Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 7 (2011) Analysis

This week my won/loss record was 14-6 for a total of 98-42 on the season. I prefer to be correct at least 16 games out of 20, but that can be pretty hard to do at times. I still find it hard to predict a win for those teams that I just don't like. Maybe if I just left those games alone............

Over in the ACC Georgia Tech was exposed as a pretender. A loss to Virginia is a problem. Clemson had their hands full against Maryland but prevailed. Clemson may be the real deal this year but there has to be some doubt creeping in. Maryland is just not a good team. Miami may be righting their ship. They have the talent to be a top 15 team. Why they are not is any one's guess. A lot has to do with the erratic play of Harris. He can be brilliant one game and incompetent the next. Virginia Tech has to be taken seriously at a this point.

Stanford rolled again. That is expected every week. They may be a dark horse for the the BCS "National Title" game. Wisconsin and or LSU/Alabama must falter first though. Remember a 1 loss SEC team can still play for the championship. A one loss PAC 12 team? Probably not. Oregon showed that they still must be taken seriously. Of course a victory over either Arizona team is not a real big deal at this point. USC is irrelevant. No one else is worth mentioning at this point.

The MAC will be down to Temple and Toledo. I have discussed this before.

The Cajuns roll again. They should look out for ASU and perhaps ULM. FIU can not be ruled out in the race for the New Orleans Bowl.

Kansas kept the game somewhat respectable against the vaunted Sooners. The Jayhawks actually looked like they may have had a slight chance for a huge upset for a while there. Texas will likely lose a couple more before all is said and done. Baylor is still a pretty decent team but someone other than RG III must play ball. The Aggies look to be righting the ship. It may be too late. KSU somehow keeps winning. It can be argued that Baylor, TTU, and perhaps even Miami are better teams. Still the Wildcats are undefeated at this point. Something to be said for that. They won't run the table but they are a good team. That crazy little dude is perhaps the only coach that can win in the Little Apple. They should never let him "retire" again.

Fresno State may (or may not) be in the driver seat in the WAC. They had a good win over a somewhat under rated Aggie squad but they certainly look beatable. Nevada may be there and I suppose one can not rule out Hawaii. SJSU? They may still be in the mix. Everybody but Idaho is theoretically in the running out west.

There were three games in the Big Ten that mattered yesterday. Michigan State exposed the Wolverines. I knew that would be a close game. Illinois has been living a dream but one just kind of knew that at some point they would be taken out. A two or three loss Illini team is certainly not to be considered a failure. Zook does about as good a job as can be expected. Ohio State is a better team than their record and will be back next year. Wisconsin rolled. No one expected otherwise. The Badgers will be in the national mix before all is said and done.

There was not much of any interest in the Big East. WVU was idle. They are the only team that matters at this point. Well, Rutgers is quietly doing a pretty good job. They are easy to overlook. Perhaps that is the way Schiano likes it.  Walk softly and carry a big stick as it were. You know Cincy is 5-1 also. They are right. The Big East is easy to totally discount.

LSU and Bama are the real deal. They do meet each other down the road so one of them will suffer a loss. That won't necessarily preclude the loser from being in the BCS Title Game. South Carolina limps along and continues their winning ways but the SEC East is not near as strong as the West. Florida is a huge disappointment this year. Could they be left without a post season trip? Probably not. There are too many bowl games. Auburn is playing pretty good ball but are a different team without Newton and Co. Georgia is really just not that good. They will certainly go bowling though and and perhaps even make it to the SEC Championship game. The East is a bit weak. The Hogs were idle.

It really made no difference for Boise State to move. WAC or Mountain West? What's the difference? With TCU being in rebuild mode and Utah gone, the competition level is about the same. SDSU, TCU, and perhaps Air Force are decent teams this year but not in the same league with the Broncos. Boise may get a BCS bid but will again be left out of the "Big Game."

SMU had a nice victory over UCF. Tulsa struggled a bit but still came out on top. Houston was idle. The Mustangs could be the best team in conference. Houston will have something to say about that though. Can't rule out USM at this point. UCF could still be in the mix if they right the ship. Time will tell. Marshall and ECU are 2-1 in conference play but likely won't be there when all is said and done.

Have a good week.

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