Saturday, December 17, 2011

Interesting Football

Last night I had two televisions going and watched both the DIII Championship Game and a IAA semi final. Pretty good football games. Congrats (again) to UW Whitewater.

Today Pittsburg State has won the D2 Championship by taking down Wayne State. Pretty good game also.

The best game of the day so far though was the ND State/Georgia Southern match up. The Bison pretty much took it to the boys from Georgia. If you recall this is the same Georgia Southern team that gave the Crimson Tide quite a problem a few weeks back. It is glaringly apparent to me that the best teams in IAA are capable of competing very well in the "Bowl Championship Subdivision." I would say that Georgia Southern would give the Georgia Bulldogs one hell of a hard time. It would think that Sam Houston State would certainly give most D1 teams in Texas fits, and I would bet that ND State could beat most of the Big Ten on any given day. Montana would probably have no trouble winning the WAC.

Now ND State will face off with SHSU in what should be a great game. These "lessor" divisions determine their national champion the real way. The right way. The BCS is ruining "big time" college ball. Give it some time and it will utterly destroy it.

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