Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 12 (2011) Predictions

The regular season is starting to wind down but most conference races have not been decided. Still a good bit left to be played. Some of the top teams went down last week and it is likely there will be at least one other before all is said and done. It is sad when one is tempted to root against the BCS system instead of favorite schools. Such is the sad system we have in D1 ball. On to the predictions.

1. NIU vs Ball State: This could be a team that will trip up the Huskies in their quest to become MAC Champion. Probably not although it may be an interesting game. Go with NIU.

2. Ohio vs Bowling Green: Ohio must win here if they want to go all the way in the MAC. They have been proven to play down to their competition this year. I think Solich will find a way to win. Go with the Bobcats

3. Southern Miss vs UAB: The Eagles should have very little trouble here. Go with USM.

4. North Carolina vs Virginia Tech: The Hokies (or Clemson for that matter) are not really being discussed as serious contenders for the national crown. Of course being in the ACC and with one loss already.......That being said it is time for a slip up on the part of the Gobblers. Go with the Heels in an upset.

5. Toledo vs Central Michigan: Toledo is a good team but they must win out and hope for NIU to implode. Central Michigan has been down a good bit this year and the Rockets should be able to handle them. Go with Toledo.

6. Oklahoma St vs Iowa State: These Cowboys are quite possibly the best team in the land. They should be able to handle Iowa State pretty easily. Of course nothing is a sure bet until the gun sounds. Go with Oklahoma State.

7. Cincinnati vs Rutgers: I suppose someone has to win the Big East. Cincinnati seems about as good as any of them but the Knights have been known to pull a few surprises. Go with Cinc. in a close one.

8. Kansas vs TAMU: It is a sad state of affairs the Aggies find themselves in. Kansas also for that matter. It would not be out of the question for the Jayhawks to sneak up on this moribund squad. Probably won't happen though. The Aggies can't be that bad. Can they? Go with TAMU to become "bowl eligible."

9. Georgia Southern vs Alabama: Must be homecoming for a lot of schools in the SEC. This one won't be quite as easy for the Tide as people think. An excellent IAA school is every bit as good as a mid level D1 team. While the Tide will roll here it may be pretty close. I have often thought that the IAA schools, especially the Eastern ones, compete well with the ACC and Big East for recruits. That may be one reason why both of the conferences are usually just not quite up to snuff. It can't be argued that some of the eastern teams in IAA are always right there competing for a national championship while those in the ACC and Big East are always on the outside looking in.

10. Arizona vs Arizona St: Someone has to win and I will go with the team with the better record. Go with Arizona State.

11. Arkansas State vs MTSU: The Indians err Red Wolves could solidify their conference crown with a win here. They will do so.

12. Tulsa vs UTEP: Tulsa has some of the best talent in the league and may have a shot at the title game. UTEP is UTEP. Hard place to win. They can surprise though and I think that they will win here by a nose. Go with UTEP in a close one.

13. SMU vs Houston: The Pony's can be dangerous. They are probably a year away from being a very good team. Houston will have their hands full but will come away with a victory.

14. Mississippi State vs Arkansas: The Bulldogs are a bit of a disappointment this year but still can be pretty dangerous. The Hogs have a tendency to play down to their competition at times but that would be a mistake here. Go with Arkansas in a close one.

15. Louisiana Tech vs Nevada: This will probably decide the winner of the WAC. Both are better teams than given credit for. LTU will surprise here in an upset of sorts. Go with the Bulldogs.

16. LSU vs Ole Miss: There is something just a bit off with the Tigers. They are an excellent team but they are beatable. Of course Ole Miss ain't the team to do it. Go with the Tigers here.

17. Oklahoma vs Baylor: Oklahoma is by far the better team here and will find a way to lose this one. I go with Baylor in an upset. It is about time they begin to play up to their potential.

18. Boise State vs SDSU: The Aztecs are a pretty good team. Boise State has blown it again. The Broncos are the better team but they must keep their heads up or they will find themselves with another loss on the season. Go with BSU in a close one.

19. KSU vs Texas: This could be a good game. KSU is certainly a good team but far from great. Texas is a decent team but just not quite good. I think that KSU will win another close one here.

20. Clemson vs NC State: These Tigers are going to win here but they won't get any more respect from the "professional" analysts. Clemson is a good team; along the lines of a Wisconsin or Nebraska. Light years away from LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State and perhaps Oregon. They will win against the woeful Wolfpack though.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


  1. Arizona v. Arizona State: going with the best record is a safe bet, but this is a very intense rivalry and Arizona has had a couple of pretty good games. Oddly, home stadium can be a little bit of a disadvantage; the two schools are only sixty miles apart. I'm slightly favoring Arizona.

    Boise State v. SDSU: probably not close. Hillman is, at best, playing hurt and may not play at all. Without him, the passing game will be... Well, you know what it will be.

    LSU: "There is something just a bit off with the Tigers." Well put. Their defense is odd. They give up too much on a routine basis, mostly as a result of sloppy tackling, but rather consistently make big plays. What happens if they fail to make the big plays? And their offense is just plain wierd, but what else can you expect from "the mad hetter" anyway?

  2. I think they will have some trouble with the Hogs and may well lose that one.
    Arizona and ASU I know nothing about really.

    Boise State is a good team but I admit I have always like SDSU. I often pick them against my better judgement. I do the same with the Cajuns and Memphis Tigers.