Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Hard Luck Aggies From Utah

How does a team keep their chins up after three heart breaking losses like the ones suffered by the Aggies? No not that silly group from College Station but rather the Aggies of Utah State. First the loss as time was expiring against the 'vaunted" Auburn Tigers, then a close loss to an inferior Colorado State club and now a heartbreaker against  BYU. It is enough to put any team down in the dumps. The players and coaches are probably wondering if they are snake bit. The team certainly needs to learn how to kick an opponent when they are down instead of allowing them to get back up. That would for certain be a start. They need to learn how to finish.

With that being said, it should, in theory at least, get a bit easier. The Aggies meet Wyoming next week which is a team that they should  be able to handle and then unfortunately  meet with Pat Hill's Bulldogs. If they can get past that patch then they may just be able to run the table for the rest of the season and perhaps reach a bowl game.

Utah State is a better team than the record indicates. Much like Toledo over in the MAC, they are just having some unbelievable bad luck.

I will root for these particular Aggies.

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