Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 6 (2011) Predictions

This week there are some exciting games although perhaps not as many high profile match ups as last week. Teams are now, for the most part, in their conference schedules and things will really start to shake out in conference races. On to the predictions.

1. WKU vs MTSU: Tonight will perhaps decide which team is the worst in the SBC. The Blue Raiders were supposed to be down somewhat this year and WKU is still trying to sort themselves out in Division I ball. This will probably be a pretty close game and I will go with WKU to get their first win.

2. Oregon vs California: It is rather tempting and easy to write off the PAC 12 as just not quite up to par. That is possibly not a wise choice though. Oregon has been under the radar a bit since week one and California has not really been considered big time this year. Tedford does a nice job for the Bears but it may not quite be enough. Go with Oregon in this game.

3. Boise State vs Fresno State: Pat Hill will have his guys ready to play but it won't be enough. This is a rivalry game and Fresno may be able to keep it close, but look for the Broncos to come away with the win. BSU is a legitimate top 10 team.

4. Mississippi State vs UAB: The Bulldogs have been a disappointment this year. They just are not that good. They should have the talent to get things right here and take the Dragons down though. Calloway is a good coach but there are just too many good D1 teams in Alabama for him to get the blue chip in state recruits to come to Birmingham. Go with MSU.

5. Memphis vs Rice: This years' Owl team is a about par for the course for a Rice squad. Memphis is perhaps the worst team in Division I. I look for the Owls to win this with relative ease. I think that Larry Porter will, in time, be a good coach but he needs a bit more experience. Getting decent players to come to Memphis would helpful. Go with the Owls.

6. FIU vs Akron: I look for FIU to right the ship here in this non conference game. The losses to ULL and Duke were disheartening for the Panther faithful, but FIU may still be a contender for the New Orleans Bowl. Go with FIU here.

7. Missouri vs Kansas State: The Wildcats are a pleasant surprise thus far. They may meet their match this week with the Tigers though. Hard to say. I think this game is a complete toss up but I will go out on a limb and predict KSU to remain undefeated.

8. TCU vs SDSU: TCU is down this year and the Aztecs may have opportunity to come away with a victory. I think both of these teams will go bowling but I think SDSU will come away with a minor upset. Go with the Aztecs in a close one.

9. Oklahoma vs Texas: This "big game" this week is this rivalry game. Texas may have some QB issues and there is a bit of doubt creeping in about just how good this Sooner squad is. I will go with the Sooners here to pull one out of the hat.

10. Texas Agriculture vs Texas Tech: The Aggies should be a good football team. They do have some definite issues though. Perhaps it is coaching or maybe it is conditioning. Hard to say. Sherman is not a real good HC and another loss will have the Aggie faithful again talking about "reaching the next level." Texas Tech, while undefeated, has had a very easy sked thus far and frankly have not been all that impressive with their wins. I am not sure that Tuberville is the right man for the Red Raider job. That being said, this could be a very even game. I think that the Aggies are snake bit and will lose another here. Go with the Red Raiders in a close one.

11. East Carolina vs Houston: Houston, like TTU, is undefeated but has benefited from a rather easy schedule. Also, like TTU, they have not been all that impressive with their wins. ECU seems to be in rebuild mode. Both schools are well coached and Houston's offense is top notch. Their defense may again get them in trouble. We will see. I will go with the Cougars here.

12. Auburn vs Arkansas: A good SEC game that will decide a lot. Both are good but not great teams. The Hogs had a nice come back win last week and Auburn showed up against a decent South Carolina squad. I will say this one is pretty even and I will pick the Hogs here.

13. Florida vs LSU: The Gator starting QB is hurt. LSU may (or may not) have a QB controversy brewing. We will see. The Tigers should be able to win this one but Miles needs to fend off those who say that Jefferson is the man. He should dance with who brung ya (as they say), and stick with Lee. If Lee falters, then by all means, put Jordan in. Till then Jefferson need to sit on the bench and thank his lucky stars he is in a Tiger uniform instead of jail duds. Go with the Tigers to win. It may be fairly close.

14. Troy vs ULL: If the Cajuns are serious about a run in the SBC then they need to win here. Troy is a good team always and have a winning tradition. This is something that is missing in Cajun country. I will go wth the Trojans to hand the Cajuns their second loss of the season.

15. Temple vs Ball State: Ball State has a decent MAC club and Temple has a good team period. Last week was a bad outing for both squads although Ball State at least has an excuse. I think the Owls will be in the MAC Championship Game (probably facing Toledo), and will win this one. Go with Temple.

16. EMU vs Toledo: Toledo has shown us something this year. Decent outings against Ohio State and Boise State and a thumping of a good Temple squad has to be worth something. I would go with the Rockets to be victorious here also.

17. Baylor vs Iowa State: If the Bears are to be taken seriously then this game is a must win. Last week they were beaten by a decent KSU squad but in reality should have had little trouble with the Wildcats. Iowa State has had a good season up until last weeks' thumping they took from the Longhorns. If Iowa State plays their cards right they may reach a bowl this year. That being said, look for the Bears to win here. It may be close though.

18. Miami vs Va Tech: What kind of team do these schools have? They are both still a bit of a mystery. Va Tech benefited from a rather easy schedule before being exposed last week. Miami's loss to Maryland was strange and they came within a hair of beating a decent KSU squad a couple weeks back. The Canes had a scrimmage against IAA Bethune Cookman last week to right their ship while the Hokies were embarrassed. I will go with Miami in a minor upset here.

19. Illinois vs Indiana: Ron Zook has a pretty good team. He is really a much better coach than he is given credit for. Granted Illinois has had a pretty easy schedule thus far and that certainly helps matters. Indiana is not a good team but did have at least a decent showing against Paterno's club the other day. Perhaps they are improving somewhat. Probably won't be enough though. I go with the Illini here to improve o 6-0.

20. Boston College vs Clemson: Clemson is the real deal finally. They may be up there with the top SEC teams along with Wisconsin and Oklahoma. Certainly no worse than say an Oregon or South Carolina. They should easily top BC. Go with the Tigers of Clemson.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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