Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Basketball

The NBA "lockout" continues. I don't know the issues and grievances the players and owners have with each other and could not care less. The NBA is unwatchable in my humble opinion. It is reported that last year was one of the best years in the history of the league. Really? Maybe so. I guess I am old school. I lost interest in the NBA when the the old hands finally retired. I am speaking of the era of Jordan, Hakeem, Larry, the "Pasty Gangster," Malone, etc. I know I am not alone . The game has not been the same since.

My main concern is for the people who supplement their income and/or actually depend on their salaries from the games. The people who work at the arenas need their money more than these pampered ganstas need theirs. I can guarantee that. Those people are left out in the cold. I would love to see them initiate a class action suit against the owners and player association.

That would serve those arrogant asses (on both sides) right.

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