Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 13 (2011) Analysis

This week I was 13-7 or a total of 183-77. There were some good games over the weekend with the most important arguably being the Iron Bowl, LSU/Arkansas and Houston/Tulsa match ups. The conference races are pretty much decided and of course there are quite a few teams that should be sitting home but have become "bowl eligible" the last couple weeks.......

LSU is hands down the number one team in the land. One gets the feeling that the only teams with any real chance of beating them are Alabama and/or USC. The "national title" game may well be a rematch with the TIde and the Trojans are irrelevant (this year).

South Carolina, Georgia and Vanderbilt were all victorious over their ACC opponents. The only fly in the SEC ointment was the FSU victory over the Gators. That was predictable though.

It looks as if Ohio and Northern Illinois will square off in the MAC Championship. I would have though this year it would have been Toledo/Temple but they fell by the wayside.

I had a feeling that PSU were pretenders all along. They have had trouble scoring all season oh and Michigan finally got one on the Buckeyes. Illinois has pulled a Texas Tech and seen their season implode.

Louisiana Tech has taken the WAC crown. They are a pretty good football team. Good luck to them

FAU finally won one. I was hoping that Howard's last season as a college HC would not be winless. I always liked that old dude. The Cajuns were at least competitive in their contest with Arizona. Really they probably should have won that one. A 4 loss season in Lafayette is a success believe me. They can build on it.  Arkansas State is hands down the best team in this conference. Funny, WKU, ASU, and ULL were predicted to be the bottom three in conference and wound up 1,2,3......So much for all those professional analysts.

Boise State continues to roll. What bowl will they end up in I wonder? SDSU has had a pretty good season as has Wyoming. TCU is saying good bye to the MTN West with a very successful season also.

Orgeon and Stanford are the only teams ready for the big time in the PAC 12. Good teams both. If USC were able to compete this year they would be right there. No one else is worth mentioning frankly.

The Baylor/TTU game was a good as I expected. It was a fun game and for a while there I thought the Raiders would be able to win this one. The "Texas/TAMU game is in the books. Neither team is real good but it is a damn shame that this storied rivalry is ruined. Oklahoma sure wishes they had the Red Raiders now instead of earlier in the season the Texas Tech was actually a good football team. TTU has imploded. KSU was idle and should be able to beat Iowa State next week but the Cyclones have proven to be dangerous at times.

The Big East is the Big East. Is Cincinnati in the driver seat there? I think I read this somewhere. Maybe it was WVU. Not sure it really matters.

The Coogs have one more game left. The BCS hounds are praying they are upended by USM I am sure. Houston will likely win and they will demand and deserve a seat at the table. I would like to see them matched with Stanford or perhaps Oklahoma State in the post season.

Other than the Army/Navy game, the season winds down this coming week. In addition to those games I will be looking at some of the lower division playoff contests. That is the way a real national champion is determined. Unlike this corrupt BCS nonsense we have in Division I.

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