Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 14 (2011) Predictions

Other than the Army/Navy match up this is the final week of the  D1 season. There are some interesting games on tap including conference championship contests. Should be interesting.

1. WVU/South Florida: I have not paid as much attention to the Big East as I probably should have. It is, as usual, just not quite ready for prime time. WVU does seem to be possibly the best of the bunch but they are probably not quite as good as I would have thought. That being said, they should be able to handle the Bulls. Go with WVU.

2. Ohio vs NIU: Both are good MAC teams. Not so sure they would do real well outside of conference but decent teams none the less. NIU is probably the better squad here and I will go with them to claim the title. Go with the Huskies.

3. Iowa State vs KSU: KSU is a good team. Iowa State can be dangerous at times. Go with KSU in a close one.

4. USM vs Houston: The Coogs are probably a legit top 10 team. They have had a very easy schedule though. Last week's beat down of Tulsa proved a few things. USM can be very good but also rather bad at times. Go with the Coogs here. It may be closer than most think.

5. Utah State vs NMSU: These Aggies are better than their record. They will beat the Aggies of NMSU. Go with UTSU.

6. Wisconsin vs MSU: Wisconsin, even with only two losses, is a disappointment somewhat. They have the talent to be competing for the national title. Not going to happen though. MSU is a pleasant surprise. Better than expected. They likely don't have what it takes to beat the Badgers though. Go with UW.

7. VTU vs Clemson: VTU is hands down the better team here. Clemson has proved to be Clemson. A good team but just not quite a national power. Go with VTU in a possible rout.

8. Fresno State vs SDSU: The Bulldogs have been disappointing. SDSU has built a pretty good season. Go with the Aztecs here.

9. Georgia vs LSU: The big game this weekend for sure. Georgia has recovered from a horrible start and LSU has proven all doubters (including me) wrong. Not that the outcome is a given though. LSU must be on their game. Georgia will be fired up and ready for an upset. It won't happen but it may be a close game. Go with LSU.

10. Boise State vs New Mexico: Boise State will win. The only question is whether or not they decide to run up the score.

11. Texas vs Baylor: Texas has a good defense. Very good. They will certainly need it. Baylor is hot right now and could possibly, at this point, play with anyone. It will be very close but the Longhorns will fall just short. I am not quite sure they are a top 25 team this year. Go with the Bears.

13. Troy vs Arkansas State: Are the Red Wolves a legitimate top 25 team? They are not ranked but perhaps they should be. Troy has been a major disappointment this season. They will want to go out on a winning note though. It will be close but ASU will prevail.

14. ULM vs FAU: Can the Owls win another one before Howard retires? Yes. They will beat the Warhawks. It will be close.

15. UCLA vs Oregon: UCLA is still looking for a coach to propel them above mediocrity. Oregon's only "bad" outings were against some darn good football teams; LSU and USC.  If USC was eligible, they would likely be in the top 5 or 6. Oregon will win here with ease.

16. Wyoming vs Colorado State: The Cowboys are a pretty good Mtn West team. They have built a decent season and should win this one against the Rams. Go with Wyoming.

17. Old Dominion vs Georgia Southern: Georgia Southern is a top squad in the  IAA ranks (yes I know it is now called FCS. Not by me though). If they were in D1 it is entirely possible they would be a top 25 team. They will handle ODU with ease.

18. Stony Brook vs SHSU: The Seawolves have had a good season. It will come to an end though after their contest with SHSU. The Southland Conference teams do not usually do real well in the IAA play offs but SFA will likely have little problem Saturday.

19. UCA vs Montana: This might be a good game. Montana is, as usual, in contention for the title. UCA is not far removed from D2 ball and has done a fine job in the IAA ranks. Montana likely has more firepower and will prevail in a close one.

20. Montana State vs New Hampshire: I have watched NH this year a bit and they look pretty good. Montana State seems to be on the right track also. I really know nothing about them. I will go with NH to win here. Someone has to and that is my guess.

There are some top games this week for sure. It is interesting that again, for the most part, all the usual suspects are there in the IAA ranks. There is some very good football being played at that level. I would put Montana, NH, JMU, App State, SHSU and Northern Iowa up against a whole lot of D1 teams, even some in the BCS Top 25, and expect a very good game.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


  1. If Wyoming and the Aztecs both win, which is very likely, that leaves the Aztecs at 8-4 and probably out of the bowl game picture, while several 6-6 teams have automatic bids. It's happened before and it will happen again, but...

    The LSU/Georgia game should be a very watchable game. Georgia has been hot.

  2. 6-6 does not a bowl team make. I do like both the Cowboys and Aztecs. They have had pretty decent seasons'