Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 9 (2011) Analysis

Well I will start off by noting that I am at least back in the black this week. 11-9 is not stellar to say the least, but is better than being in the red. The college game is not real easy to predict and I have pretty much given up picking some games on emotion. The record for the year is 116-64. It is apparent I won't be getting near the 80 percent mark this season. On the the analysis for week 9......

The race for the mythical national championship has narrowed a good deal this week. Wisconsin and Clemson (probably) have played themselves out of the running. Kansas State has severely damaged their slight chance. Stanford, OSU, Oklahoma, and Oregon stay in the hunt. OSU may be the dark horse here to take it all. LSU, Boise State, and Alabama were idle. Houston keeps rolling but due to their light schedule will not be considered. They are good but, after watching them a few times this season, I find it doubtful that they could really hang long with (some of) the big boys. One thing we do know for sure; someone will be on the outside looking in when it is time to pick the teams for the "big game."

Did you watch the Red Raider meltdown yesterday? No? Neither did I. I find it hard to fathom that a team that can take the Sooners to the woodshed one week can be totally blown out by a very average Iowa State squad the next. Well, I would find it hard to believe except that the are the Red Raiders. TTU fans have gotten used to this sort of thing. They always seem to look as good as anyone in the country one week and a candidate to be upset by a IAA squad the next.

Oklahoma keeps their chances alive in the race for the national crown. A one loss Big Twelve team certainly has a chance to sneak in. The same can be said for KSU, but I would imagine that there are one or two more losses on the horizon for them.

OSU continues to play and may well have what it takes. The focus is on Alabama/LSU but one of those teams will lose next week. LSU looks near flawless and one gets the feeling that the Tide are beatable. Do not count out OSU.

The Hogs can play spoiler in the SEC still but they have escaped loss against two below average opponents in consecutive weeks. They need to step up their game.

Remember when the "Cocktail Party" was a very important game in the national picture? It is an important SEC match up this year but does not have national implications. The Bulldogs can certainly play spoiler though and have been playing some good football of late. Coach Mark may make it another year.

PSU continues their winning ways and are now undefeated in the Big Ten. They are not really in the national picture but it is time to take some notice. They certainly seem to have some trouble scoring.

Coach Willie over at WKU (his Alma mater) is doing some fine work. The Hilltoppers are actually in the race in the SBC.  ASU and ULL will have something to say about that, but WKU has already beaten the Cajuns. The Cajuns did stay in the hunt with a defeat of MTSU.

Oregon and Stanford continue to play good ball. They look like they can play with anyone at this point.

WVU appears to still be the team to beat in the Big East in case anyone is really all that interested. It is reported that the Mountaineers will join the Big Twelve shortly. That may be a good fit. I heard some talking head yesterday say that some folk involved in this "realignment" nonsense should be "ashamed of themselves." I couldn't agree more.

Nevada appears to be in the driver seat in the WAC but there is still a lot of football left to be played. Don't rule out Hawaii. LTU or Fresno State? Perhaps.

It has been a pretty interesting season thus far. I do love this game.

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