Saturday, November 26, 2011

Go Coogs

Houston beat a pretty good Tulsa team yesterday. It was pretty much a beat down. The game certainly did not get the attention of the LSU/Arkansas match up among the regular college football fans but it was most definitely one of the most important games for the BCS hacks and honks. Perhaps even more important for them than the aforementioned big game. Why? Those who run the current system do not want any non team from a non AQ conference crashing the corrupt BCS party. You can imagine the rejoice that went on when Boise State was (sort of)taken off the table. If the Coogs can take of business in the CUSA Championship game they will have to be allowed in. If Boise State finishes strong they should get in also. All is not lost though. Both teams have not finished play but if they do finish strong.....Well, the BCS could just pit them against each other. That would be typical and would prove nothing.

The BCS is ruining the game. Have I not said that before?

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