Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another One in the Books

The Beef O' Brady Bowl (the what) is in the history books. I watched part of the game but had to switch over to Bomb Patrol Afghanistan. That is an interesting program and I watched the whole hour in its' entirety. Then back to the game. Score still the same. Did not miss much apparently.

Marshall with a game time 6-6 record has improved to 7-6. FIU was predicted to win the SBC but had somewhat of a meltdown. FIU is probably the better team but did not come through last night. The Sun Belt is beginning to get the respect from the "major" conferences in the past few years. There have been too many "upsets" for it to be otherwise.

I would submit that any 6-6 school from any conference is not bowl worthy. There were very few fans at the game last night and it seemed really like a waste of time for all concerned. It is hard to get excited about at 6-6 club. The minimum wins should be eight to qualify for a post season bid.

On a related note; it seems that FIU HC Mario Cristobal is being considered for the job at Pitt. "Stay where you are" would be my advice to him.

Tonight TCU meets WAC Champion Louisiana Tech. There are those who say that this is a complete mismatch and it well may be. At least the Horned Frogs are going to play a legitimate conference champion and bowl worthy opponent. Boise State got ripped off with a truly "who cares" game. None of the "big time" schools want any piece of BSU or TCU for that matter. It tends to be embarrassing for the BCS. Can't have that.

Next year TCU will be in the Big Twelve and BSU has chosen to play in the Big East. To get any respect at all schools have to flee to a BCS Conference. This works out well for TCU. The Big Twelve is a geographic fit. BSU and SDSU to the Big East? That is stupid.

Among the other faults of the corrupt BCS system is that it damages regional rivalries and affiliations. It needs to go.

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