Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jordan Jefferson Needs to Pipe Down

Jordan Jefferson has publicly stated that he wants to be the starting QB at LSU. He was recently reinstated to the team after the troubles that he found himself in. Fine and good, but the team has moved on. At least it should have. If Les Miles allows a QB controversy to brew in Baton Rouge then he will find himself with a couple of losses on the year. That is not something that the faithful in Tiger Town are liable to forgive. Right now Jefferson should be a back up and a quiet one at that. He should consider himself lucky just to be on the team (and not in jail). If Lee falters and it becomes necessary to put Jefferson in that is fine. That is what a back up is for. Till then Jordan, sir, you need to STFU.

It has been said that if a team has more than one starting QB then they have none. There may indeed be some truth to that. Right now the Longhorns can't seem to decide on a starter, (although McCoy is apparently about there). and we may see the fruit of that this weekend in the Oklahoma game. Moammar apparently has not decided who should lead the Gamecocks and we have already seen where that can lead. Will Miles make the same mistake?

We will see.


  1. If Les Miles goes back to that nonsense of rotating quarterbacks, I think I will personally go down to Baton Rouge, feed him some of his turf, and kick his ass. I'm not a big fan of Lee, but he is getting the job done, and that boat should not be rocked.