Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mack May Be On The Hot Seat Next Season

The Longhorns had a less than stellar year. A trip with a win to the Holiday Bowl just don't cut it for Texas fans. I would guess that Mack better reach a "BCS" game next year or at least one of the top tier non BCS games (Cotton or whatever they now call the "Citrus") or there will be blood.

There are a handful of teams that have fan expectation of competing for a "National Championship" year in and year out. Texas is one of them. The last time the Longhorns had a shot was a couple years back when Colt was "injured" in the title game with the Tide. Subsequently they were routed. Since then?......

It is interesting that some of these schools just have expectation of being in serious competition every year for the National Title. Florida, LSU, Bama, Auburn, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame (strange isn't it?), Texas Agriculture (stranger still), USC, Ohio State, Michigan and perhaps Oregon must be among the elite or a coach won't be around long. The fans at WVU, Va. Tech, Wisconsin, Arkansas, PSU, Miami, FSU, with perhaps UCLA (hard to believe I know), and Michigan State are almost as unrealistic. Boise State and BYU (Notre Dame lite) are somewhat special cases with often unrealistic expectations from their fan base.  At any rate, only two teams play for the title every year. 

It is damn hard to get there.

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