Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Coach Makes A Stupid Mistake?

First it was Meyer to Ohio State. Not a smart move. Then we have Leach going to WSU. Even less of a smart move (to say the least). Now apparently (if the news reports are correct) Kevin Sumlin will be heading to TAMU. Now that is exceptionally idiotic.

Sumlin has done a great job in Houston although, in all honesty, it is debatable if he would amount to much without Case Keenum behind center. Hard to say. If last year is any indication.......
Be that as it may. Sumlin should certainly know better than to get mixed up with the crew from College Station. He has been there before as an assistant. The old "fool me once" saying comes to mind. Or perhaps it is the "touching a hot stove twice to make sure it burns" thing. Either way Sumlin is making a major mistake. So it goes......

One hopes the reports are erroneous.

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