Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 8 (2011) Analysis

Well things just did not go as planned last week. 7-13 for the week? Pretty dismal to say the least. My record for the year is 105-55. Don't think Vegas will be calling just quite yet. Be that as it may there were some real interesting games last week and a couple of "stunning" upsets. Well in one case at least, it really, when you think about it, was not that big of a shock.

If you have watched any of the Sooner play any this season, then you must have known that they were certainly beatable. A very good team sure, but not in the same league as a LSU or Bama. Conversely, if you have watched Texas Tech any then you knew they had the talent and quickness to beat just about any team on a good day. The fact that they have lost two games is more likely attributed to poor coaching than athletic ability. Let us be honest; Tuberville is certainly not the best around. TTU could well be undefeated at this point.

Kansas State continues to roll. Things don't get any easier for them and the next three games will show a whole lot. The Wildcats likely needed the scrimmage with the Jayhawks to perfect their game. I don't think the Wildcats will run the table but they certainly will lose no more than two games this season.

Unfortunately I had other obligations; namely the county fair, that I had to attend to and, as a result, did not get to watch as much football as I had hoped. I am not a big fan of the fair really. It can be very warm this time of year and it generally stinks. Of course a few beers makes things go a little easier. Takes an edge of the irritation as it were. It was not quite as warm this year thankfully and that was a blessing. Last year the placed stunk like a Taliban encampment and we came home smelling worse than a Persian. As luck would have it, we got back just in time to watch the "Hail Mary" last second pass that took down the Badgers. I was really surprised by this one. Michigan State is a good squad but I did not think they would be able to contend with UW.  Does one loss take a "Big Ten" team out of contention for the BCS "National Championship?" Perhaps it does. We will see.

 One thing we do know is that one of the best teams in the country (LSU or Bama) will have at least one loss before all is said and done. It may get quite confusing very quickly. Does an undefeated Clemson, Boise State or Stanford get the shaft when the time comes to pick the teams for the "Big Game?" What about a one loss Oregon, KSU, Wisconsin, Oklahoma or Oklahoma State? Each of these teams has lost or will lose at least one game before the season ends. Mark that!  Someone will be on the outside looking in. Houston may well be undefeated also but their schedule is a little light and they won't be considered. That doesn't mean they won't have reason to gripe though. This BCS system must go!! It is ruining the game.

The Big East really appears to be pretty open at this point. Every team other than South Florida has a shot at winning the title and of course the winner will get a BCS Bowl. Not sure any of the teams will deserve a major bowl when all is said and done, but that is the system for you. Mediocrity and parity are the watchwords of this league at this point.

Boise State had a bit of a scare with the Falcons last night, but these things happen. It is likely that they will continue to roll and run the table.

Nevada seems to be in the driver seat in the WAC. At this time most teams have at least a theoretical shot. The WAC and Big East are very similar. There may (or may not) be a slight difference in talent level between the two leagues.

The SBC has opened up with the Cajun loss to the Hilltoppers. ASU may have an edge but a number of teams can not be ruled out. ULM seems to be done and North Texas, while not in contention, has improved under McCarney. It looks like the Mean Green are putting the disastrous Todd Dodge era behind them.

Temple was taken down by Bowling Green. A bit of an upset there but I still stick with my prediction that the there will be a rematch between Toledo and Temple in the MAC Championship game. Toledo appears unbeatable in the league and will likely be the champ this year.

Clemson is rolling and must be taken very seriously at this point. Georgia Tech is falling but that was fairly easy to predict. Va. Tech may be there in the end. The ACC is not real good but the Tigers and the Hokies should be taken seriously by anyone.

Have a good week.

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