Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 14 (2011) Analysis

This week I was 15-5 for a total of 198- 82. Actually I was 15-4 having inadvertently only done 19 games but why quibble? I will count the forgotten game as a "loss." Now in just a few short hours the bowl selections will begin. There will be some disappointed folk out there. The BCS just does not work. It will not work and is ruining the game. Yes I know I am beating a dead horse here but so be it.

Houston has blown their chance for a "major" bowl with the beat down taken at the hands of the Golden Eagles. Have to take care of business in this sport or you will find yourself on the outside looking in. The BCS honks are happy about this one I can assure you. Did not someone tell the USM crew that their victory was costing the conference millions? Do they not understand economics?

OSU made a case for being included in the BCS "National Championship" game. They made Oklahoma look just darn horrible. I think the average fan would rather see a OSU/LSU match up than another boring Bama/Tiger tilt. The Tigers have already proven to be better than the Tide. Well sort of anyway. They did win the game and that is all that matters. Could the Tigers handle the Cowboys? Probably so. It should be proven on the field though.

Virginia Tech has played themselves out of the argument. Their fans won't have a leg to stand on if they bray about being left out of the picture. Clemson has beaten them twice this year. That says something. Clemson is no great shakes. A good ACC team sure. That is about it.

Boise State still in the picture for BCS? We will see.

It will be interesting to see where WVU fits in. They edged the Bulls which is nice for them but....Do they really belong in a "BCS" game?

Wisconsin got a bit of revenge. A couple of different bounces of the ball this year and we would be talking about them as a national title contender. They are a fine football team.

Baylor is playing darn good ball right now. They went through a rough patch and destroyed their chances at a BCS bid. No one would like to face them right now though. Care to take bets about how well the Aggies will do in the SEC? Thought not. Wonder where KSU will fit in. Houston, Va Tech and the Sooners were ranked ahead of the Wildcats and all lost. Hmmmmm.

Arkansas State is a good under the radar football team. Are they just Sun Belt good or are they just plain good? That is a question that will be answered somewhere. They have had a fine year and perhaps should sneak into the BCS Top 25. Congrats to the Cajuns for going 8-4 and making it to the New Orleans Bowl. 8-4 is just above average sure, but it is a huge step up in Lafayette.  WKU had a better than expected year and North Texas seems to be trending upward (as they say). FAU at least won one game for old Howard. I will miss him. FIU and Troy (especially) were a bit of a disappointment.

Over in IAA  (along with D2 and D3) ball they determine the National Champion the right way. Some darn good teams in the "FCS." Sam Houston State is the only undefeated team but they are in the Southland Conference. The SLC does not typically do real well in the play offs. SHSU did take care of business yesterday however but it was pretty close.
In my opinion this will come down to Montana, Montana State, or Georgia Southern. One of those squads will be the champ when all is said and done. At least one of these teams would be a D1 top twenty (or at least top 25) squad.

In a few hours we will see where everybody lines up in the bowl picture. There will some howling from the folk at OSU I would wager. They will have a valid point.

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