Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 10 (2011) Predictions

Week 10 is a pretty big week. The cream has pretty much risen to the top and, barring a major surprise or two, it appears that the stage is set for one of the teams from the SEC to again be the BCS "National Champion." Well, in the big game at the very least.

1. LSU vs Alabama: Here it is. One of these teams will be in the driver seat not only for the SEC Championship game but also reaching the big game at the end. Which is the better team? LSU. Will they win? Hard to say. I have watched both squads a few times this year and Alabama reminds me just a bit of Oklahoma. They are beatable and will be so come Saturday. Go with the Tigers.

2. Northern Illinois vs Toledo: The MAC is the Rocket's to lose. Toledo seems to be much better than your average MAC team and should win this one with relative ease.

3. Temple vs Ohio: This is a must win for both teams. Temple is the better team but it is proven that they will lose games to lessor opponents. Same goes for the Bobcats of Ohio. I will go with the Owls here.

4. FSU vs Boston College: The Seminoles are righting the ship and should have very little problem ere. Go with FSU.

5. Tulsa vs UCF: Tulsa is having a pretty decent season thus far. 4-0 in conference play with a beat down of SMU in their last outing. UCF has imploded (somewhat) and it is doubtful they will keep up here. Go with Tulsa.

6. Michigan St vs MN: The Gophers finally got one last week with a victory over the Hawkeyes. MSU just could not replicate their stellar performance of a couple of weeks back. That being said, the Spartans will have little trouble here and will come away with a victory.

7. New Mexico St vs Georgia: Georgia is benefiting from a rather easy sked this year. While no SEC team has it easy, Georgia escapes Alabama, LSU and Arkansas. They have already been taken down by South Carolina. They should have little trouble here although these Aggies may be somewhat tougher than they think. Go with the Bulldogs here.

8. ULL vs ULM: The Cajuns need to keep winning. They are the better team here although some of the Warhawks problems are likely coaching rather than talent related. This is a rivalry game and will be quite close but I look for the Cajuns to pull it out of the hat.

9. Texas Tech vs Texas: Tech is a funny animal to say the least. One week they can play with anybody and the next look like they could lose to any D1 (and some IAA) teams. They are hard to figure sure. Texas has some problems but still is certainly no team to be taken lightly by anyone. I think that the Raiders will right the ship and the good team will come to play. Go with TTU in a close one.

10. ASU vs Florida Atlantic: ASU is right there in the Sun Belt. Probably even in the driver seat at this point. They should have little problem with a pretty dismal Owl team this weekend. Go with ASU.

11. Kansas St vs Oklahoma State: Can KSU bounce back after the butt whipping they got at the hands of the Sooners?. They will but it won't be this week. If anything, OSU is better than Oklahoma and should win this one. KSU has a tough row to hoe the next few weeks and will lose at least 2 this season. OSU may well run the table.

12. Tulane vs SMU: SMU has to win here to stay in contention. It is a must. They should do so. Go with the Mustangs here.

13. Duke vs Miami (FL): The Hurricanes should win but it certainly is not a given. Duke is not a good team, but they are better than many teams of the past. It will not be easy but Miami should come out on top. If the Canes are to reach any kind of respectable bowl this year then they have to right the ship quickly.

14. Houston vs UAB: The Cougars are beatable but the Blazers are not the team that will beat them. It just won't happen. Go with Houston.

15. USM vs ECU: USM is a very good albeit under the radar football team. ECU is 3-1 in conference and still in contention. This game will likely decide who goes to the CUSA championship game. I go with USM to roll.

16. South Carolina vs Arkansas: The Hogs certainly have struggled a bit recently in their skin of the teeth victories over Ole Miss and Vanderbilt. They are lucky they did not lose both games. South Carolina is a good, but certainly not a great team. These two squads are probably pretty even and I will go with the Hogs in a close one.

17. TAMU vs Oklahoma: If Oklahoma is to keep their slim shot a reaching the BCS Championship Game alive then they must run the table here on out. They won't do that likely but they should beat the Aggies. The Aggies should be undefeated at this point but something is just missing. If the talent is on the field, and it certainly is in Aggieland, then the problem has to be coaching. Don't look for Sherman to last long. Go with the Sooners here.

18. Stanford vs Oregon State: Is it time to seriously start talking about Stanford as potential "national champions?" Perhaps so or perhaps not. They do play in the PAC 12 which diminishes their stature a bit. That being said they should have little problem here. Go with Stanford with relative ease.

19. SDSU vs New Mexico: The bloom is off the Aztecs a bit this season but they should have very little problem with the dismal Lobos. Go with SDSU.

20. Boise State vs UNLV: Will the Rebs be able to handle the Bronco juggernaut? Let us not be silly. Go with Boise State in a glorified scrimmage.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


  1. Thanks for picking my Tigers. I'm with you on that, but my confidence is shaky. The Tigers still have some trouble tackling and are giving up quite a few yards after initial contact. That will not serve them well against Alabama. They'll be okay if that can continue to make big plays on defense, but Alabama has not given up many of those. I suspect there will be more scoring than is commonly predicted.

  2. I have watched both this season and think that LSU is the better team. Whether that translates into a victory.....?