Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 9 Analysis

It was an interesting week in the college game. There were some surprises of course and the cream is rising. It may well be that the teams that face off in the BCS National Title game have a least one loss on the season. This week my predictions were off to say the least at 10-10 for a grand total of 114-69. In my defense; who the hell can make accurate predictions this year? Sometimes I admit that my predictions are somewhat biased. In other words, I pick the winner by who I hope will win. Not usually though. I do try to be a least somewhat objective. That being said on to the analysis.

In the Sun Belt Troy suffered an unforeseen loss to the Warhawks of ULM. That is probably somewhat of an anomaly. I still predict the Trojans to run the table the rest of the way.

Who can predict anything in the ACC? At this point the thing is up for grabs. I would not have thought that Virginia would take down Miami  and NC State made a very nice comeback on the Noles. Could Maryland actually be in the hunt? The teams in this conference are extremely hard to figure. Virginia Tech is at this time the only undefeated team in conference play and must be considered the front runner I suppose. Hard to say.

The Wac is the Wac. I have said this before and will try to refrain from saying it again. Boise State should run the table but Hawaii is a surprisingly good ballclub. Don't count out Nevada to continue to make some noise. Idaho better get on the stick. Pat Hill's club was off this week and can be a dangerous opponent for anyone depending on which team shows up.

The Mtn West is still between Utah and TCU. The issue will be settled shortly. Utah did not blow out AFA and predicted. I figured Air Force would play the Utes pretty tough. SDSU continues to play some good ball. Nothing else is of any consequence.

Oregon appears to be the top dog in the Pac 10 and a legitimate contender for the big BCS game. They must make it past OSU in the "Civil War" though. That may be a good one. A few weeks left until that one but I don't see the Ducks losing to anyone prior to that contest.

WVU had a disappointing outing against the Huskies of UConn. I am about to believe that Pitt may be the better team of the two. Syracuse continues to have a surprisingly decent season and is improving. Not much else is worth writing about. Still have not heard an updated status on the Rutgers player who was seriously injured the other week. Thoughts and Prayers.

Who is the best team in the Big Twelve? Nebraska it appears. They have a group of QB's who can get the job done. If one goes down as Martinez did, then there are two others that can lead a team. The Husker loss to the Horns is proving to be an anomaly. Big Ten beware. Husker nation is coming your way next year. That sucks for the Big Twelve as far as status goes but what can one do. The NCAA should not allow schools to move conferences at a whim. Enough on that subject. Baylor is proving to be a very good team led by one of the best QB's in college ball. TAMU surprised Tech but neither team is quality. Oklahoma got back on track as did the Cowboys. KSU will still make a decent bowl but is in reality not a very good team. There are too many bowls in my opinion.

The Big Ten is up for grabs apparently with some very good but perhaps not great teams in conference. MSU was taken down and that is not surprising really. I think they have been living on borrowed time for quite a while now. Still they are a pretty good club. Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa and perhaps even MSU are all very good teams and would be able to beat anyone on any given day. Penn State can still play some ball. Coach Rich may be out at Michigan before it is all said and done. Northwestern is still a pretty fair ballclub and can be dangerous. Illinois just may be good enough to save Zook's job. They are a pretty decent team. I would put them on the level of Mississippi State probably. Well not quite.

CUSA is up for grabs. UCF beat ECU to put them in the drivers seat in the west but ECU is still not out of it. Perhaps USM may be a long shot still. In the eastern division Houston seems to have learned to play some ball with their third team QB at the helm. SMU is in it and perhaps Tulsa. Speaking of Tulsa, I watched most of the game against the Irish and I must say that I enjoyed seeing them get taken down by the Golden Hurricane on national television. I do not however like either of the head coaches for either team. Both are lacking severely in the class department. Enough of that. Really nothing else matters as far as play goes in this conference. Memphis is bad and Porter has a pretty big rebuild job ahead of him. UAB shows some flashes as does UTEP but neither is in contention at this point. Tulane may actually win five games this year and for the Green Wave that should be considered a huge success.

The SEC season is in full swing with Auburn looking like a major player in the BCS hunt. Alabama can not be counted out however. Not by a long shot. The Hogs will find more success as the year progresses and Mississippi State is a pleasant surprise. LSU is a mystery yet. We will see how things go for them. In the east South Carolina is in the drivers seat but Florida may overtake them. The eastern division of this conference is down this year. Richt is history I would wager even if he runs the table the rest of the way. An unlikely prospect. Vandy is Vandy.

The MAC is still up for grabs. Temple, Miami(OH), and Ohio University all are in contention in the east with Northern Illinois and Toledo contending for the west. The best team in conference is probably Temple but there is a good bit of football left to be played.

I will have the predictions for week 10 up before long. Have a good week.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week Nine Predictions

This week has some good games scheduled and some very important ones as far as conference races are concerned. Time is of an issue here so on to the predictions for the week.

1. Boise State vs Louisiana Tech: This one kicks off in about one hour and should be won handily by Boise. Pick the Broncos

2. NC State vs Florida State: Both teams have overall identical records but FSU is 4-0 in conference. I think that this will be a close one and predict that the Seminoles will prevail. Pick FSU.

3. WVU vs UConn: WVU needs this one to get back on track and should be able to handle the Huskies. WVU must run the table from here on to gain in respect in the ranks of  D1 college ball.

4.  Louisville vs Pitt: Another important Big East match up with the Panthers being the better team. Pitt may be rebounding after a slow start and could still take the Big East. It is between the Panthers and WVU at this point. Look for Pitt to knock off Louisville. Pick Pitt.

5. Auburn vs Ole Miss: Auburn is number 1 in the BCS standings and must guard against the history of number one teams the last few weeks. I figured that Oregon would get the number one BCS spot but they did not. The Ducks are however number one in the AP. I pick Auburn to win this game but it may be closer than expected.

6. Oregon vs USC: Could USC knock off number one in the AP poll? Possible but not probable. Oregon is a darn good team and should prevail here. Go with the Ducks.

7. KSU vs OK State: This may be a good one. OSU is reeling after last week's loss to the Huskers and KSU began to come back on a surprising Baylor club falling just short. OSU will likely be without Blackmon who was apparently arrested in a DUI incident. He is a vital part of the Cowboy club. I pick KSU in a close battle.

8. SDSU vs Wyoming: SDSU is much improved and should have the talent to take down these Cowboys. It may be fairly close but I will go with the Aztecs here. Pick SDSU.

9. SMU vs Tulane: The Green Wave are actually playing better ball than is the norm. SMU was embarrassed last week against the Coogs. I think that SMU will have it back together and be able to win this one hands down. Go with SMU

10. Texas Tech vs TAMU: The Aggies are just not a good team. The Red Raiders are in disarray also. This may be a toss up and I will pick the Red Raiders here simply because I like them. Go with Tech.

11. Florida Atlantic vs Florida International: This is a low key rivalry game between two Sun Belt opponents. FIU is a good ballclub despite their record and FAU is a disappointment this year thus far. I will go with FIU in a tight one.

12. Baylor vs Texas: Usually this is a no brainer. Not this year. Texas is down and Baylor is playing some surprising ball. Briles is a good coach and the Baylor QB may be second to none in D1 ball. I will go with the Bears to pull off a minor upset here. Go with the Bears.

13. Utah vs Air Force:  This may be a pretty good match up. AFA is a decent team and Utah is a downright good squad. I think that Utah will prevail here. AFA did not look good last week against TCU and will play better ball this week but will come up short. Pick the Utes.

14. Idaho vs Hawaii: The Vandals are a pretty good team for the WAC and Hawaii is a good WAC team. Hawaii probably has more talent but I will go with the Vandals to pull off the upset here. Go with Idaho.

15. Nebraska vs Missouri: This should be the game of the week. Mizzou took down the Sooners while the Huskers got back on track. I think that the Huskers are probably the better team but Mizzou may play very well and take this one. Go with the Bears.

16. East Carolina vs UCF: Another top notch game. ECU is supposed to be in rebuild mode but have been playing darn good ball. UCF is no pushover either. One of these teams may be ranked after this week and I think it will be the Pirates. Go with ECU.

17. Georgia vs Florida: Often this is huge game but not so much this year. Georgia seems improved as the season wears on and Florida is still a dangerous club. Both are a disappointment and I am fairly sure that Richt will lose his job after this season. Meyer is in no danger. I will go with Florida to take this one in a close one. Go with the Gators.

18. Arkansas vs Vanderbilt: The Hogs need this game to keep on track. They should get a victory here but Vandy can at times be pretty tough. I go with the Razorbacks in a fairly close game.

19. Chattanooga vs Elon: This is the IAA game of the week. The Mocs are playing better ball than is usually the case judging by their record. I know nothing about Elon. I will go with UT Chattanooga to win this one. Besides they have a cool name.

20. William and Mary vs North Carolina: I will pick this to be the potential shocker of the week. WMU is a very good team in a very tough IAA conference. NC is a decent team in a fair D1 conference. That may put them on fairly even footing. I think that we will have another upset here. The pundits will of course make a big deal out of it but top IAA teams in that region are usually pretty equal to mid level D1 teams. Earlier this year James Madison took down Virginia Tech in a game that may not have been an anomaly. I will go with William and Mary to prevail here. Mark it!!

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 8 Analysis

This week did a little better with a 14-6 record for a grand total thus far of 104-59. There were some darn good games over the weekend and the better teams are rising to the top although it is still a very very difficult season to predict. Is Alabama going to run the rest of the schedule? Would Auburn be all that good without Cam Newton? Is Boise State ever going to get any respect? Just how bad is the Big East? A lot of questions left to be answered before it is all said and done. On to the analysis.

Sun Belt: The Trojans are the best team hands down. WKU recorded the their first Sun Belt. FIU is up an coming despite the record with MTSU  and FAU a bit of a disappointment thus far. Looks like the Trojans for the New Orleans Bowl. I don't see how anyone else will make it.

Over in the SEC it appears that Georgia is somewhat back on track. It won't likely be enough to save Richt though. Tennessee has a long long way to go and Mississippi State is just not that bad of a football team. Auburn may now be the team to beat and could possibly play for all the marbles but Newton better stay healthy. If he goes down then Auburn is probably no better than Mississippi State; a good team but not one ready to challenge for the top spot in the SEC much less the national title. The Hogs will likely continue to win and should find themselves in a pretty decent bowl game. Florida is down of course but still a dangerous opponent for anyone. Of course Bama is not to be counted out for top spot in the SEC or the nation for that matter.

Oregon appears to be the class of the Pac 10 and a very very good ballclub. They need to be on the lookout for the Trojans this week. They may be the fourth number one in four weeks to be knocked out of that spot. Doubtful, but it is a strange season to be sure. Stanford, Arizona, Oregon State and perhaps Washington (despite their record) are the only other quality teams in conference.

The WAC is the WAC. Boise State will win hands down and should get a BCS appearance. Nevada and Hawaii are good teams with perhaps Fresno State and Idaho making a bit of noise yet.

The Mtn West is going to be between TCU and Utah. Probably TCU is the better team but the game has yet to be played. That is about it in conference. SDSU is much improved and Air Force is still a good ballclub.

The Big Ten is still rather interesting with Wisconsin, Michigan State and Ohio State likely to be the teams to find themselves on top. MSU is still undefeated which is a bit surprising. Not sure if they are on par with the other two aforementioned teams. I put them on par with Iowa. Very good but not quite there yet. Time will tell. Northwestern is a good team and Illinois probably is not that bad. One can't forget about PSU and Purdue I suppose. They are decent teams and will go bowling. Michigan will lose at least two more before it is all said and done.

The Big East is terrible. WVU is still probably the best team despite the loss to Syracuse. Pitt may be improving. Not much else to say here.

The ACC is still up in the air. Va. Tech, Clemson, FSU and Miami appear to be the teams that are best in conference. I guess NC State can not be ruled out. All will go bowling. Not sure who will play for the ACC Championship though.

The SEC is a powerful conference or at least the Western Division. Five of six teams in the West are rated in the top 25 with two of them in the top 10. Pretty impressive. The East is down this year with only South Carolina ranked. I would not count out Florida to make a run in the East though. Which is the best team. I still go with the Crimson Tide.

The Big Twelve is starting to make some sense. Oklahoma has been playing on borrowed time and that was proven last week. Oklahoma State was somewhat of a pretender. Just how far has Texas fallen? There is some definite rebuilding going on in Austin. Baylor has made it into the top 25 for the first time in a long long time. The Aggies finally found someone they could beat and Nebraska is likely back on track after a dismal performance the other week against the Horns.

The Mid American is still a bit of mystery with a number of teams poised to play for all the conference marbles. I would keep Toledo, Northern Illinois, Ohio and Temple at the top of the list with Miami of Ohio still a longshot.

Over in CUSA Houston may be getting it back together a bit after taking down a pretty good SMU squad. The power this year certainly seems to be in the East with East Carolina and UCF looking very good. USM may still be in it. I would look for East Carolina to somehow sneak into the top 25 before it is all said and done. Ruffin is taking up where Holtz left off. The big game this week will be the UCF/ECU match up. That will likely set the course for those two squads for the rest of the year.

I will try to get some predictions for week 8 up as soon as possible. Have a good week.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Number One is a Dangerous Spot

Last night Mizzou knocked off Oklahoma as predicted by yours truly. Last week the Buckeyes fell to the Badgers and the week before that Spurrier and Co. took down the Tide. I suppose Oregon will be the next Numero Uno. We will see in a few short hours. It is interesting that next week Oregon must play the USC Trojans. Could the Trojans make it four week in a row by knocking off a Number One. I certainly have mixed feelings. I dislike the Trojans and dislike this Kiffin who is making his USC coaching debut this year. It is almost un American to be a Trojan fan. I may dislike the BCS system even more. Next week may be "an enemy of my enemy is my friend" sort of thing. I have that much disdain for the BCS system. It may be hard but I might have to root for USC next week. I have not decided yet.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Oregon may be the real deal

The pounding that the Ducks put on the Bruins last night was pretty impressive. It may be that the Ducks are for real. I still do not believe they will end up in the "Big Game" though. Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 8 Predictions

Let me see if I can do better this week than last week's banner 10-10 mark. There are some pretty good games coming up so without further yapping.....

1. UCLA vs Oregon: This may (or may not) be a pretty good game. UCLA has had some flashes but has also played like a team with no business in D1. Oregon is undefeated yet other than the game against Stanford, they have really faced no tough opponent. Oregon is the better team and will find a way to come out on top this Thursday.

2. West Virginia vs Syracuse: There is no real reason that WVU should not come out on top in this contest. WVU is the only real good team in conference.

3. Rutgers vs Pitt: Another Big East match up that may be somewhat interesting. Rutgers has the better record but has not been really very impressive. Pitt may be improving as the season rolls along and I will have to go with the Panthers here. Pick Pitt.

4. Michigan State vs Northwestern: I keep thinking of the game earlier this year where a Sun Belt squad near took down the Spartans. I think that the Wildcats may be poised for an upset here. Pick Northwestern.

5. Indiana vs Illinois: Neither team is really going anywhere. Perhaps a minor bowl if luck is with them. This game is probably about a toss up and I will go with Illinois to pull this one out. Why? I like their uniforms. Go with the Illini.

6. Mississippi vs Arkansas: The Hogs need this game to get healthy and should be able to take down the Rebs. I will go with Arkansas here in a possible blow out.

7. Miami Oh vs Ohio: This game may still have some implications in the race for the MAC Championship game. Probably not, but both teams do still have a theoretical shot. I think that Miami Ohio is playing some surprising ball and that Ohio has been underachieving a bit. I will go with the Bobcats in a close one.

8. Houston vs SMU: The Coogs are done this year. Earlier I would have probably picked Houston to take SMU down but not now. I go with SMU to win this one hands down.

9. Kansas St vs Baylor: This is perhaps the most interesting game of the weekend. KSU has shown that they can play some ball at times and Baylor is a pleasant surprise. I would put this game as about even but think that Baylor will pull this one out at home.

10. Nebraska vs Oklahoma St: The pretender will show themselves this week and it will not be the Huskers despite last week's dismal performance. Pick Nebraska.

11. LSU vs Auburn: If LSU has red zone problems they will lose. If Auburn doesn't improve on defense then they will find themselves on the outs. A hard to predict game this is but I think that LSU will edge the other Tigers in a very close game. Perhaps that will get people off Miles' back.

12. WKU vs Louisiana: WKU had their chances to record their first Sun Belt win last week, but it was not to be so. They will have their chances against the Cajuns but will likely fall just short again. Go with the Cajuns in this one. It may be close.

13. North Carolina vs Miami: This could be another interesting match up. Only if both teams bring their A game though. If either comes not ready to play they will be blown out. If both are ready, then it will be a good close game. I pick the Canes to prevail here.

14. Clemson vs Georgia Tech: Both seem to be improving and are probably rated about even. I will go with the Tigers in another close ACC match up.

15. Hawaii vs Utah St: Hawaii is showing some definate signs of playing good ball this year the hick up vs Colorado notwithstanding. Utah St has shown potential but luck has not been with them. I would imagine that Hawaii will continue their winning ways here. Go with the Warriors.

16. Oklahoma vs Missouri: Both are good teams but one of them is over rated. Guess which one? I think that the Sooners have been living large and the Tigers are quietly moving forward. Go with Mizzou here.

17. Washington vs Arizona: Washington bounced OSU last week and will most likely do the same this. I would put my money on the Huskies here. They are up and coming.

18. Wisconsin vs Iowa: Which is the better team here? That is hard to say. I liked the way the Badgers played ball last week against the Buckeyes and will look for them to pull this one out of the hat also. It may be close and Wisconsin better watch out for that "post upset" fall off that is pretty common. Just ask Spurrier. Go with the Badgers.

19. SFA vs Sam Houston: This Southland Conference tilt is the IAA game of the week. SFA will likely be back in the IAA playoffs and is the better team. This is a rivalry game though and all records can be thrown out the window. Pick SFA.

20 Air Force vs TCU: I pick this to be the potential shocker of the week. AFA fell off the pace last week against an up and coming Aztec squad. They will be mad and ready to knock off the big boy in conference. Do they have enough talent to do it? We will see. I still will go with the Frogs to take this one but look for the Falcons to give them all they can handle.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Something I Did Not Know about College Football. Imagine That

I have been informed by one of my thousands of readers (ha ha) that the team that beat Lamar University last Saturday was not the University of South Alabama regular squad. I thought that the entire program was club level football and I was apparently mistaken. There is an organization called the NCFA (National Club Football Association) and various schools field teams within this organization. The University of New Orleans along with others field club football teams exclusively and some major schools in D1 also have teams that compete in this organization. Texas Tech, Clemson, South Carolina and North Carolina are those "major" schools that have club level football. Maine competes in IAA and also fields a club team at this level. Apparently a club level football team is not sanctioned by the NCAA and is not subject to the same rules. This is pretty interesting and I think I will investigate further.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Serious Situation At Rutgers

A Rutgers football player, Eric Legrand, was seriously injured in Saturday's contest with West Point. Apparently he was making a tackle during a kick off and was seriously injured on the play. It is apparent that he is paralyzed and I suppose there is nothing more to say. Football is a violent game and all players know that this type of thing, while relatively rare thankfully, is not out of the realm of possibility. Hopefully it is a transitional type of injury and he regains full control of his body. I wish him a speedy recovery and the best for the future.

Undefeated Teams after Week 7

There are still a few teams that are undefeated in the ranks of D1 college ball after a wild seventh week of play. Let us take a look.

There are two undefeated teams in the SEC; Auburn and LSU. LSU will surely suffer at least two losses before it is all said and done and it is doubtful that Auburn will go undefeated. Probably the best squad in this conference is still the Crimson Tide despite the hick up suffered at the hands of the Gamecocks in week 6. The Tide may well have a shot at the BCS Title Game.

Boise State is the only remaining unbeaten in the WAC after Nevada fell to the team from Hawaii last night. They are a great team but the competition level for the remainder of the season is suspect. They must watch out for Nevada, Fresno State and perhaps Hawaii but in reality should be able to handle the rest of their schedule with relative ease. Would they be ready for an Ohio State, Bama or Oregon? Not sure but they are a legitimate team and a danger to anyone.

The only team remaining unbeaten in the suspect Pac 10 is the Oregon squad. Oregon and Stanford may be the only legitimate top ten teams in the conference. Not a believer in Arizona quite yet and OSU, while still a good team, is falling off the pace. Oregon may have a shot at a national title. Time will tell. One loss in this conference will knock them out of contention while one loss in the Big X or SEC will not disqualify a team from a title shot.

Oklahoma, OSU and Missouri remain the only unbeatens in the Big XII at this point. Not really sure if any of them are national title quality. Each team is still suspect and at least one may be a pretender. It is likely that each of these teams will suffer at least one loss before it is all said and done. Would one loss be enough to keep them out of the Big Game? Likely so.

Two teams remain unbeaten in the Mtn West. Utah and TCU are quality teams and no mistake. Are they ready for the likes of Ohio State, Bama, Oregon or Auburn? Probably not. It is doubtful that either will get a national title shot, but one or the other may sneak into a BCS game.

It is possible that some, but not all, of the above still undefeated teams have a shot at the national title game. It is more likely that the BCS Title contest will be played between teams that have already lost a game. Still looking for Bama and Ohio State to be in that one. Of course there will be some major howling and perhaps rightly so if this comes to pass. A lot of football left to be played though.

The Day of the Unranked

There were a number of games in which a ranked team met with an unranked opponent and came out on the losing end. No wonder the college game is so hard to predict this year.

The Big One was probably the unranked Longhorns taking down the Cornhuskers. That was certainly not foreseen by many. This damaged Nebraska in the hunt for the national title and perhaps boosted the Longhorns stature and player confidence a good bit. Brown will have the Horns back in a year or so and of course Pelini will have Nebraska challenging, if not dominating, the Big X in a couple years. It is pathetic that the Huskers are chosing to move conferences. I wish them no luck whatsoever.

Well South Carolina was nipped by the Wildcats. Probably not as big an upset as the above game, but a pretty stunning affair none the less. Spurrier's squad probably took the Cats for granted after knocking off "Number One" last week. Wisconsin better guard against the same thing happening to them next week.

Number 23 Air Force was edged by SDSU. Hoke will have a good team in San Diego before too long. Watch out for the Aztecs in the next year or two. AFA is a pretty good ball club yet and probably the best team of the Service schools.

Number 19 Nevada was beaten by a pretty decent Hawaii squad. Nevada is a pretty good team and a very good team for a WAC school. Hawaii seems to be getting it together and is playing some pretty decent ball apparently.

Oregon State ranked number 24, was beaten by Washington in a minor upset. U of W is apparently playing some good ball and OSU is a pretty good team yet. We will see who gets to a better bowl when all is said and done.

Yes indeed. Yesterday was the "Day of the Unranked."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 7 Analysis

Well another 10-10 week for me with a grand total of 90-53. Vegas is looking further and further away. No wonder the bad record though, this season has been full of surprises. I wonder who will be Number One after the updated polls are released. I would suspect it will be Oregon although Boise State may slip in. The Duck are after all idle. The upset that Ohio State suffered to Wisconsin was something that I did not foresee. I knew that the Badgers were a pretty good ball club but they for the most part had their way with Pryor and co. I thought that the Buckeyes would come back in the second half and judging by third quarter action it appeared that they would do just that. Did not happen though. Wisconsin found their defense in the fourth and the game is recorded in the books as a win for the Badgers. For the second week in a row the top ranked team was knocked off. Interesting indeed. Wisconsin will now have to watch out for the syndrome that causes the winner in a big upset to stink up the place the next week. South Carolina did just that by letting the Wildcat of KY. come back on them in grand fashion. Spurrier must be livid. The Longhorns taking care of Nebraska was a pretty stunning upset. I certainly did not see that coming. The Big Twelve is not all that this year apparently. Still wonder if Nebraska will take the championship in their last year before bolting for the supposed greener pastures of the Big X. I really hope not. I wonder which other ranked teams will take it on the chin from an unranked opponent before it is all said and done. Oregon State is behind 21-7 as of this writing and SDSU has just now upended Air Force 27-25. The Falcons needed this game. Utah and TCU loom even larger on their schedule. It is likely that Brady Hoke will do some good things in San Diego before it is all said and done. Who else? Oh yes Nevada is in Hawaii tonight with the game just now under way. Wonder how that will pan out?We will see if OSU can come back in their contest with Washington. This has not been a good day for some ranked teams against their unranked counterparts to be sure.

In the Sun Belt it looks as if Troy has solidified their position as the team to beat. Louisiana turned in a commendable performance against the Trojans but fell short. WKU looked liked they would record their first Sun Belt win this year but they let ULM back in and the Hilltoppers again found themselves in the loser column. ASU came back on Indiana and fell just short in a wild fourth quarter. FIU handled North Texas with ease. I suppose that Coach Dodge should start shopping for some luggage.

It was a wild day in SEC play today. Auburn beat the Hogs in a game that was much closer than the score. Mallet fell out with an apparent concussion but his back up did a pretty good job. Neither team it seemed could play any defense. Auburn may not have what it takes to be the number one team in the land but they can not be counted out either. The Gamecocks lost to Ky. I bet Spurrier is hot about letting this one get away after knocking Bama off last week. It appears that the Crimson Tide will finish the Rebs off tonight as expected. Mississippi State beat the Gators. When did that last happen? Meyer's club is certainly in rebuild mold. Georgia may have finally gotten it together but I doubt it will save the HC's job. LSU had their troubles it seems against a IAA cross state rival and I am sure they will still be calling for Miles' head in Tiger land. His Tigers are still undefeated though. The SEC is an interesting and hard to predict conference. I don't believe there is any argument that top to bottom they are the best conference this year. The best team in the land may not be found here though.

The Big Twelve is also pretty hard to predict. They seem to be off this year and I am still not a believer in Oklahoma. We will see. Missouri seems to be playing some good ball albeit under the national radar a bit. Perhaps Pinkel likes it that way. Will KSU find themselves ranked soon? They might. They thrashed a pretty poor Jayhawk team last Thursday. Oklahoma State is still in the mix and Baylor is playing some darn good ball. The Huskers loss to the Longhorns is probably the big story in this conference this week. That was really not predicted by anyone I don't think. Oh, and TAMU is done. I think the Aggie faithful will again be crying for a coach to "take them to the next level." Good luck with all that.

West Virginia is probably the only serious team in the Big East. Syracuse had some pretensions coming in to today but their delusions were dashed by Pitt as expected. Nothing else is really worth mentioning at this point. Rutgers did just pull one out of the hat against West Point for those that are interested. Louisville and Cincy duked it out the other night in a game that matters very little except to players, coaches and relations. Cincinnati won that one if you are in the mood for trivia.

The Big news today comes out of the Big Ten. Ohio State went to Madison and lost. This was a very good game to watch. I am still not convinced that Ohio State is not the best in the land though. I would not be surprised in the least to find them playing for the "National Title." Michigan State kept pace by beating Illinois and Indiana had some trouble with a pesky Sun Belt squad. Iowa needed the win over Michigan and they got it today. Purdue took one over the Golden Gophers in the race to the bottom.

CMU looks like they may be out of the Mid Am race now. They were beaten by Miami of Ohio and that likely is the nail in the coffin as they say. The better teams in conference; Temple, Toledo, Northern Illinois and Ohio were all victors today. EMU recorded their first win of the season against Ball State and Western Michigan fell in out of conference play to Notre Dame.

The ACC is in disarray but the better teams seem to be winning for the most part. NC State was upset by ECU in OT. Clemson came out on top as did FSU and Miami. The Tarheels are quietly getting it back together and VA. Tech is back. The "cream" of this conference is still somewhat up in the air. There are some pretty good, but no great teams playing in the ACC this year.

The WAC is the WAC. Boise State rolled as predicted. Nevada is just underway against the Warriors and must guard against being yet another ranked team upended by an unranked opponent.They are down 14-0 in the first quarter. Fresno State is pounding NMSU as expected and Louisiana Tech pulled one out over the Vandals. Utah State was idle.

The Mountain West is shaping up. SDSU upset Air Force but it has been that kind of day for ranked teams. TCU and Utah had no problems as is to be expected. Nothing else is of much consequence.

The only game of consequence in the PAC 10 today is the Oregon State/Washington match up. It is now tied at 21. OSU has come back in the last few minutes it seems. USC rolled the Golden Bears and I am a bit surprised by that. The two standard bearers of the conference were idle this week. UCLA was idle also.

Conference USA is still a bit up in the air. The better teams in the East appear to be ECU and USF. USM still can not be counted out. The West is pretty much in disarray with Tulsa, SMU and perhaps UTEP in the mix. SMU lost to Navy today in non conference play and Tulsa handled the Green Wave of Tulane. UTEP was upset by UAB. Calloway's club has shown some flashes this year and they surprised Price and co. today. U of H appears out of it now as they were upset in the Bayou Bucket by Rice. Even with the Coogs third string QB starting, that should probably not have happened.

It has been an interesting and fun day in the world of college ball with some pretty major surprises. Hope you enjoyed the games as much as I did. I will have the predictions for week eight up as soon as I can.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 7 Predictions

The college game is in full swing and their have been some surprises of late. Syracuse is playing some under the radar good football and of course Alabama has been knocked of her perch. Knocked off the porch may be a more fitting analogy. USC is self destructing under this Kiffin, but that was to be expected and LSU is still unbeaten. How that is possible is beyond me but facts are facts. It is certainly unlikely they will suffer a loss this weekend against a fair at best cross state IAA opponent. Boise will continue to roll without a problem and Texas is not in the top 25. Who would have thought that possible even in a rebuild year? Yes the season is pretty interesting with a lot of football left to be played. Onto the predictions.

1. South Florida vs West Virginia: USF is apparently suffering some growing pains under first year coach Holtz. WVU is a good football team and will likely be the Big East representative in a BCS game this year. WVU must roll through the rest of the schedule however to gain much respect in the college football world. The Big East is certainly not real good this year. I would go with WVU to win this one.

2. Kansas vs KSU: A rivalry game where all the stats and records can be thrown out. KSU has only one loss but has not really looked very good all year. This will catch up with them, but not likely this Thursday. I would go with Wildcats to win this one.

3. Miami (Oh) vs. CMU: The Red Hawks are undefeated at this point in conference play but that will likely end this week. I would pick CMU to get back on track and take this one. Go with the Chippies.

4. Maryland vs Clemson: Don't let the records fool you here. The Terps are not a real good team despite their record and Clemson is better than their record indicates.  I will pick the Tigers in a possible blowout. Go with Clemson.

5. Pitt vs Syracuse: We will see if Syracuse is actually for real this week. They seem to be playing some pretty good ball and nobody is talking much about it. Could it be that no one is taking the Orange seriously because they play in the Big East? Is Pitt really that bad? I think it will be a good game but pick the Panthers to pull this one out. If not, then folks should start to pay at least some attention to the Orange. Go with Pitt.

6. Illinois vs Michigan State: State is a pretty good team but I am not convinced that Illinois is that bad. I think there will be a let down to some extent on the part of the Spartans, just enough to let the Illini take them in an upset. Go with Illinois.

7. Missouri vs TAMU: Missouri is just now beginning to get some national attention and a good victory over the hapless Aggies will solidify this. I would go with the Tigers here. Pick Mizzou.

8. NC State vs ECU: This has the earmarks of being a pretty good game. NC State is a quality team and ECU is playing some decent ball in what is supposed to be a rebuild year. I think that NC State has the talent to win but will have trouble doing so. I will go with the Pirates to pull off an upset.

9. Vanderbilt vs Georgia: This may be a pretty good game. Georgia has more talent but has self destructed this year for sure. They did have a confidence boosting win over TN. last week but one wonders if they can keep it up. I will go with Vandy to pull off a minor upset here.

10. Bowling Green vs Temple: I think the Owls will rebound this week in this match up with the Falcons. Temple will be in the Mid American championship game and should have no trouble this week. Go with Temple.

11. Army vs Rutgers: Both of these teams have an opponent in common; Tulane. Army beat the Wave while Rutgers lost. Rutgers did have a good victory last week and will likely win another when West Point comes calling. It will be close but I would go with the Knights.

12. Houston vs Rice: The Bayou Bucket is a rivalry game that can be kind of fun to go and watch. This year should have been a no brainer, but U of H is playing their third string QB for the rest of the year. Rice is Rice and will likely not win more than two or three this year but may well give the Coogs all they can handle. I will go with U of H to win but it may be close. With any luck I may get to go see this one in person.

13. California vs USC: This may be a good game. Cal is a pretty decent team and USC is falling off the pace but still a dangerous opponent for anyone. I will go with Tedford's team to win here mainly due to the quality of coaching rather than the prowess of the players. Go with the Golden Bears.

14. Idaho vs Louisiana Tech: Idaho should be ready for Tech after a week off. It all depends on the type of game Enderle and the offense has this week. If they are on, then Tech stands little chance. If they don't play to potential then they could allow the Bulldogs in. I would go with Idaho in a pretty close game. Pick the Vandals.

15. Arkansas vs Auburn: This is probably the big game of the week. The Hogs sure had their opportunity to take down the Crimson Tide a while back and they probably needed the tune up against the Aggies last week to instill some confidence. Auburn looks to be a good team hands down. If Mallet has a good game the Hogs will win. I will pick Arkansas to pull this one out of the hat. Go with the Hogs.

16. Ohio State vs Wisconsin; The pundits are playing this game up to be this weekends top game. They are going on and on about how hard it is to win at Camp Randle, etc. etc. I don't think the Badgers are for real and frankly believe that Ohio State is the real deal. I don't care how hard it is to win in Wisconsin, the Buckeyes will find a way.  Pick Ohio State.

17. Baylor vs Colorado: The Bears should probably have beaten the Red Raiders last week but did not. I don't think they will have the same problems this weekend though. Pick Briles to help Hawkins pack his bags. Go with the Bears.

18. Tulane vs Tulsa: Tulsa needs this win to stay competitive in CUSA West. They will likely not have too much problem with the Green Wave but one never knows. Tulsa is certainly no better than Rutgers and the Wave found a way to win that one. That being said, I still pick Tulsa in this one.

19. South Alabama vs Lamar: This is the IAA game of the week. Lamar is back playing football after many years without the game. South Alabama is still playing at the club level and will transition to D1 football in 2013. They have enjoyed  huge fan support at home. Lamar has had some decent outings and has been blown out in some games. I will pick the Cardinals to win this one over the Jags. Pick Lamar.

20:  Iowa State vs Oklahoma: I pick this game to be the potential shocker of the week. Why? Oklahoma is just not as good as advertised. Iowa State is a below par club but I think they will come to town ready to play. The Sooners are likely to be over confident, perhaps believing their ranking. They may well be surprised here. I would go with Iowa State in an upset. Pick the Cyclones.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week Six Analysis

Well this week my record was a non banner 10-10 for a grand total this season of 80-43. Not ready for Vegas to be sure. I again had to work Saturday night and did not see very much football and that is a drag, but income trumps lazing about watching television.The big surprise this week (in college football) is the Gamecocks handling the vaunted Crimson Tide. I guess the Brett Favre thing trumps all in sports surprises. I really did not see that (Favre, or Bama losing) coming. I suppose that when one thinks about it the Tide should be 2-2 at this point (and if one really thinks hard about Favre...). The Hogs choked the other week. I still think that Alabama has as much talent as any team in the nation and is not to be ruled out for the BCS Title Game. I am not usually a "yeah but we play a SEC schedule" kind of guy, but that rationalization does have at least some merit this year. It is no doubt that Arkansas, Bama, Auburn, LSU, SC, and even perhaps Florida can play with any team in the land. I would go as far as to say with the possible exceptions of the Big Ten and possibly the WAC or Mtn West any of the aforementioned SEC schools would be first in the conference. I am not sold on Oregon (or Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri) yet. I don't know if they could play with Bama or Auburn consistently. They did beat a solid Stanford team though and that says something. On to the conference analysis.

The Sun Belt is shaping up with Troy looking like the top dog. The thrashing of MTSU proved that the Trojans are again for real as far as conference play goes. The Cajuns turned in a fairly commendable performance against the OK State Cowboys in a game I actually did watch. I thought the Cajuns may just pull out another upset at home but the better team ran away from them in the second half. The Sun Belt is improving year in and year out and it is becoming dangerous for BCS level teams to schedule them. WKU is still looking for that first win and will probably get it at some point this year. FIU may be a dark horse to challenge Troy but that is probably somewhat unrealistic.

The SEC is pretty confusing. Georgia found a way to beat a young TN squad. Mississippi State went to Houston and won. LSU found a way again to find their way into the win column over the apparently rebuilding gators and of course Alabama was beaten by Spurrier. Auburn looks to be a team to contend with as do the Hogs. I was a bit worried about the Hogs playing the Aggies in Texas, but that fear apparently was not warranted. Who will win out in this conference? Hard to say at this point. I would not count out the Tide but there are now others who poised also.

The WAC is Boise State, Nevada and everyone else. Hawaii is 2-0 in conference play but that will likely change next week when they meet Nevada. Boise should not be challenged (except perhaps by Nevada) by anyone else. Even the Bulldogs, who tend to play the Broncos tough, do not look capable of that this year. Idaho was idle and Utah State fell off the pace with their loss to Louisiana Tech.

The Mountain West has some good teams. TCU and Utah of course, and this year Air Force joins the fray. No one else is of any consequence this year. BYU is dismal and even Wyoming, who can play people tough, is going nowhere at all.

In the Big Twelve Nebraska looks poised to rule the roost. I am not convinced by Oklahoma quite yet. Baylor is up an coming despite a loss to Texas Tech. The Longhorns are in rebuild mode. Missouri may be a dark horse to challenge Nebraska, they appear to be a quality team this year. Oklahoma State? No. No one else appears likely to make too much noise. KSU will probably go bowling somewhere as will the Longhorns. The Big Twelve is tied into too many bowls and that likely will result in some pretty sad bowl games when it is all said and done.

Oregon is for real. Are they as good as Ohio State, Bama, Arkansas, Boise, Auburn, SC, TCU or Utah? That is a question that is not answerable at this point. Oregon State proved that they are a good team yet with their win against the utterly over rated Arizona Wildcats. Stanford gets by USC but that was to be expected. California may be able to make a bit of noise yet. UCLA? Perhaps. Nothing else is of much consequence.

The Big East is down and their is really nothing to talk about except WVU football. They were predictably victorious Saturday over UNLV. Pitt did lose to Notre Dame and that says a lot about the state of their program. Rutgers redeemed themselves somewhat with their victory over the Huskies. Nothing else matters. Well Syracuse is 4-1 and may be a pretty good team playing under the radar.  It is likely they will self destruct before it is all said and done though.

The ACC is still up for grabs apparently. Miami took a pounding at the hands of the Seminoles Saturday and that may have hurt their chances to some degree. Can't count them out yet though. NC State, Clemson (despite a surprising loss), and Va. Tech appear to be quality squads (by ACC standards) this year and may challenge yet.

The Big Ten still appears to have Ohio State in the drivers seat. I am not convinced that anyone else is a top 15 team at this point. Michigan State had a nice victory and Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan appear to be fairly good teams. I don't think anyone will beat the Buckeyes in this conference although I thought the same about the Crimson Tide.

Northern Illinois took down Temple Saturday in MAC play in the only game this week that probably really matters in the race for the conference championship. Both are quality teams and may meet again. CMU was handled by VA. Tech and Solich found a way to win again. I will not count out Toledo to challenge either. Miami (OH) is 2-0 in conference play but is not likely a factor in the race at this point. Time will tell.

I will have the predictions up shortly for the games next week.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week Six Predictions

There are some good games this week starting with an interesting Sun Belt match up tonight. Lets take a look.

1. Middle TN vs Troy: Dwight Dasher is back after an NCAA mandated "time out." Will that be enough for the Blue Raiders to take down Troy this evening? One man does not make a team. The Trojans have beaten MTSU five years running. This game will likely determine the conference champion and the winner will go to the New Orleans Bowl. I pick Troy in a close one.

2. Nebaraka vs Kansas State: Neither team has looked real good so far this season. My gut tells me that the Cornhuskers are the better team but that has yet to be proven. They have had some difficulty with teams that they should have easily beaten. KSU is winning but seems to just get by. I will go with the Cornhuskers to win this Thursday night contest.

3. Oklahoma St. vs Louisiana: The last time a Big Twelve team came calling in Lafayette the Cajuns recorded a victory over KSU. KSU went on to have a decent season and that said something. Oklahoma State is a pretty good ballclub, but not sure they are deserving of the 22 national ranking. We will see if the Cajuns can pull off the upset at home for the second year running. I kind of doubt it. I will go with the Cowboys here to take this one Friday night. It might not be pretty for us Cajun fans.

4. UCONN vs Rutgers: The battle that no one cares about. Rutgers is apparently going nowhere, even in the weak Big East and UConn may undeservedly slip into a minor bowl. I will go with the Huskies to win this one.

5. Baylor vs Texas Tech: Most years this would be a no brainer. Not this year. Texas Tech is on a downhill slide that may be hard to stop. Baylor will have a nice (for them) year and make it to a decent bowl. I go with Baylor to win here. It may be close.

6. Temple vs Northern Illinois: This should be a very good game between the best in the MAC and an up and coming Northern Illinois squad. Both teams are well coached and it may be a close game but I will have to go with Temple to win. They will have to play better than last week though.

7. Army vs Tulane: An evenly matched game. West Point near took down a very good Temple team last week and Tulane recorded an upset (sorta) vs Rutgers. I think these teams are as even as can be and will go with the Green Wave to actually win two in a row. Pick Tulane.

8. Arkansas v s TAMU: This game is being held in College Station and may have upset written all over it. The Aggies are going nowhere but the Hogs must be thoroughly disgusted with themselves. Have they gotten over the meltdown against the Crimson Tide the other week? It is crucial that the do. The Aggies have shown that they can play football for about 1/2 of a game and could be dangerous if they get it together. I think that Ryan will find a way to topple them by about two touchdowns. Go with the Hogs.

9. Utah State vs Louisiana Tech: These Aggies are not a bad team. The Bulldogs seem average (for a WAC school) at best. I think that Utah State will find a way to win this game and continue with what looks like a pretty good (for them) season. If it keeps up they may go bowling somewhere. Go with Utah State.

10. Colorado vs Missouri: Somehow the Buffs have only lost one game. They are perhaps one of the worst teams in a BCS conference. I would look for Pinkel to have his Tigers ready to start getting some national attention by crushing Hawkins's club. It may be a blow out. Get ready for assistant coach or a D2 head coaching position somewhere Dan. Wish you had stayed in Idaho yet?

11. ECU vs Southern Miss: This game may be very important in determining who will be the best squad in CUSA East. Of course one can not forget UCF. I like both teams and Southern Miss should really have beaten South Carolina. I am surprised that ECU did not take down NC last week. They may be out to prove a point this week. Hattiesburg is a tough place to win but I think that ECU will pull on out of the hat for a minor upset. Go with the Pirates.

12. SMU vs Tulsa: This game may be important for CUSA West. SMU is a pretty good team and Tulsa still has some things to prove. I think that June Jones has the Mustangs ready to beat a fairly decent team this week. Go with SMU.

13. U of H vs Mississippi State: We will see how the Coogs fare in this game without their 1st and 2nd QB. Both are out for the season. The Cougars had last week off and they probably needed it to get their game together. It will be hard to beat the Bulldogs without their starting QB though. I would go with Mississippi State in a close one.

14. USC vs Stanford: Both teams have something to prove. Stanford is likely the better team and is for certain better coached. The lost last week to the Ducks is something they will have to get past though. I will go with Harbaugh's team to win this one. Go with Stanford.

15. Hawaii vs Fresno State: These Bulldogs have not looked too good so far this year. Playing a bit under expectations probably. They win but it is not pretty. Hawaii is a bit of a mystery still. I think that the Bulldogs will win in a very close game.

16. San Diego State vs BYU: The Aztecs are playing decent (for them) football. The Cougars have totally fallen apart. I think that SDSU will continue to help the Coogs race to the bottom. It may be close though. Pick SDSU.

17. Michigan vs Michigan State: A rivalry game to be sure. Not quite as bit as Ohio State/Michigan but a close second. Dantonio is still recovering from an illness and the Wolverines are so far rolling. I can't help but think back the other week when the Spartans near lost to FAU. I will go with the Wolverines here.

18. Tennessee vs Georgia: If there is a "major" college team worse than Colorado it has proven to be the Bulldogs. They are just plain bad. Richt must go now. Tennessee is under first year coach Dooley (no not that one) and should be able to beat the school that made his father a Hall of Fame college coach. Go with the Vols.

19. Central Arkansas vs Northwestern State (La.): I pick this Southland Conference tilt to be the IAA game of the week. The Bears appear to be a good bit better than the Demons. I would like to see this game. I have seen both of these schools play before and would love to see them play each other. I will go with UCA here. I believe they are eligible for the IAA playoffs this year. If so, they will be in them.

20: Toledo vs Boise State: I pick this game to be the potential shocker of the week. I think that Toledo has a pretty good and ever improving club, the meltdown vs Wyoming notwishtstanding. They have the potential to be in the MAC Championship Game. Boise State may be over confident. They know however that if they even let the Rockets stay close that it will further damage their chances for a good BCS Bowl, much less the Championship Game. I would look for the Rockets to keep it closer than expected but will still pick the Broncos to win.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week Five Analysis

The season has passed the one month mark and is in full swing. The cream has risen to the top and things are shaping up. Is Alabama beatable? Yes. Who will do it? That is a harder question. They could easily roll the remainder of their schedule and even if they are a one loss SEC team, they will likely make it to the "Big Game." I had to bartend an event last night and probably watched no more than 20 minutes of the college game this weekend. Pity. However, I must say that the event I worked was quite interesting. It was a get together of an Army National Guard Aviation Regiment (battalion?) and was quite a throw down. There were of course zany and immature antics with drinking games and what not. Typical military type stuff. At least no one had to kiss any one's belly. I remember having to kiss the fat hairy belly of an E-8 during one of our shipboard "celebrations."  Personal hygiene was never an priority with Chief Ward (RIP) as I recall. I dry heave as I think of it. Of course there was no alcohol involved as this was an at sea celebration. No alcohol on a U.S. man-o-war. (Yes I will take the liberty of calling a Coast Guard cutter a man-o-war). One thing I have noticed about National Gaurdsmen before is the lack of formality concerning rank. It is not uncommon to see a Major hanging out with a Sgt and a Specialist or PFC. That is something one does not see too often in the "regular" military. It has a lot to do with everyone being from the same area and in fact some folks working at the same civilian job, knowing each other from high school or college, a teacher hanging with former (and in some cases current) students, etc. True civilian soldiers and an important part of the national defense of our great country. Hats off to them. That being said, on to football. Oh this week my record was 13-7. Fair I suppose. Grand total for the season so far is 70-33.

Alabama rolled over the Gators with ease. The margin of victory is a bit surprising but not the final outcome of the game. It is hard to see who will beat the Tide this year but somebody may sneak up on them. LSU had trouble apparently with Tennessee, but a win is a win. I am sure that they will continue to call for Les Miles' head in Tigerland for whatever reason. Mississippi State further refined their program against a IAA cross state SWAC school. Vandy is Vandy and Auburn easily handled a Sun Belt squad. Anything else of consequence? Not really. Georgia is a joke though. No one in D1 should lose to Colorado, especially by the margin that the Buffs put on the Dogs. They should make a coaching change in Athens right now! Why wait?

The Sun Belt is the Sun Belt. Florida Intl has given some BCS teams problems this year but not so against Pittsburgh. Arkansas State had a commendable performance (I suppose) against Louisville and FAU was spanked by a fair South Florida team. The Cajuns recorded a conference victory over the Mean Green. They need the confidence boost. Oklahoma State comes calling in Lafayette next week.  I still think the conference winner will come down to MTSU or Troy.

The Red River Shootout was a win for Oklahoma. That was pretty predictable, but Oklahoma (a lot like LSU) has been recording victories that are uninspiring. Just doesn't give one the warm and fuzzies as it were. That being said, they did win and a win is a win. Texas is not real good this year. Perhaps not a top twenty five squad. The Red Raiders are certainly falling apart under first year coach Tuberville. Iowa State is not a team anyone should really lose to. Briles is a good coach and may have the Bears in a bowl this year. He did wonders for U of H but Baylor is an exceptionally hard place to win. Colorado sucks but apparently not as much as the Georgia Bulldogs of the SEC. Missouri may be the class of the conference. They were off. Nebraska and KSU meet this Thursday and that will set the tone for the rest of the season for those two squads. Both are winning but are not too impressive. Oklahoma State may make some noise in conference and TAMU will win a few games since the Big XII is apparently down this year.

The Big East collectively won more game than they lost this week. Wow! Of course the competition level was not too tough. Schiano should have taken a better job when he was a hot property. His Knights were embarrassed by Tulane. That should not happen. UConn beat Vandy which is a bit surprising I suppose. I am a tad surprised that one of the Sun Belt squads did not beat a Big East opponent yesterday. Next time perhaps. This conference is weak, weak, weak, Who will be top dog when all is said and done? Probably WVU. They appear to be the only quality team. Perhaps USF. The Bulls do have a quality coaching staff.

The ACC is still up in the air. Miami recorded a nice win over Clemson and that says something. Harris needs some more seasoning before Miami can be considered a contender for the BCS Title. Won't happen this year. NC State was taken down by VA. Tech. I figured Beamer would probably find a way to right the ship before it was all said and done. BC lost to Notre Dame. That is a shame. FSU recorded another win. They may be shaping up.  Nothing else of any consequence in this conference. I am a little surprised that ECU did not beat the Tar Heels though.Who will be top dog? Still hard to tell with at least five teams having a shot. None will challenge for the National Championship though.

Zook's squad turned in a commendable performance against one of the best teams in the land. Ohio State is the only team in this conference that likely has a shot at the National Title. A very good shot, I may add. I was never a believer in Wisconsin (or Iowa for that matter). Iowa did handle Paterno's team though. Michigan State is still probably not for real the win over the Badgers notwithstanding. While many teams in the Big X are pretty decent only one is a great team. I am still thinking that the National Title game will be between the Buckeyes and the Crimson Tide. A lot of football left to play though.

Well well. The Trojans were taken down. Good for Washington. Not that it matters. USC is of no consequence regardless. This is the first loss of many that will be suffered by the program under this Kiffin. Oregon and Stanford are two quality teams with Oregon coming out on top in Saturday's match up. Oregon may have a shot at the "Big Game" should Ohio State or Bama falter. UCLA is turning out to be a pleasant surprise for the Bruin faithful. They should land in a quality bowl this year. Oregon State and Arizona are not too bad. Will Tedford get the Bears rolling again? He might. He is a good coach. No one else seems to matter much in this conference. Well, perhaps ASU.

CMU sure faltered Saturday against a Ball State squad that they should have handled with relative ease. I would not count out the Chippies quite yet however. Toledo should not have allowed Wyoming to record a win against their program. The Rockets are quite good. Ohio had her problems with EMU, but Solich found a way. The Bobcats need to get on track and are not to be counted out. Temple had a scare against West Point but are probably a legitimate top twenty five squad. Golden knows his business and no mistake. Don't count out Jerry Kill and his Huskies either. Northern Illinois is a sleeper in this conference.

What a nice win for Tulane. A victory, any victory, is something for the Green Wave. ECU probably should have beaten NC. SMU beat Rice but it was not apparently all that easy. U of H was off. It will be interesting to see how they fare the rest of the year without QBs 1 and 2. Certainly one can not count out USM, UCF, or perhaps UTEP (maybe Tulsa) in this conference to make a run. Memphis is a long way from being competitive. Right now I am leaning to a USM vs SMU championship game.

Utah State recorded a nice win Saturday although it must be noted that BYU is not a good team. Still a good win for the Aggies though. Idaho appeared to right the ship this week. They should make a minor bowl this year. Akey is a good coach and has instilled some pride in the program. Pat Hill squeaked by a IAA squad. Perhaps Fresno State is not all that this year. Nevada is a good team. A very good team. Boise State is now in the part of their schedule that will have the pundits screaming that "they don't belong" in the BCS. Well they do, but ESPN announcers have just a bit too much to say about the game. That is unfortunate as many of them are dolts. Hawaii is fair at best as is Louisiana Tech. Look for the Broncos to roll with a possible hick up against Nevada. Fresno State always seems to play them tough also.

Utah, TCU and Air Force are the only teams in this conference that matter. TCU struggled some against Colorado State but that was (probably) an anomaly. Air Force took down a decent Navy squad and Utah was off. Nothing else in this conference really matters. I am a bit surprised that the Cowboys beat the Rockets of Toledo but such is the game. I suppose that when Utah leaves for the PAC 10, this conference will come down to Boise State (who comes over next year) and TCU. That is of course assuming that TCU does not become part of the Big Twelve. "Realignment" in the college game is just beginning I fear.

Look forward to the Week Six predictions coming out later in the week. Hell maybe today. I don't want to clean the house. I am not in charge of that however. I will do whatever I am informed will be my tasks.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning Oct 2

Thursday night Oklahoma State came back on the Aggies and won the game. I figured these teams were fairly even but the Cowboys apparently are the better team. It is funny that the Aggie faithful were calling for a coach to "take them to the next level" back when old R.C. Slocum was at the helm. Guess what? R.C. Slocum was the next level for TAMU. Slocum's teams were never in any danger of challenging for the national championship but were certainly competitive and were usually ranked. That is really about the best that can be expected in College Station. Funny how some folks just have a bit too much in the way of expectations from their sports programs. Notre Dame comes to mind.....

I certainly did not see Utah State thrashing BYU coming. Is Utah State that much improved? They are somewhat improved over recent years and that is obvious and a beat down of the Cougars must have instilled some confidence. It is not out of the question that these Aggies will find themselves in a minor bowl somewhere.

So far 1-1 for this week. We will see how the rest of the day plays out.

Enjoy the games. I will unfortunately be working tonight and will miss some that I would like to be watching.