Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 9 (2011) Predictions

In a bit of a rush here today. Hopefully I can have a better won/loss record than last week. Here goes....

1. UCONN vs Pitt: Both teams are pretty horrible and both are still in the race for a Big East Championship and BCS bowl. The Huskies are probably just a bit less terrible than the Panthers and I will go with them to win.

2. UVA vs Miami: Miami may be getting it together a bit. They are a better team than the record indicates. It is conceivable that the Canes will be in the top 25 before all is said and done. They should win here. Virginia is just not a good ball club.

3. Rice vs Houston: The annual Bayou Bucket is to be played on Thursday night. Houston may have the talent to give any team in the country a problem. Rice will not be able to keep up with Keenum and CO. Go with the Cougars

4. BYU vs TCU: TCU is not near the team they were last year, but BYU, despite a decent record, is just not a real good team.  Go with the Frogs.

5. Michigan St vs Nebraska: A good game on tap here. MSU may be better than most thought. Nebraska is good but probably are just shy of being really really good. Perhaps next year. That being said, I will go with Nebraska to edge the Spartans in this pretty even match up.

6. Purdue vs Michigan: Purdue pulled off an upset against the Hoosiers last week. Michigan has something to prove. The Boilermakers are not a good team and the Wolverines are pretty good. I will go with Michigan to win with relative ease.

7. Mizzou vs TAMU: The Tigers are a better team than their record and the Aggies should probably be undefeated at this point. The Aggies have some definite coaching issues and I will go with the Tigers to hand the Aggies their third loss. Go with Mizzou in a close one.

8. Arkansas vs Vanderbilt: The Hogs had a scare last week against a very weak Rebel team. If they don't play better this week  the Commodores may sneak up on them. I think the Hogs will win this one but it may not be a cake walk.

9. Illinois vs Penn State: The Hoosiers have a brutal schedule for the next 4 weeks. They will certainly not run the table and may well see their season come crashing down. Hard to say. I have watched a bit of PSU this year and they certainly are beatable by a less talented squad. I will go with the Hoosiers in a very close game.

10. WVU vs Rutgers: This one may determine who will be the Big East Champ. Hard to say at this point. So many teams in the conference are still in the running. Will WVU bounce back after the loss to the Orange? We will see. I really think that Rutgers will put the nail in the Mountaineer coffin and win this one. WVU has been a disappointment this season. On a side note, it is being reported that they (WVU) may (or may not) get an invite to the Big 12 should Mizzou move on to "greener pastures."

11. Baylor vs Oklahoma State: Baylor needs to get better team play going. A team can't win on just the talent of the QB alone. Are the Cowboys as good as their ranking? We will see. I go with OSU in a close one.

12. SMU vs Tulsa: SMU took a beating last week. I was a bit surprised. The Ponies are probably a year away from being a top CUSA (Big East?) team. Tulsa (like Baylor) has an excellent QB but that is often not enough. I go with the Mustangs to edge these Hurricanes. May be very close.

13. Kansas vs Texas: The Horns need a semi scrimmage to right their ship and work out the kinks. They may get one here. If Kansas comes to play, then it may be a bit harder than one would think though. I will go with the Horns to improve their record here.

14. Stanford vs USC: Stanford wins this game then the PAC 12 is theirs to lose. USC is irrelevant no matter what they do. This may be a very close game and I will have to go with the smart kids to edge the rich kids. Go with Stanford.

15. ULL vs MTSU: Will the Cajuns get back on track or will they start to slide? We will see come Saturday. Go with ULL in a close one.

16. Wisconsin vs Ohio State: The Badgers will be out to prove that their last second loss to the Spartans was an anomaly. The Buckeyes want to prove that they are a team to be taken seriously. This should be a good game and I will have to go with the Badgers here.

17. Wyoming vs SDSU: Both are in the hunt for the number two spot in the Mountain West. I like both schools and think that at least one is a bit under rated. That would be the Aztecs. Go with SDSU to take this one.

18. San Jose St vs Louisiana Tech: Both teams have losing records overall but find themselves in the thick of the conference race. What does that say about the WAC at this point? I have watched both and I think that SJSU has a bit more talent. Go with the Spartans in a close one.

19. Georgia vs Florida: The premier game in the weak half of the SEC. Neither team is bad. Neither is real good either. I think that Florida will win this one in a minor upset. Go with the Gators.

20. Kansas State vs Oklahoma: KSU has been a surprise thus far. I thought that Snyder would have his team in the top 25 before all is finished but did not think that his Wildcats would be undefeated at this point. Any one who has watched the Sooners this year knew they were living on some borrowed time. A very good team no doubt, but great?.....Not so much. KSU was able to handle a very prolific TTU offense and the Sooners were not. KSU has a very slow moving but quite effective offense. If the Wildcats can keep Oklahoma on defense and limit their time on offense then they will win. I go with the Wildcats in a very close game.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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