Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Round Robin

Well it looks like TCU will be joining the Big XII. That replaces the Aggies. It is also reported that Mizzou is thinking about trying to get into the SEC. Supposedly the Big X is not interested in the Tiger program at this point. Getting confused? You ain't seen nuthin yet. The Big XII is reported to be only interested in a ten team conference at this time. If Mizzou does get an invite somewhere else then that would again the the Big XII with nine teams. Perhaps they should take a look a New Mexico or NMSU if the Tigers do indeed leave for "greener" pastures. Either of those schools are a suitable replacement for the moribund Buffalo program.

UCF interested in the Big East? That is stupid. The football playing part of that conference is rapidly falling apart. Perhaps CUSA should propose a merger with the remaining members of the Big East and become a "super" conference. Some schools in both conferences are capable of being BCS contenders on a fairly regular basis. Or perhaps it just makes more sense for the ACC and Big East to merge. Who knows at this point? Where would that leave basketball? I don't know. It can be argued that in reality both the ACC and Big East, (and perhaps CUSA) place basketball a priority.

With all of this quest for greener pastures in progress, it seems to make sense that the Mountain West and WAC merge. Like CUSA/Big East, there are a few schools that can compete with the "big boys" on a regular basis. Well, one at least. Boise State.

BYU and Notre Dame need to affiliate somewhere. Notre Dame can perhaps continue to go its' own way.  BYU? No one cares about them. They need to swallow their pride and affiliate.

The Aggies are indeed members of the SEC. The problem here is that they will, most years, be doormats in that league. Most SEC fans do not want them. Except of course to see their school pad their win record. They are not a good fit. They are not Southern. They are Texan. It is not the same thing. With the exception of the extreme eastern part of Texas and of course the small "coon ass" area of the Golden Triangle; Texas is just not really the old south. Texas Agriculture is an interloper.

Where will all this "realignment" finally end up? Your guess is as good as mine.

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