Monday, November 21, 2011

Honking on a Monday Morning

Last week there have been some tragedies that really put things in perspective. Cliche I know but true.

Arkansas tight End Garrett Uekman was found dead in his dorm. Cause unknown. These hidden problems are a ticking time bomb it would seem.

A plane crash has taken the lives of coaches affiliated with the OSU women's basketball program.

A vehicle accident killed some folk in the parking lot at the Harvard/Yale game.

What can one say? The time will come for all of us. Onto happier thoughts.......

The SEC West has LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas ranked number 1,2,3 in the BCS standings. Same in the AP poll. When was the last time something like that has been seen? For all of the SEC haters out there....well.. In your face. I have said before that the SEC may not always have the best team in the land but is always, hands down, the toughest conference in college football. There are never more than one or two true "cupcakes" in conference in any given year. I have heard that there is already a D1 college playoff system; the SEC schedule. Not true of course but it has a nice ring to it. That has been proven pretty accurate in recent years though I must say.

Houston is now ranked 8 in the BCS poll. They have a tough game ahead with Tulsa and, should they win, against USM in the CUSA championship game. Should they run the table they should be ready to battle a top tier team in a BCS game. No I don't want to see them facing the Big East representative. That would prove very little. That is the kind of thing the BCS does however. I am getting ahead of myself. They still need to run that table and it won't be easy. Should they falter, well, the BCS honks would love that, but it would not diminish the fact that the Coogs have had a fine year.

I note that Boise State is ranked ahead of the Cougars in the BCS standings. Not sure I get that one but the Broncos have lost to a ranked opponent while the Coogs have not yet played one. Could both squads, should they finish strong, get a BCS game? Probably not. If they did you can bet that they would be pitted against each other which will of course prove very little. The BCS system is protective to say the least and only grudgingly will give a non AQ team a chance to prove their metal.

Such is the system we have.

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