Sunday, December 4, 2011

BCS Honks and Hacks

Well the BCS has done what it is designed to do. So say the BCS hacks on ESPN anyway. In reality it has again been a disaster.

Is Alabama really deserving of another shot at LSU? Perhaps so. Perhaps not. Is OSU not just as deserving? How about Stanford or even Boise State? Why do Clemson and WVU get to play in a "big game" and Boise not?  Criminal. Now I guess the Broncos are going to be playing a 6-6 ASU team in some no name bowl.  What a joke. Why are KSU and Arkansas not playing in one of the "big games" either? The Cotton is a top notch destination sure but it does not have the payday of a "BCS" bowl.

I will say for the hundredth time that the BCS is ruining the game. It must go. Perhaps those silly OWS protesters could get involved in something that (perhaps) can be changed. Maybe they will bring a noose.......

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