Saturday, October 8, 2011

They DId It Again - Almost

The Aggies of Texas Agriculture tried pretty hard to make it three in a row. Texas Tech could have and should have come back and won the game but alas they did not. The Aggies should be a very good ball club but as one of the Arkansas players said after their victory last week, "it is just the Aggies." They have some issues somewhere. I would put my money on the coaching staff. At any rate, they did come away with a victory. With the talent they have in College Station this season they should be a top 10 squad.

Yes there is a problem somewhere.

On a side note - it would have been to the Red Raiders benefit to start the season with a bit of a tougher schedule. I am also just not sure that Tuberville is the right man for the Tech job.

Could be wrong.

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