Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 10 (2011) Analysis

Well things went much better this week. 17-3 is pretty Vegas like and the total for the season is 132-67. Of course one or two of my predictions were almost "sure bets" but what the hey.

It looks like the LSU Tigers can be considered the number one team at this point. Oklahoma State is right there in the mix also. I would not go so far as to rule Oklahoma or Alabama out of the mix right now though. One loss in the SEC or Big Twelve does not automatically disqualify one from the "big game at the end." Next week must be homecoming for the Tigers and they should not have any trouble with WKU. The Hogs still loom large (very large) on the Tiger schedule though. I would not just go and proclaim the the "national champs" just yet. There were some obvious chinks in their armor that need to be resolved.

The Big Twelve is the Cowboys to lose. They need to watch out for Oklahoma though. They are still in the running. See above concerning the chances to make it to the BCS Championship.

Boise State will run the table in the MTN West. Will it be enough to get them into a BCS game? Probably so. I find it amusing when some say that the Bronco's are underserving and would not make it in a BCS conference. Have you noticed who normally comes out on top when the Broncs meet a BCS foe? Have you noticed who is afraid to schedule them (Nebraska)? Nuff said.

Houston continues to roll and USM will win the CUSA east. The Eagles and Cougars don't meet in the regular season this year but will likely square off in the championship game. USM has it relatively easy from here on out with the only pitfall perhaps being the game with UCF. The Coogs on the other hand have to meet very dangerous Tulsa and SMU teams. Do I think the Coogs will run the table? No. Ono of their opponents may sneak up on them. They should have the record to be the representative from CUSA West though.

The WAC is finally starting to shake itself out a bit. Well sort of. Quite a number of teams have a least a theoretical shot but it looks like it will come down to Nevada, LTU, or Hawaii. We will see how things play out.

The SBC is getting pretty interesting at this point. ULL squeeked by their upstate rival yesterday and ASU continues their winning ways. It is perhaps best to not overlook WKU at this point. Wille is doing an excellent job for his alma mater. Someone has to win the conference and that may be decided next week when the Red Wolves and Cajuns square off. Should be a good game. Like I said though. The Hilltoppers can not be ruled out at this point.

It looks like the only teams playing any football in the PAC 12 are Stanford and Oregon. USC is irrelevant. Stanford may be on the outside looking in when it comes time to pick the teams for the "Big Game." That would be the BCS system for you.

I did not pay any attention to any ACC games this week except the FSU/BC game the other night. Does it really matter?

Same for the Big East. I did not that WVU has been exposed as a pretender though. I did not expect that when the season began. I figured that if there was one team in that sad conference that was a real legitimate threat that it would be the Mountaineers.

There are some pretty good football teams in the Big Ten. No one is really talking much about PSU and that may well be because they seem to win without really scoring any points to speak off. A defensive team they appear to be. Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio State and Nebraska have all been exposed as just not quite up to snuff this year. I am a bit surprised how Wisconsin has fallen off. They did get healthy against Purdue yesterday though. That is no great shakes really. Purdue dropped one agains Rice this season. Oh, and so much for Nebraska dominating the conference. I was wrong there. This season at least.


  1. My sister is all excited that Utah won against Arizona (!) and now has two wins in the Pac 12. I didn't say any of about twelve unkind things that I was thinking, because she is a Utah alum and she is my sister.

    I did, however, think of you and your preseason comments about Utah. Sorry, I could not resist.

    LSU did have problems tackling, although at least part of the time it was Richardson they were failing to bring down, and they did make big plays on defense, so I sized up their defense pretty well.

    How did you like my little allegory, "unlike King Canute, they stopped the Tide" yesterday? I thought it was kind of cool. My wife knew who Canute was, but I had to tell her who "the Tide" is.

  2. Yes Utah is not living up to expectations. Pretty interesting the "King Canute" thing. I had to look him up to make sure I knew who he was.