Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 11 (2011) Predictions

This week has some pretty interesting match ups although the schedule is somewhat anti climatic after what transpired last week. Oh well. The games have to be played. On to the predictions.

1.NIU vs Bowling Green: After a rocky start to the season the Huskies have righted their ship and will be a factor down to the wire. They did handle a very good Toledo team last week and should be able to do the same with these Falcons. Go with NIU.

2. Houston vs Tulane: The Coogs playing another late mid week game. They should be able to handle the horrible Green Wave of Tulane. The hard stretch of UH's sked starts in a couple weeks and they may need this scrimmage to get things fine tuned. Go with the Coogs.

3. Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech: Ga Tech has been exposed somewhat and VA. Tech is a good, but not great team. I have never really liked this Coach Frank but he certainly does something right. I think that the Hokies will roll here. Could be wrong.

4. Michigan vs Illinois: This may be a good game. We will see. Illinois has fallen off but the Wolverines have certainly been exposed as pretenders also. Michigan is probably the better team here but I will go with the Illini in a minor upset. Hoke should have stayed in sunny SoCal.

5. Auburn vs Georgia: The Bulldogs have sort of a charmed life this year. No LSU, Alabama, or Arkansas on their regular season schedule. They have already lost to South Carolina and were also beaten by that team that fans just don't want to take seriously. Funny that the fans don't think highly of Boise State, but college coaches around the country damn sure do. At any rate....Georgia is a pretty good team but they are certainly beatable. Even by an Auburn squad. Go with the Tigers to "upset" the Bulldogs in this one.

6. Miami vs FSU: This will be a good game. Both teams are pretty decent and FSU is ascendant at this point. They very well may be a factor nationally next season. Which team is the better at this point? Probably FSU. I will go with them to win this rivalry game.

7. Texas vs Mizzou: The Longhorns are not a team to be trifled with. They have some problems at QB but things certainly seem to be improving. Mizzou can be very dangerous to just about anyone also. Depends on which team shows up to play. I go with Texas in a very close one.

8. Florida vs South Carolina: The Gamecocks have to run the table the rest of the way and hope that Georgia falters. This has become a rivalry game to some extent and it might be a very good one. Florida will be back next year but the same may not be said about South Carolina. They need to win now. I think that Spurrier will have a few tricks up his sleeve and pull this one out of the hat. Go with South Carolina.

9. TAMU vs KSU: Things get somewhat easier this week for the Wildcats. They have had a rough past couple weeks. TAMU has the talent to beat them though but there is just something missing. I go with KSU in a close one.

10. Oklahoma State vs TTU: I wonder which Tech team will show up this week. Will it be the horrible one or the exceptional squad? Either way it may not matter. I go with the Cowboys to win. The margin depends on which Red Raider personality shows up.

11. Tennessee vs Arkansas: The Hogs can't let up. It has been proven that they will play down to their competition. That would be a mistake here. If the Hogs play ball then they should win handily. If not? Well.....I go with the Razorbacks in a close one.

12. WKU vs LSU: This one is a no brainer. WKU has become a pretty good Sun Belt team and Coach Willie has done a wonderful job in bringing them to that level but they do not belong on the same field here. A cakewalk for the Tigers. I think that Les will call off the dogs in the second half. If WKU prevailed then it would certainly be the upset of all time. Wouldn't that be something to talk about?

13. UAB vs Memphis: This one will decide not much of anything other than which team is not quite as terrible as the other. Calloway is likely on the hot seat and Porter may be also, but he probably deserves another season to attain a winning record. Memphis may or may not win here but someone has to. I pick the Tigers.

14. Florida Atlantic vs FIU: This has become an under the radar rivalry game. FIU has been a disappointment this season and not much was expected out of Howard's bunch. Still one would think they would win at least a game or two. I pick them to do so here in an upset. Go with FAU.

15. LTU vs Ole Miss: LTU is in the running in the WAC and this non conference game seems to be somewhat of a distraction. Ole Miss is playing for nothing really but the Bulldogs don't want to get off track with a loss. I think that LTU will prevail in a close call. They are better than many people give them credit for.

16. Maryland vs Notre Dame: The Irish are bowl eligable. Oh boy. I guess we will get to see more of them on television now. All snide comments aside, they seem to be a pretty fair team and should be able to handle the Turtles. Go with Notre Dame.

17. TCU vs Boise State: If there is one team in the MWC that can give the Bronco's problems then it is this squad. It is good that the game will be played on the blue field. I think Boise will prevail here but it may not be easy.

18. Hawaii vs Nevada: This one is very important in the race for the WAC crown. Nevada is probably the better team here and I will go with them to win a very good and close game.

19. ULL vs Arkansas State: This one may perhaps decide who will be the SBC Champion. Still some football left to be played though but these teams (and WKU) appear to be the cream of this conference. It would be better for the Cajuns to be playing in front of a home "crowd" but alas they are not. I think the Indians err Red Wolves will school the boys from south Louisiana. Go with ASU.

20. Alabama vs Mississippi State: These Bulldogs can be dangerous but the Tide are on a whole other level. Alabama will be out to prove that they are worthy of more than a second tier bowl and will be out to crush their competition. MSU is in the way. Of course the Tide could just roll over and petulantly call it quits. I would not expect that from a "he who remains nameless" coached team though. Go with the Tide to roll. No pun intended.

Have a good week and enjoyh the games.

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