Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ESPN Nut Scratchers

The ASU/FIU game is one right now and appears to be a fairly even mach up. 3-3 in the second. I am a fan of Sun Belt football. It is improving and a couple of teams are good enough to give some of the "big boys" of the game a scare.

Earlier I glanced at ESPN and of course there were one of those endless talk shows with "expert" analysts offering their opinion on this and that. Of course they were speaking about the unworthiness of a whole lot of teams in the college ranks being part of the BCS system. Ridiculous scumbaggery!!! These jock sniffers are nothing but shills for the BCS system which, in my humble opinion, is ruining the game. There would not be the made dash to change conferences if this BCS was relegated to the scrap heap of history. If ESPN did not carry the games I would certainly not be bothering to watch.

It is the HLN of the sporting world.

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