Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Hard Luck Aggies Of Texas Agriculture

Well it has happened again. TAMU has let a good team come roaring back on them in the second half and handed them their second loss of the season. 2-2? Is this the "taking it to the next level" that the Aggies fans used to bray about when R.C. Slocum was coach? I would think not. Slocum was a good coach and classy guy and they have gone downhill from there. Franchione is a program killer and this Sherman is just not real competent either. I actually feel a bit bad for Tannehill.  He is a pretty good QB and deserves better.

Now the Aggies are going to make the move to the SEC. Welcome. Can you say doormat? Think about it. This particular Aggie squad is perhaps the best that they have had in years and, in the SEC, they would be no better than middle of the pack. Along the same lines as Ole Miss and Mississippi State probably. Perhaps a bit better than Kentucky or Vanderbilt but in no way ready to compete with the Gators, Tide, both Tigers or even probably the Vols, Gamecocks, Hogs or even Bulldogs.

Let us forget about football for a moment. The only other sport that sort of matters in the SEC ranks is basketball. The Aggies may be able to compete here at times. They would still likely be no better than middle of the pack most years. In reality though roundball, except at Kentucky, is a bit of a side show in the SEC.

If those in College Station really wanted to compete in football perhaps they should have lobbied the Big East or Mountain West for admission. They might have opportunity for a BCS game here and there as members of the Big East and would perhaps be a good Mountain West team. Not ready to challenge a Boise State mind you, (not even close), but may be able to dominate New Mexico and Colorado State on a regular basis.

Yes Aggie fan, welcome to the SEC.

 Who will you blame when things don't work out so well?

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