Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 12 (2011) Analysis

Week 12 of the 2011 season is in the books. What a week it was. Oregon, Clemson, and Oklahoma all fell to two losses on the season while OSU was stunned by a very average (at best) ISU squad. This certainly has the potential to damage to credibility of the BCS system which, for any purist, is a good thing. Last week I personally had a 13-7 record for a total of 160-80 thus far. A lot of football left to be played so...... on to the analysis.

 In the Big Twelve two vaunted programs have fallen by the wayside (in the national picture). OSU and Oklahoma both suffered losses. OSU's only loss thus far came was at the hands of Iowa State which dooms them from competing in the BCS  "Championship Game."
Baylor finally played to their potential and all but ruined the Sooners season. Baylor is a much better team than their record indicates. They have not been able to really jell this year and that is a shame.
Somehow or other KSU held off Texas. A horrible game to watch it was. Another win though for the Wildcats though. They are a pretty good team.
Have you ever seen a program implode like the Red Raiders? Me either.

LSU crushed Ole Miss. That was really to be expected. The Hogs had a very good outing against the other Mississippi school setting the stage for a very big game.
Bama, Auburn, South Carolina and Florida held off IAA opponents. I was not totally certain that Georgia Southern, Samford or Furman would come out on the losing end. Very good IAA programs all. If Georgia Southern was in Division I,  they would likely be a top 25 team. I would place them along the lines of a Southern Mississippi, TCU , Tulsa or Florida State.
Georgia won the SEC East and will represent that division in the SEC Championship game. The Bulldogs bounced back from a dismal start and are playing some good football. Kentucky did hang tough with them though and that gives some reason for pause.

Miami is "bowl eligible." I am getting tired of hearing that phrase bandied about this late in the season. If a team is not "bowl eligible"at this point, then perhaps they just don't deserve a post season bid. A six win team does not a bowl team make in my humble opinion. There are just a few too many bowl games to be sure. The 'Canes certainly have not played to their potential this year. Reminds me a bit of Baylor.
FSU is just not quite there yet. Give it another year or two.
Clemson fell off the pace with their loss to NC State. Any small chance of "sneaking in" is out of the question. A loss to Georgia Tech and now a woeful NC State squad? A two or three loss year though can certainly be considered successful for these Tigers.
No one is really considering Va. Tech for the "Big Game" at this point either. The loss to Clemson certainly diminishes their chances. LSU would have to lose (perhaps twice) along with Alabama, Stanford and perhaps even Oklahoma State before the Hokies become a consideration.
Nothing else is really worth discussing in the ACC.

Same really with the Big East. Not worth examination. Someone has to win the conference though. I am not getting into the whole complicated equation though. It is early and frankly just not worth the effort.

Arkansas State has won the Sun Belt and accepted a bowl bid apparently. A good under the radar team are the Red Wolves.
The Cajuns have had a very surprisingly good year also. They may be able to beat Arizona in the season finale.
WKU has made huge strides also. Hats off to Coach Willie.
North Texas has shown some improvement and may be a contender next season.
FIU and Troy have been disappointing this season. FIU has a winning record but certainly have not played to their potential.
I hope Coach Howard wins one game before he finally retires from the game. His team (FAU) is dismal to say the least though. Oh well, it could be worse. I have heard no reports of buggery coming out of any of Howard's programs.

Louisiana Tech has shown folks that they are a very dangerous team. LSU gets all of the attention in state but these Bulldogs are pretty darn good.  They have rebounded nicely from a 1-4 start and are in the driver seat to take the WAC.

Boise State bounces back and will end up with a fine season. Another year of not running the table though certainly sticks in the craw of the faithful.
TCU has certainly salvaged their season and have turned out to be a pretty good team.
Wyoming is having a good year and SDSU has nothing to be ashamed of either.

Houston a BCS buster? A lot of football left to be played. They beat a better than the record SMU squad yesterday pretty handily but must face off with Tulsa next week. Tulsa is capable to be sure. If the Coogs win that one they still have a pretty tough opponent in the CUSA Championship Game. Running the table is not a foregone conclusion for Houston at this point. What if they do though? What will happen when LSU loses to Arkansas or is tripped up in the SEC Championship Game? What if Auburn "upsets" Bama in he Iron Bowl? What then? Will U of H still have a shot at the mythical BCS national title? Not likely. The system is rigged against non AQBCS is ruining the game? I think I have.

Oh yes the Big Ten. Well MSU has won whatever division they are in (Leaders? Legends? Whatever). They have had a pretty good year. PSU bounced back after their loss last week to the Huskers by taking down the Buckeyes. That is good for the players. The entire coaching staff needs to go at this point though. I mean right now. They may not all be complicit in the Sandusky episode but you know they had to be at least aware of rumors. Coaches talk. A complete house cleaning is in order.

Oregon is now out of the national picture. I found myself rooting for USC to win just to further damage the credibility of the BCS system. That is a shame. What can one do though if one is a purist? Stanford held off Cal but some programs have to implode at the wire before they are to be considered for the "Big Game."

Have a good week.

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