Saturday, November 19, 2011

Well Well Well

OSU has fallen to Iowa State. Did not really see that one coming. Did you? Now what is the BCS to do?Will they (it?) be able to deny Houston (should they run the table) a shot at a BCS berth? What will happen when the Hogs upset the Tigers? It is a shame when one roots against the BCS system instead of rooting for the teams they like. It is not supposed to be like that. Is it? The BCS needs to go.

Let us prepare for "occupation" I say. Bring your condoms but you can leave the soap at home.


  1. "Did not really see that one coming. Did you?"

    Not in a million years. What does that do for Boise State and its tomato can schedule?

    Went to the hospital for a cardiac stress test Thursday, and the guy who came out to get me was the same guy who had done another test for me right after my stroke a month ago. He recognized me right away and after greeting me and asking how I was, the next thing he said was, "Well, LSU is still number one, so that's right in the world."

  2. Hope all is well with you. LSU is still number this time. Still a lot of ball left to be played.