Friday, November 18, 2011

A Couple Of Thoughts

Well this didn't take long. Now some in congress want to hold hearings on the issues at PSU along with the less well publicized scandal at the Citadel. Political grandstanding!! Now there are some rumblings of something similar going on with the Syracuse basketball program. Be that as it may, there are laws to handle such abhorrent behavior and the last thing needed is those in national office putting in their two cents worth. They should clean their own house first and foremost. I would wager there is a fair share of illegal diddling that goes on in that den of sociopathology in DC.

Well Gary Pinkel, HC at Mizzou, has been suspended for one game after his arrest on suspicion of DWI. Pretty fair I guess. At least he is not implicated in buggery.

USM was taken down by a woeful UAB squad last night. A bit of a surprise to say the least. UAB is dismal but does seem to play up at times against superior competition. They (USM) should be still be in the CUSA championship game but they do need to take care of business next week against the Tigers. The loss to UAB will certainly knock them out of the top 25 though and that is a shame.

I hear that Bob Davie is to take over the reins at New Mexico. Not a good move Bob. Not a good move. Are you that desperate for a HC position? New Mexico is one of the hardest places to win in the college game. I don't care who coaches there. It is considered a good season if the Lobos reach the .500 mark.

Tonight OSU travels to Iowa State for a tune up before the big game with the Sooners. I think that this team has the good sense to take care of business and not look ahead. We will see. I look for them to remain undefeated and then of course get upset by the Sooners. Same thing may happen to LSU. They might suffer a loss from the Hogs in a couple weeks. That should make a fine mess for the BCS to sort out.

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