Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pretty Good Day in H Town

Today we went to see the Rice Owls thump the Memphis Tigers. That was to be expected and, liking both teams, I sort of was neutral on the subject of who wins. I did find myself pulling for the Tigers as the game progressed. Memphis and New Orleans, (along with San Francisco), are my favorite cities in our great land. Of course going to a Rice game is certainly not to be confused with going to a "major" college football game. The crowd was sparse to say the least and even became a bit thinner after the people who came to see there kids in the halftime ceremonies leave the stadium. We still had fun and of course spent more money than I am comfortable with.

One thing we did do however was sit next to the Marching Owl Band (MOB). For those of you not familiar with this group it is just a bit hard to explain. They have no real band uniforms per se. Some wear regular old street clothes and others wear a black bartender vest with "old man" hats. You know, the kind that were popular in the 30's and seem to be coming back in style a bit. A strange bunch. My child said they looked like nerds and indeed they are. I tried to explain to her that they may have been the weird kids in high school but they are going to Rice University so they definitely have the last laugh. I also explained that nerds ruled the world and made the bucks. I hope she gets it. It would be wonderful to see her go to Rice or someplace similar (Tulane would do). Be that as it may, one kid in the band had an old t-shirt on that said "Who Knew Todd Graham Was A Douchebag?" That is one of the best shirts I have seen in a long time. Who knew? I kind of did. When that Graham left for Tulsa and ditched Rice it was dirty pool. Of course he ditched Tulsa and headed to Pitt. Graham is nothing but a job jumper and a mercenary. As of this writing his Panthers are being thumped by Schiano's Knights. The Scarlett Knights are not anywhere close to being a football power. I would imagine that the Panther faithful will soon be getting weary of this Graham's traveling circus.

It was a good day of watching football. Really it was more a band concert for us with a below par football game in progress, but it was fun none the less.

I will be enjoying the Hogs/Tigers shortly and will likely check in on the Red Raiders and those silly Aggies.

Have a good day.

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