Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meyer Again

It appears that Urban Meyer will be the new HC at Ohio State. Of course he has been denying (lying about) this for a while now. If I recall he did the same thing when he was the HC at Utah. Meyer is a bit of a loon it seems, but he does win games. Any university that wants to upgrade probably can't go wrong with Meyer. After a while he will tire of the gig and move on but he will get some results while employed.

I am not certain why he would chose to work in Columbus though. The "Big Ten" is not what it once was. There are better jobs available (and soon to be available).

Texas Tech would be a good fit perhaps. It is high time for Tuberville to move on and the TTU faithful would probably welcome Urban. I think that Kevin Sumlin would be a better fit for that job frankly but......

Texas Agriculture should certainly be in the market for a new man. Sherman ain't the guy. Those in College Station are always "looking for a coach to take them to the next level." Perhaps Meyer would be the guy. He knows the SEC and if the Aggies hope to have any success at all in that league then they will certainly need new blood at the helm.

UCLA: This storied program has been down for quite a few years. Yes I know they will in the in PAC 12 "Championship Game" this week and that says something about the conference as a whole. That being said, the Bruin program is in need of a new HC now.  It would probably be a better gig than the Ohio State thing. Of course the traffic in LA.........

If Meyer's ego needs a big time program so be it. If not he could take a look at UAB. Calloway resigned and the Blazers are in desperate shape. If Meyer wants again to be looked at as a "miracle man" this would be the job to take. Alabama and Auburn fans would hate it. Meyer might actually be able to talk some regional blue chippers into coming to his program at the expense of the "big boys."

Ole Miss is in need. Now that is a tough gig. If Meyer took that job and performed miracles then the Reb faithful might begin to believe he could change water into wine.

Howard is retiring over at Florida Atlantic. It would be interesting to see if Urban could build this program into a BCS buster. A lot of good recruits in Florida and he might just get some of those blue chippers to buy into his spiel.

I am not sure if Kansas would be a better job than Ohio State but it has been proven that, with the right staff, the Jayhawks can be quite competitive on the gridiron. Meyer would probably be one of the few coaches that could pull that off.

Yep there are a lot of jobs available with more coming available soon. Meyer should have held out for a better gig.


  1. "PAC 12 "Championship Game" this week and that says something about the conference as a whole."

    Well, yes, to some degree, but remember that is USC was not rendered ineligelble that game would be an 11-1 team against a 10-2 team, which is not all that bad of a deal.

    Kansas has had some really good team, won an Orange Bowl within my memory, and I would have loved to see Meyer there.

  2. Meyer and Kansas would be interesting. Kansas can win with the right staff.

  3. If USC were eligeble they would be a national power this year. Hate to say it. I don't like that Kiffin. Sooner or later he will further damage the program somehow.

  4. "Hate to say it. I don't like that Kiffin."

    Well, there is that. And we are in total agreement. We could probably have an interesting contest to see who likes him less.

  5. The folks at Tennessee likely dodged a bullet when Kiffin decided to ditch them for USC>