Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Graham Guy? Unreal

It seems that the much traveled Todd Graham has bolted from Pitt to ASU. Imagine that. This guy is nothing more than mercenary scum and if this doesn't prove it....what will? The fans of Rice and Tulsa could have told the Pitt faithful what they were getting with this POS. Funny thing, he is perhaps no great shakes as a coach anyway. He wins with previous coaches' recruits. He is more talented at fooling college administrators than Franchione ever was.

I remember a short few years back when Todd bolted Rice for Tulsa. The Marching Owl Band made an ass of him when Tulsa came calling to Rice Stadium. He demanded an apology. None was forthcoming. The "MOB" pulls no punches and apologizes to no one. I recently went to a Rice game and saw a person with a "Who knew that Todd Graham was a douche bag?" t shirt. There are a whole lot of people who are learning a bit about this Graham. "Douche bag" is a rather mild way to describe this dude. I can think of a few others.

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