Saturday, December 10, 2011

Football Today

There is (was) some college football being played today. The storied Army/Navy match up is in the books. Not really of much interest to most people (even service members) as neither team amounts to much and it is an officers' party anyway.

Over in IAA SHSU advanced further into the playoffs with a beat down of Montana State. I am happy for them but I look at the history of the Southland Conference in this tournament. Not so good. It could be things will work out for the boys from Huntsville this season though. Montana and of course Georgia Southern are strong teams in IAA. They are still in the hunt. North Dakota State is not too far removed from D2 ball and they are doing quite nicely in IAA. Interesting tournament this.

Over in D2 Pittsburg State and Delta State square off this evening. Good D2 programs both. They will meet Wayne State in the Championship game. Might be something to watch.

Of course Mt. Union will be in the D3 Championship. It almost goes without saying that the Purple Raiders will be there. They will meet either UW Whitewater or St Thomas (MN) for the right to be named national champion.

There is a huge difference between national champion in the lower ranks and "national champion" in the BCS. The lower divisions have a real tourney while Division I just has a corrupt system.

Ridiculous and criminal is this BCS.

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