losing note. That was just a football game though and pretty much beside the point.

This particular match up begun in the 1890's, and has continued for every year since. Now some arrogant fools, on both sides, are ruining it because they can't get along? Does anyone have a noose? It is ridiculous. It is a travesty. It is criminal

The multitudes who read my work know that I am far from an Aggies fan. I take issue with kids running around in military style uniforms who have no intention of joining any branch of the service. Now some do join of course and they have my respect and gratitude. It is those who do not become real service members who are offensive to me. As a veteran I take great offense to this. Also I live among these Aggies and the whole "worship" of the institution is vaguely cult like. This too is beside the point.

The problem is, it seems to me, is that those in College Station can not abide playing second (or third) fiddle in the Republic. While Aggie sports can easily be replaced by TCU or Houston (if invited) from strictly a prowess stand, the program can not be replaced when one looks at history. The Longhorn/Aggie match up is part of Texas. It is one of the premier games in college football and it is fun. Can you imagine ending the USC/UCLA rivalry? Auburn/Alabama? Ohio State/Michigan? Florida/FSU?  Or a host of other regional rivalries that get less attention. It is the same thing. It is ridiculous. We have already seen the Oklahoma/Nebraska rivalry fall by the wayside. Now this!!!!

Now the Aggies have run off to the SEC where they will be about on par with Mississippi State or Ole Miss. Possibly a step above Kentucky on the gridiron. Their basketball program has had some recent success but in the SEC, basketball, with the exception of the Kentucky program, is somewhat of a sideshow. 

These arrogant folks in leadership positions at both schools have nothing on the BCS when it comes to ruining a wonderful sport. It is sick and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

I guess it shouldn't matter to me. I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man. It does matter though damn it.

Now where is that noose?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thoughts on the Big Twelve

It is reported that BYU is not interested in joining the Big East. Perhaps they would be interested in the Big XII? That conference has lost 4 teams now. Nebraska to the Big Ten; Colorado to the Pac 12; and now Mizzou and TAMU to the SEC. Texas Christian more than replaces Colorado and WVU (reported to be making the move) is a more than suitable replacement for Mizzou. BYU, while not a replacement for the Aggies or Huskers, would be a decent fit. The program is somewhat better than the one in College Station, and they do have a rather large and rabid fan base.

The addition of the University of Houston would be a very good fit for the conference also. Houston can field some very good football teams and, with the right coaching/recruiting staff, could again be a force in roundball. Their baseball program is top notch. Perhaps the Big Twelve should look there to upgrade back to a twelve team league.

Actually two Texas private schools could be considered. Rice and SMU. Rice does not have the fan base in football but the would bring a top notch baseball program along with a decent basketball program to the table. SMU brings decent programs to the table although their is a lack of a large fan base also. The lack of a large fan base at either school may be an issue.

Another program that could be looked at is Texas State. This school is making the transition to Division I and perhaps could be considered. Again the fan base thing has to be considered though.

A decent program to think about might be Louisiana Tech. They would jump at the chance to affiliate with a "major" conference. The facilities are decent and they can, at times, field a very competitive football team. Some recruits, who are considering the SEC, may well take a look at Louisiana Tech (and by extension some other Big Twelve schools) to play ball and further their "education." The addition of Louisiana Tech would give the Big Twelve more of an inroad into SEC territory.

To be considered a top conference the Big Twelve needs to "upgrade" again to twelve teams. While it is impossible to fully replace the Aggies or the Huskers, there are some viable options out there.

Adios Mofo's

In a few short hours the TAMU/Texas game will commence. There will be blood. The Aggies will be heading to mediocrity (at best) in the SEC and have destroyed this storied rivalry. This one really can't be blamed on the scramble to get into a "BCS" conference. This just has to do with petty petulance.
Also (and here we get to the crux of the matter) those fans in the SEC are not going to take kindly to a bunch of children "playing soldier." Those students who are actually going into the military after graduation will get a pass and have our gratitude of course. As for the rest? Most folk quit "playing army" around the sixth grade.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Honking on a Monday Morning

Last week there have been some tragedies that really put things in perspective. Cliche I know but true.

Arkansas tight End Garrett Uekman was found dead in his dorm. Cause unknown. These hidden problems are a ticking time bomb it would seem.

A plane crash has taken the lives of coaches affiliated with the OSU women's basketball program.

A vehicle accident killed some folk in the parking lot at the Harvard/Yale game.

What can one say? The time will come for all of us. Onto happier thoughts.......

The SEC West has LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas ranked number 1,2,3 in the BCS standings. Same in the AP poll. When was the last time something like that has been seen? For all of the SEC haters out there....well.. In your face. I have said before that the SEC may not always have the best team in the land but is always, hands down, the toughest conference in college football. There are never more than one or two true "cupcakes" in conference in any given year. I have heard that there is already a D1 college playoff system; the SEC schedule. Not true of course but it has a nice ring to it. That has been proven pretty accurate in recent years though I must say.

Houston is now ranked 8 in the BCS poll. They have a tough game ahead with Tulsa and, should they win, against USM in the CUSA championship game. Should they run the table they should be ready to battle a top tier team in a BCS game. No I don't want to see them facing the Big East representative. That would prove very little. That is the kind of thing the BCS does however. I am getting ahead of myself. They still need to run that table and it won't be easy. Should they falter, well, the BCS honks would love that, but it would not diminish the fact that the Coogs have had a fine year.

I note that Boise State is ranked ahead of the Cougars in the BCS standings. Not sure I get that one but the Broncos have lost to a ranked opponent while the Coogs have not yet played one. Could both squads, should they finish strong, get a BCS game? Probably not. If they did you can bet that they would be pitted against each other which will of course prove very little. The BCS system is protective to say the least and only grudgingly will give a non AQ team a chance to prove their metal.

Such is the system we have.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 13 (2011) Predictions

This week looks like it will shape up to be pretty important in various races and indeed even the "BCS" standings. It has been a very fun season thus far with more to come. Any major surprises in store? You bet. Read on.

1. Miami (Oh) vs Ohio: The Bobcats should solidify their entrance into the MAC Championship game with a victory here. They will do so. Go with Ohio.

2. Texas vs TAMU: Which team is better? On paper the Aggies are the better squad. Who will win? The Longhorns. They will send the silly Aggies off to the SEC in fine fashion.

3. Eastern MI vs Northern Illinois: A very important game in the MAC. The Huskies will win here in fine fashion. Will it get them into the MAC Championship game? Not sure. At any rate, Go with NIU.

4. Toledo vs Ball State: As above. Will a Toledo victory be enough to get them into the big MAC game? Not sure how that works. Toledo has lost to NIU but NIU was defeated by Central Michigan. The Chippewas were schooled last week by the Rockets. Be that as it may, I think it will be a moot point. I look for Ball State to upset the Rockets.

5. Houston vs Tulsa: This game has BCS implications. Houston is darn good but Tulsa has the talent to win. Tulsa has a very good albeit under the radar QB and offense. Houston's defense is a bit suspect. It will be a good game and I look for the Coogs to pull this one out of the hat. The BCS hacks are praying otherwise I am sure.

6. Arkansas vs LSU: This one is huge. Arkansas has had a few bad outings and are darn lucky to have beaten Ole Miss and Vanderbilt. The Hogs were schooled by the Tide but that was rather early in the season. LSU has had a questionable outing or two also. The game with the Hilltoppers comes to mind. This has become a rivalry and the Hogs often seem to find a way. They will do so and upset the Tigers in Baton Rouge.

7. Utah vs Colorado: The Utes are light years away from domination in the PAC 12 but have built a decent season none the less. Look for them to crush the woeful Buffs. Go with Utah.

8. UTEP vs UCF: UCF is a disappointment. Much more was expected from the Knights this season. UTEP is UTEP. The game is a toss up and I will go with the boys from El Paso to edge the Florida crew.

9. Ohio State vs Michigan: Remember when this game mattered? No longer. An interesting match up sure and a storied rivalry but just no longer very important in the grand scheme of things. That being said, I think that Ohio State will find a way. Record, and to some extent talent, can be thrown out the window in this one. Go with the Buckeyes.

10. Wyoming vs Boise State: The Broncos will be again on the outside looking in in the national picture but really have no reason to be ashamed of their season. Wyoming is a pretty good under the radar squad. They won't have what it takes to upend the Broncs though. Go with BSU.

11. Alabama vs Auburn: Another huge game. Records out the window. Auburn is capable and there are certainly some chinks in the Tide armor that could be exploited. Georgia Southern found a way to take advantage of them and played a commendable game. LSU certainly found them although to be fair the Tide found some things for teams to exploit on the Louisiana Tigers. That being said, I go with Auburn to upset the Tide in a very close one.

12. ULL vs Arizona: Can the Cajuns go out west and take care of business? Perhaps. I will go out on a limb and pick the Cajuns to take down this ridiculously sad BCS program. Go with ULL.

13. Florida St vs Florida: This game does not matter this year but will in the future be huge. Both are in rebuild mode. More was expected of both teams this season but both have fallen off to the wayside. FSU is probably the better team marginally and I will go with them to pull one out of the hat.

14. USC vs UCLA: This one has not mattered in a long time. USC is a good team but totally irrelevant. Well maybe not. They spoiled Oregon's chances of sneaking back into the national picture last week. UCLA at least has a winning season at this point. USC is the better team and will win here. It may be close.

15. Tulane vs Hawaii: More was expected from the Warriors this year. Nothing was expected of Tulane and of course that is what the Wave gave us. Hawaii should have little difficulty here. The problem is staying motivated. That can be an issue for any team that is basically playing for nothing. Hawaii is the better team and will win.

16. Texas Tech vs Baylor: Both teams have not played to their potential. The Red Raiders in particular have completely imploded. It may be a good  game though. If the bad Baylor team shows up they will lose as long as the "good" Red Raider squad comes to town. I think the Bears will find a way to win here though and edge the Raiders in a high scoring and fun game.

17. Clemson vs South Carolina: I think that Clemson is probably slightly the better team here. The final nail in their coffin was driven in last week though in their embarrassing loss to the Wolfpack. That being said, I will go with South Carolina here.

18. Notre Dame vs Stanford: This is a rivalry of sorts. The Irish are irrelevant but have built a better than average season. The bloom is off the rose at Stanford somewhat but they should have what it takes to knock off the boys from South Bend.

19. New Mexico State vs Louisiana Tech: The Bulldogs need to keep the throttle wide open here. They are in position to have a very fine season and don't want the woeful Aggies to spoil it. It may be close but Tech will find a way to win.

20. Memphis vs Southern Miss: The Eagles will be out to prove that their loss to UAB was an anomaly (which it was). They will take it out in the Tigers here and win by a rather large margin.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Week 12 (2011) Analysis

Week 12 of the 2011 season is in the books. What a week it was. Oregon, Clemson, and Oklahoma all fell to two losses on the season while OSU was stunned by a very average (at best) ISU squad. This certainly has the potential to damage to credibility of the BCS system which, for any purist, is a good thing. Last week I personally had a 13-7 record for a total of 160-80 thus far. A lot of football left to be played so...... on to the analysis.

 In the Big Twelve two vaunted programs have fallen by the wayside (in the national picture). OSU and Oklahoma both suffered losses. OSU's only loss thus far came was at the hands of Iowa State which dooms them from competing in the BCS  "Championship Game."
Baylor finally played to their potential and all but ruined the Sooners season. Baylor is a much better team than their record indicates. They have not been able to really jell this year and that is a shame.
Somehow or other KSU held off Texas. A horrible game to watch it was. Another win though for the Wildcats though. They are a pretty good team.
Have you ever seen a program implode like the Red Raiders? Me either.

LSU crushed Ole Miss. That was really to be expected. The Hogs had a very good outing against the other Mississippi school setting the stage for a very big game.
Bama, Auburn, South Carolina and Florida held off IAA opponents. I was not totally certain that Georgia Southern, Samford or Furman would come out on the losing end. Very good IAA programs all. If Georgia Southern was in Division I,  they would likely be a top 25 team. I would place them along the lines of a Southern Mississippi, TCU , Tulsa or Florida State.
Georgia won the SEC East and will represent that division in the SEC Championship game. The Bulldogs bounced back from a dismal start and are playing some good football. Kentucky did hang tough with them though and that gives some reason for pause.

Miami is "bowl eligible." I am getting tired of hearing that phrase bandied about this late in the season. If a team is not "bowl eligible"at this point, then perhaps they just don't deserve a post season bid. A six win team does not a bowl team make in my humble opinion. There are just a few too many bowl games to be sure. The 'Canes certainly have not played to their potential this year. Reminds me a bit of Baylor.
FSU is just not quite there yet. Give it another year or two.
Clemson fell off the pace with their loss to NC State. Any small chance of "sneaking in" is out of the question. A loss to Georgia Tech and now a woeful NC State squad? A two or three loss year though can certainly be considered successful for these Tigers.
No one is really considering Va. Tech for the "Big Game" at this point either. The loss to Clemson certainly diminishes their chances. LSU would have to lose (perhaps twice) along with Alabama, Stanford and perhaps even Oklahoma State before the Hokies become a consideration.
Nothing else is really worth discussing in the ACC.

Same really with the Big East. Not worth examination. Someone has to win the conference though. I am not getting into the whole complicated equation though. It is early and frankly just not worth the effort.

Arkansas State has won the Sun Belt and accepted a bowl bid apparently. A good under the radar team are the Red Wolves.
The Cajuns have had a very surprisingly good year also. They may be able to beat Arizona in the season finale.
WKU has made huge strides also. Hats off to Coach Willie.
North Texas has shown some improvement and may be a contender next season.
FIU and Troy have been disappointing this season. FIU has a winning record but certainly have not played to their potential.
I hope Coach Howard wins one game before he finally retires from the game. His team (FAU) is dismal to say the least though. Oh well, it could be worse. I have heard no reports of buggery coming out of any of Howard's programs.

Louisiana Tech has shown folks that they are a very dangerous team. LSU gets all of the attention in state but these Bulldogs are pretty darn good.  They have rebounded nicely from a 1-4 start and are in the driver seat to take the WAC.

Boise State bounces back and will end up with a fine season. Another year of not running the table though certainly sticks in the craw of the faithful.
TCU has certainly salvaged their season and have turned out to be a pretty good team.
Wyoming is having a good year and SDSU has nothing to be ashamed of either.

Houston a BCS buster? A lot of football left to be played. They beat a better than the record SMU squad yesterday pretty handily but must face off with Tulsa next week. Tulsa is capable to be sure. If the Coogs win that one they still have a pretty tough opponent in the CUSA Championship Game. Running the table is not a foregone conclusion for Houston at this point. What if they do though? What will happen when LSU loses to Arkansas or is tripped up in the SEC Championship Game? What if Auburn "upsets" Bama in he Iron Bowl? What then? Will U of H still have a shot at the mythical BCS national title? Not likely. The system is rigged against non AQBCS is ruining the game? I think I have.

Oh yes the Big Ten. Well MSU has won whatever division they are in (Leaders? Legends? Whatever). They have had a pretty good year. PSU bounced back after their loss last week to the Huskers by taking down the Buckeyes. That is good for the players. The entire coaching staff needs to go at this point though. I mean right now. They may not all be complicit in the Sandusky episode but you know they had to be at least aware of rumors. Coaches talk. A complete house cleaning is in order.

Oregon is now out of the national picture. I found myself rooting for USC to win just to further damage the credibility of the BCS system. That is a shame. What can one do though if one is a purist? Stanford held off Cal but some programs have to implode at the wire before they are to be considered for the "Big Game."

Have a good week.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Urban Renewal Somewhere?

Now Urban is telling folk that there has been no offer from Ohio State. Hmmmm....Perhaps he is lying again? Remember he said something similar I believe just before leaving Utah. Wonder if he told the Bowling Green faithful something along those lines also. I don't know. Anyway he would be a fool to take the job in Columbus. There will be better jobs opening soon. TAMU will be in need of a HC and if anyone is capable of getting the Aggies to be at least competitive in the SEC it would be Meyer. Tuberville probably will be out at Texas Tech. Doesn't Ole Miss need a HC? Isn't that nut Nutt leaving?
Maybe he would like a to keep a low profile with a bit less stress and take over from Howard at FAU? Not near as much money as available in Ohio I'm sure but a better position none the less. He could certainly coach a smaller school and no one would really blame him. He does not have anything to prove.

There will be much better jobs available soon. If Meyer does indeed want back in the game he should wait a bit. 

Meyer to Ohio State

Urban Meyer considering Ohio State? Of all places. The "Big Ten" is only somewhat relevant in the race for the national crown, but Ohio State??????? May as well take a job in the ACC or Mtn West. I just don't think Meyer is quite that obtuse. Do you? A proven former coach in the SEC has no business messing around with an inferior conference. Better to take a decent ACC or "Big Twelve" job. The glory days of the Big Ten (or whatever it should be called) are long past. Nebraska's move to that conference was certainly explainable. The want to be relevant again. Things have not really worked out quite yet for them but give it a year or two.

These reports concerning Meyer must be wrong. Or not.

Well Well Well

OSU has fallen to Iowa State. Did not really see that one coming. Did you? Now what is the BCS to do?Will they (it?) be able to deny Houston (should they run the table) a shot at a BCS berth? What will happen when the Hogs upset the Tigers? It is a shame when one roots against the BCS system instead of rooting for the teams they like. It is not supposed to be like that. Is it? The BCS needs to go.

Let us prepare for "occupation" I say. Bring your condoms but you can leave the soap at home.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Couple Of Thoughts

Well this didn't take long. Now some in congress want to hold hearings on the issues at PSU along with the less well publicized scandal at the Citadel. Political grandstanding!! Now there are some rumblings of something similar going on with the Syracuse basketball program. Be that as it may, there are laws to handle such abhorrent behavior and the last thing needed is those in national office putting in their two cents worth. They should clean their own house first and foremost. I would wager there is a fair share of illegal diddling that goes on in that den of sociopathology in DC.

Well Gary Pinkel, HC at Mizzou, has been suspended for one game after his arrest on suspicion of DWI. Pretty fair I guess. At least he is not implicated in buggery.

USM was taken down by a woeful UAB squad last night. A bit of a surprise to say the least. UAB is dismal but does seem to play up at times against superior competition. They (USM) should be still be in the CUSA championship game but they do need to take care of business next week against the Tigers. The loss to UAB will certainly knock them out of the top 25 though and that is a shame.

I hear that Bob Davie is to take over the reins at New Mexico. Not a good move Bob. Not a good move. Are you that desperate for a HC position? New Mexico is one of the hardest places to win in the college game. I don't care who coaches there. It is considered a good season if the Lobos reach the .500 mark.

Tonight OSU travels to Iowa State for a tune up before the big game with the Sooners. I think that this team has the good sense to take care of business and not look ahead. We will see. I look for them to remain undefeated and then of course get upset by the Sooners. Same thing may happen to LSU. They might suffer a loss from the Hogs in a couple weeks. That should make a fine mess for the BCS to sort out.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 12 (2011) Predictions

The regular season is starting to wind down but most conference races have not been decided. Still a good bit left to be played. Some of the top teams went down last week and it is likely there will be at least one other before all is said and done. It is sad when one is tempted to root against the BCS system instead of favorite schools. Such is the sad system we have in D1 ball. On to the predictions.

1. NIU vs Ball State: This could be a team that will trip up the Huskies in their quest to become MAC Champion. Probably not although it may be an interesting game. Go with NIU.

2. Ohio vs Bowling Green: Ohio must win here if they want to go all the way in the MAC. They have been proven to play down to their competition this year. I think Solich will find a way to win. Go with the Bobcats

3. Southern Miss vs UAB: The Eagles should have very little trouble here. Go with USM.

4. North Carolina vs Virginia Tech: The Hokies (or Clemson for that matter) are not really being discussed as serious contenders for the national crown. Of course being in the ACC and with one loss already.......That being said it is time for a slip up on the part of the Gobblers. Go with the Heels in an upset.

5. Toledo vs Central Michigan: Toledo is a good team but they must win out and hope for NIU to implode. Central Michigan has been down a good bit this year and the Rockets should be able to handle them. Go with Toledo.

6. Oklahoma St vs Iowa State: These Cowboys are quite possibly the best team in the land. They should be able to handle Iowa State pretty easily. Of course nothing is a sure bet until the gun sounds. Go with Oklahoma State.

7. Cincinnati vs Rutgers: I suppose someone has to win the Big East. Cincinnati seems about as good as any of them but the Knights have been known to pull a few surprises. Go with Cinc. in a close one.

8. Kansas vs TAMU: It is a sad state of affairs the Aggies find themselves in. Kansas also for that matter. It would not be out of the question for the Jayhawks to sneak up on this moribund squad. Probably won't happen though. The Aggies can't be that bad. Can they? Go with TAMU to become "bowl eligible."

9. Georgia Southern vs Alabama: Must be homecoming for a lot of schools in the SEC. This one won't be quite as easy for the Tide as people think. An excellent IAA school is every bit as good as a mid level D1 team. While the Tide will roll here it may be pretty close. I have often thought that the IAA schools, especially the Eastern ones, compete well with the ACC and Big East for recruits. That may be one reason why both of the conferences are usually just not quite up to snuff. It can't be argued that some of the eastern teams in IAA are always right there competing for a national championship while those in the ACC and Big East are always on the outside looking in.

10. Arizona vs Arizona St: Someone has to win and I will go with the team with the better record. Go with Arizona State.

11. Arkansas State vs MTSU: The Indians err Red Wolves could solidify their conference crown with a win here. They will do so.

12. Tulsa vs UTEP: Tulsa has some of the best talent in the league and may have a shot at the title game. UTEP is UTEP. Hard place to win. They can surprise though and I think that they will win here by a nose. Go with UTEP in a close one.

13. SMU vs Houston: The Pony's can be dangerous. They are probably a year away from being a very good team. Houston will have their hands full but will come away with a victory.

14. Mississippi State vs Arkansas: The Bulldogs are a bit of a disappointment this year but still can be pretty dangerous. The Hogs have a tendency to play down to their competition at times but that would be a mistake here. Go with Arkansas in a close one.

15. Louisiana Tech vs Nevada: This will probably decide the winner of the WAC. Both are better teams than given credit for. LTU will surprise here in an upset of sorts. Go with the Bulldogs.

16. LSU vs Ole Miss: There is something just a bit off with the Tigers. They are an excellent team but they are beatable. Of course Ole Miss ain't the team to do it. Go with the Tigers here.

17. Oklahoma vs Baylor: Oklahoma is by far the better team here and will find a way to lose this one. I go with Baylor in an upset. It is about time they begin to play up to their potential.

18. Boise State vs SDSU: The Aztecs are a pretty good team. Boise State has blown it again. The Broncos are the better team but they must keep their heads up or they will find themselves with another loss on the season. Go with BSU in a close one.

19. KSU vs Texas: This could be a good game. KSU is certainly a good team but far from great. Texas is a decent team but just not quite good. I think that KSU will win another close one here.

20. Clemson vs NC State: These Tigers are going to win here but they won't get any more respect from the "professional" analysts. Clemson is a good team; along the lines of a Wisconsin or Nebraska. Light years away from LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State and perhaps Oregon. They will win against the woeful Wolfpack though.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 11 (2011) Analysis

There were quite a number of exciting games yesterday and a couple of "stunning upsets." Who will be number one when the BCS poll comes out later today? Will it be LSU or Oklahoma State? The Tigers are beatable and will lose before the end of the season. OSU? Maybe not. Anyway my won/loss this week was 14-6 for a season total of 147-73. On to analysis.

The MWC looks like it should belong to TCU. It is unlikely they will lose their next two conference games. Boise State will now be relegated to a high third tier bowl. One loss in this conference takes away any chance of a BCS game. The Broncs should also run the table for the rest of the season, but it is irrelevant.

Arkansas State will win the Sun Belt. They have beaten both WKU and ULL and should be in the New Orleans Bowl. Troy has certainly fallen off the pace this season and FIU was a disappointment somewhat. It would be nice if coach Howard at FAU would win at least one game before he retires. He is one of the icons of the game.

The WAC is down to Nevada and LTU. Nevada solidified their position with their victory over Hawaii and LTU kept the ball rolling with a non conference win over a "BCS" conference foe. Of course beating Ole Miss is no great shakes, but a win is a win. Next week the two square off in what may decide who will be conference champ. Nevada has two more games after that one; one being against Utah State. Those Aggies can be dangerous.

Speaking of Aggies....It is about time for those in College Station to start looking for a new coach to "bring them to the next level." Haven't we heard that one before? They better do something quick as next year they begin their career as the laughingstock of the SEC. Kansas State righted the ship with the exciting win over these same Aggies. Both teams tried their best to give the game away. Penalties seem to have been the Aggies downfall yesterday. It is always something.
Texas is in rebuild mode but still very dangerous to any opponent. Mizzou also leaves for the SEC where they will be near bottom of the pack. Strange isn't it?
Baylor almost blew it against the worst team (arguably) in the Big Twelve. They should really be a better team then they have turned out this season. Hard place to win and Briles is doing as good a job as can be expected in Waco.
Now we must discuss Oklahoma State and TTU. TTU has had flashes of brilliance this season and has also looked just pathetic. It is time for Tuberville to go. OSU may be the best team in the land. After watching the Tigers of Louisiana.......There are definitely some chinks in the Bengals armor.

It is said (and rightfully so) that the SEC is the toughest conference in the land. That however does not necessarily mean that they have the best team in the country as a member. Having watched LSU, Alabama and Arkansas this season it may be a bit of a stretch to say that any one of them is the "best team in the land." LSU certainly did not look like it against Sun Belt foe WKU last night. At least in the first half. Ignorant fans discount the SBC but coaches know that those schools are ascendant and can surprise a "top" team on any given day. LSU still has a couple left to be played and the Hogs certainly loom large on the sked. Bama also meets up with Auburn and one can pretty much throw records out the window.

Oregon exposed Stanford somewhat last night. Stanford is a lot like Boise State. A great team that rolls over inferior competition and must step it up when facing quality opposition. Boise generally does so. Stanford? Jury is still out. No one else in PAC 12 play is relevant at this point.

One has to feel for the kids at PSU. The NCAA should allow those who feel the need to transfer without penalty. As for the rest of the league.....Wisconsin is a bit of disappointment as is Nebraska. MSU and Michigan are decent but not really worth discussing at this point in the season.

The Big East is the Big East. These teams seem to beat up on each other each week and there is no clear cut squad that stands out. Someone does have to emerge as champion and will get a BCS game. The conference is mediocre to say the least.

Ohio and NIU appear to be poised to move into the MAC Championship game. Temple and Toledo still are in the race. Both have to play catch up and hope for some help.

Clemson clinched their division in the ACC. Just in case anyone is really interested.

Houston has a couple of tough games ahead against SMU and Tulsa. The Mustangs have fallen off the pace but can certainly be dangerous. Tulsa is a good CUSA squad. It is entirely possible that the Coogs could lose one of the next two. USM has solidified their position as the leader in CUSA East with their win over their last remaining dangerous foe. Unless they completely implode they will be in the CUSA Championship game against either Houston or Tulsa.

Have a good week.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What Then?

I have refrained from mentioning the scandal that is unfolding at PSU. It is a shame really that JOPA will now be more remembered for this filth than for his accomplishments and contributions to the game. However if the allegations are accurate, then Paterno certainly deserves what he gets. It reminds me a bit of (actually goes well beyond) the Roger Clemens scandal. Clemens will be more remembered for steroid use and (alleged) criminality than for what he has done on the field of play. Such is life.

Now PSU should probably just cancel the rest of their season and the NCAA should allow players to transfer to any university to continue the "career" without the sanction of sitting out a year (as is done when transferring from one D1 program to another). Of course it appears that PSU will continue with the season. With only one loss at this point it is not out of the realm of possibilities that the Lions could sneak into the BCS "National Championship" game. Unlikely? Very. A mathematical possibility? Of course.

If, for whatever reason, the top teams in the land implode (ie Stanford, OSU, LSU, Alabama, Boise State, Houston, (ok maybe not), Oregon, Oklahoma, Clemson, and Arkansas), then PSU would be right there in the mix. How would that look sports fans? What would that say about our collective priorities?

Think about it.

PSU should cancel the rest of the season out of a sense of decency. Perhaps cancel all sports this season until this works itself out. Why other sports? Coaches talk. You can't tell me that coaches of other sports have not heard some rumor about this Sandusky and his antics. It is likely a well known dirty little secret.

This makes the scandals at Miami and OSU look pretty tame. It is up there with the Baylor basketball mess of a few years back. It is a stunning turn of events.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Strange Happenings and a Few Other Things

It looks as if Mizzou will be joining the SEC as speculated. WVU has apparently been invited to join the Big Twelve. Some lower rent Big East schools are making the move to the ACC and the Big East is trying to raid to survive. I have not heard about a CUSA/Mtn West merger in a while. Where will all of this end? It has become somewhat ridiculous. Blame the BCS system and lack of NCAA control on this mess.

Jerry Sandusky has apparently been accused of diddling young folk. Is the priesthood the next stop for Sandusky? This will become a pretty big scandal as apparently some in the PSU administration had some knowledge that old Jerry was an (alleged) perv. Wonder where this little episode will lead.

The Miami issues have dropped out of the "news" of late but it is doubtful that the story has ended yet. Ditto with Ohio State.

TAMU has perhaps some of the best talent on the field and just can't seem to buy a win. Good. I have been telling you that Sherman ain't the man. It will be interesting to see the Aggies be middle of the pack at best in the SEC.

Texas Tech is schizophrenic. Don't they have pills for that? Tuberville is not the man for the job in Red Raider country.

Andrew Luck looks a bit like a neandrathal.

Sumlin is again being mentioned as possibly moving on to greener pastures. He has been very successful at Houston as was his predecessor. Sumlin should hold out for a good job. Ex Houston coach Art Briles has done a commendable job at Baylor but that is one hard place to win. If Sumlin is offered something along the lines of Kentucky, North Carolina State, etc. etc. it would be to his advantage to stay put.  There has been rumors that Mike Leach would consider the Houston job if Sumlin decides to move on. That would be a good fit.

I have not heard a lot about big name schools looking at Mario Cristobal (FIU coach) of late. The Panthers have imploded and I guess the bloom is off Mario's rose a bit. He is doing a good job in south Florida though and it would be nice to see him stay a while. One doesn't want to get a Todd Graham type reputation. That guy is a scumbag.

WKU and ULL are in the running in the SBC? Things are looking up for both of these schools apparently.

Brady Hoke will wish he had stayed in sunny San Diego before all is said and done and Al Golden will have wished he stayed in cold Philadelphia if the Miami scandal really heats up. And it will.

Turner Gill should have stayed in Buffalo. He was building a program. I give him one more year at Kansas before he is unceremoniously given the boot.

Why is it that no one else but Snyder can win football game at KSU? Is it the work of Beelzebub?

Just a few thoughts.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 11 (2011) Predictions

This week has some pretty interesting match ups although the schedule is somewhat anti climatic after what transpired last week. Oh well. The games have to be played. On to the predictions.

1.NIU vs Bowling Green: After a rocky start to the season the Huskies have righted their ship and will be a factor down to the wire. They did handle a very good Toledo team last week and should be able to do the same with these Falcons. Go with NIU.

2. Houston vs Tulane: The Coogs playing another late mid week game. They should be able to handle the horrible Green Wave of Tulane. The hard stretch of UH's sked starts in a couple weeks and they may need this scrimmage to get things fine tuned. Go with the Coogs.

3. Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech: Ga Tech has been exposed somewhat and VA. Tech is a good, but not great team. I have never really liked this Coach Frank but he certainly does something right. I think that the Hokies will roll here. Could be wrong.

4. Michigan vs Illinois: This may be a good game. We will see. Illinois has fallen off but the Wolverines have certainly been exposed as pretenders also. Michigan is probably the better team here but I will go with the Illini in a minor upset. Hoke should have stayed in sunny SoCal.

5. Auburn vs Georgia: The Bulldogs have sort of a charmed life this year. No LSU, Alabama, or Arkansas on their regular season schedule. They have already lost to South Carolina and were also beaten by that team that fans just don't want to take seriously. Funny that the fans don't think highly of Boise State, but college coaches around the country damn sure do. At any rate....Georgia is a pretty good team but they are certainly beatable. Even by an Auburn squad. Go with the Tigers to "upset" the Bulldogs in this one.

6. Miami vs FSU: This will be a good game. Both teams are pretty decent and FSU is ascendant at this point. They very well may be a factor nationally next season. Which team is the better at this point? Probably FSU. I will go with them to win this rivalry game.

7. Texas vs Mizzou: The Longhorns are not a team to be trifled with. They have some problems at QB but things certainly seem to be improving. Mizzou can be very dangerous to just about anyone also. Depends on which team shows up to play. I go with Texas in a very close one.

8. Florida vs South Carolina: The Gamecocks have to run the table the rest of the way and hope that Georgia falters. This has become a rivalry game to some extent and it might be a very good one. Florida will be back next year but the same may not be said about South Carolina. They need to win now. I think that Spurrier will have a few tricks up his sleeve and pull this one out of the hat. Go with South Carolina.

9. TAMU vs KSU: Things get somewhat easier this week for the Wildcats. They have had a rough past couple weeks. TAMU has the talent to beat them though but there is just something missing. I go with KSU in a close one.

10. Oklahoma State vs TTU: I wonder which Tech team will show up this week. Will it be the horrible one or the exceptional squad? Either way it may not matter. I go with the Cowboys to win. The margin depends on which Red Raider personality shows up.

11. Tennessee vs Arkansas: The Hogs can't let up. It has been proven that they will play down to their competition. That would be a mistake here. If the Hogs play ball then they should win handily. If not? Well.....I go with the Razorbacks in a close one.

12. WKU vs LSU: This one is a no brainer. WKU has become a pretty good Sun Belt team and Coach Willie has done a wonderful job in bringing them to that level but they do not belong on the same field here. A cakewalk for the Tigers. I think that Les will call off the dogs in the second half. If WKU prevailed then it would certainly be the upset of all time. Wouldn't that be something to talk about?

13. UAB vs Memphis: This one will decide not much of anything other than which team is not quite as terrible as the other. Calloway is likely on the hot seat and Porter may be also, but he probably deserves another season to attain a winning record. Memphis may or may not win here but someone has to. I pick the Tigers.

14. Florida Atlantic vs FIU: This has become an under the radar rivalry game. FIU has been a disappointment this season and not much was expected out of Howard's bunch. Still one would think they would win at least a game or two. I pick them to do so here in an upset. Go with FAU.

15. LTU vs Ole Miss: LTU is in the running in the WAC and this non conference game seems to be somewhat of a distraction. Ole Miss is playing for nothing really but the Bulldogs don't want to get off track with a loss. I think that LTU will prevail in a close call. They are better than many people give them credit for.

16. Maryland vs Notre Dame: The Irish are bowl eligable. Oh boy. I guess we will get to see more of them on television now. All snide comments aside, they seem to be a pretty fair team and should be able to handle the Turtles. Go with Notre Dame.

17. TCU vs Boise State: If there is one team in the MWC that can give the Bronco's problems then it is this squad. It is good that the game will be played on the blue field. I think Boise will prevail here but it may not be easy.

18. Hawaii vs Nevada: This one is very important in the race for the WAC crown. Nevada is probably the better team here and I will go with them to win a very good and close game.

19. ULL vs Arkansas State: This one may perhaps decide who will be the SBC Champion. Still some football left to be played though but these teams (and WKU) appear to be the cream of this conference. It would be better for the Cajuns to be playing in front of a home "crowd" but alas they are not. I think the Indians err Red Wolves will school the boys from south Louisiana. Go with ASU.

20. Alabama vs Mississippi State: These Bulldogs can be dangerous but the Tide are on a whole other level. Alabama will be out to prove that they are worthy of more than a second tier bowl and will be out to crush their competition. MSU is in the way. Of course the Tide could just roll over and petulantly call it quits. I would not expect that from a "he who remains nameless" coached team though. Go with the Tide to roll. No pun intended.

Have a good week and enjoyh the games.

Week 10 (2011) Analysis

Well things went much better this week. 17-3 is pretty Vegas like and the total for the season is 132-67. Of course one or two of my predictions were almost "sure bets" but what the hey.

It looks like the LSU Tigers can be considered the number one team at this point. Oklahoma State is right there in the mix also. I would not go so far as to rule Oklahoma or Alabama out of the mix right now though. One loss in the SEC or Big Twelve does not automatically disqualify one from the "big game at the end." Next week must be homecoming for the Tigers and they should not have any trouble with WKU. The Hogs still loom large (very large) on the Tiger schedule though. I would not just go and proclaim the the "national champs" just yet. There were some obvious chinks in their armor that need to be resolved.

The Big Twelve is the Cowboys to lose. They need to watch out for Oklahoma though. They are still in the running. See above concerning the chances to make it to the BCS Championship.

Boise State will run the table in the MTN West. Will it be enough to get them into a BCS game? Probably so. I find it amusing when some say that the Bronco's are underserving and would not make it in a BCS conference. Have you noticed who normally comes out on top when the Broncs meet a BCS foe? Have you noticed who is afraid to schedule them (Nebraska)? Nuff said.

Houston continues to roll and USM will win the CUSA east. The Eagles and Cougars don't meet in the regular season this year but will likely square off in the championship game. USM has it relatively easy from here on out with the only pitfall perhaps being the game with UCF. The Coogs on the other hand have to meet very dangerous Tulsa and SMU teams. Do I think the Coogs will run the table? No. Ono of their opponents may sneak up on them. They should have the record to be the representative from CUSA West though.

The WAC is finally starting to shake itself out a bit. Well sort of. Quite a number of teams have a least a theoretical shot but it looks like it will come down to Nevada, LTU, or Hawaii. We will see how things play out.

The SBC is getting pretty interesting at this point. ULL squeeked by their upstate rival yesterday and ASU continues their winning ways. It is perhaps best to not overlook WKU at this point. Wille is doing an excellent job for his alma mater. Someone has to win the conference and that may be decided next week when the Red Wolves and Cajuns square off. Should be a good game. Like I said though. The Hilltoppers can not be ruled out at this point.

It looks like the only teams playing any football in the PAC 12 are Stanford and Oregon. USC is irrelevant. Stanford may be on the outside looking in when it comes time to pick the teams for the "Big Game." That would be the BCS system for you.

I did not pay any attention to any ACC games this week except the FSU/BC game the other night. Does it really matter?

Same for the Big East. I did not that WVU has been exposed as a pretender though. I did not expect that when the season began. I figured that if there was one team in that sad conference that was a real legitimate threat that it would be the Mountaineers.

There are some pretty good football teams in the Big Ten. No one is really talking much about PSU and that may well be because they seem to win without really scoring any points to speak off. A defensive team they appear to be. Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio State and Nebraska have all been exposed as just not quite up to snuff this year. I am a bit surprised how Wisconsin has fallen off. They did get healthy against Purdue yesterday though. That is no great shakes really. Purdue dropped one agains Rice this season. Oh, and so much for Nebraska dominating the conference. I was wrong there. This season at least.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Temple May Just Have Blown It

It appears that the best team in the MAC East is trying their best to sit home during the MAC Championship game. Yesterday's loss to a decent, but inferior, Ohio team may just be the nail in the coffin. Miami (OH) appears that they will pull ahead of the Owls with the beat down they are giving the Zips. The Owls need to run the table and hope for a bit of help if they plan on getting back in this particular hunt.

 Time grows short.

On a related note: The Rockets fell to NIU and have put themselves behind the eight ball. The Huskies have quietly built a pretty good season thus far. The Rockets will likely right the ship and end up representing the MAC West but there is no more room for error.