Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Morning Thoughts On College Football and the LFL

Well another Saturday is upon us and I am looking forward to watching a bit of football. Not sure how much I will actually get to watch today but will certainly try to squeeze some in. I will at least try to watch KSU/TTU this evening. I am curious to see if the Wildcat D can keep the Raider offense out of the end zone. Probably not and that is why Snyder must keep his offense on the field and play "clock control." It should be a good game.

It is apparent now why Hawaii has lost to teams that they have to talent to obliterate. UNLV, Washington, and now San Jose State? The Warriors should be 6-0 at this point and instead are looking at 3-3. The were absolutely terrible the first half and could not hold onto the ball. It is also apparent now why SJSU stays close in games but comes out on the wrong end of the scoreboard. They played good first half football and just did their best to give the game to the Warriors in the second half.  The WAC is still wide open and every team has at least a theoretical shot at the conference crown. The league is mediocre to say the least.

During commercial breaks of the above game I started flipping channels a bit. I was hoping that maybe Motorhead  or someone good would be on VH1 Classic. They weren't. I came across MTV (something I never watch), and there, lo and behold, was the LFL.  I have heard of this before and seen clips here and there, but I have never really seen a game. I had a pre conceived notion of it being sort of like Roller Derby or something. I was wrong. They actually play good, hard hitting football, and they do it in their underwear. Some of the ladies were pretty attractive but quite a few of them looked a bit like horses. I like that vato! I like that! For the most part, "wardrobe malfunctions" were blacked out. That was kind of a bummer. After all we are talking about MTV here. You would think that a bit of butt crack would not be a big deal. Probably some sort of contractual thing with the league.

It is now being reported that SMU, Houston, and UCF will be joining the Big East in all sports and that Boise State and Air Force will be coming in for football. Wonder if this is true? We will see. It is also being reported that the Mountain West and CUSA will be merging. This is getting quite confusing and a little ridiculous. I suppose that as long as things are moving wherever they are moving, that the SBC and WAC should merge. It makes sense to some extent. Not any more stupid than some of the other things that are in the works. Where does this leave the Big XII? With ten (and perhaps nine) teams. It depends on whether Mizzou and the SEC hook up. It will be interesting to see where this all plays out. I think the BCS system is, for the most part, responsible for the flux that we see in the Division I game.I have said before that the BCS is a cancer that is ruining the game. I stand by that.

Have a good day and enjoy the games.

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