Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Holiday Bowl

Texas pulled this one out of the hat. It was difficult to watch two very mediocre teams go at it. I actually thought that Cal would find a way to score a few more than the Longhorns. Texas has a very good defense but a barely competent offense. The Longhorn D certainly won another one for them. It would have been interesting to see just how far the Horns would have gone this season if they had any kind of offense at all. Their defense kept them in games resulting in a few wins that they probably should not have.

As it stands now. I would put the Longhorns perhaps the fifth (maybe sixth) best squad in the Texas college ranks. Yes I am counting IAA Sam Houston State in the mix. They would have a better than even shot at beating them this year.

Mack is well liked by the Texas faithful but there are some rumblins'. He needs to get his boys to step it up next season or it could well be his last.

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