Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ho Hum

Last night Mizzou beat a rather forgettable North Carolina team in the Independence Bowl. Perhaps the bowl execs should have picked teams that "travel well." There was almost no one in attendance. It could be that even the fans of either team did not want to make the trip to Shreveport to watch two mediocre teams battle it out. Oh well.......I didn't watch much of it either.

Tonight the Belk Bowl (the what?) "must" be played.  Louisville and NC State both come in at 7-5 and it should be a fine match up. A" drop everything and watch" type of contest. The game is to be held in Charlotte so there might be a few State fans in the seats.

Before I forget, we also have the Little Caesars Bowl on this evening. The powerhouse WMU Broncos meet with the 6-6 Purdue Boilermakers. This might actually be a pretty good game and Detroit is within driving distance of the fan base of both schools but still it is unlikely that Ford Field will be sold out. After all that would require a trip to Detroit. Who wants to do that?

Let's see....Wednesday night the Military Bowl kicks off with Toledo and Air Force going at it. AFA is the best of the service academies this year, but that does not say a whole lot. A pretty good MWC team is about what we have with the Falcon squad. Probably not much more than that. Toledo is a good MAC team but that might be all. Pretty similar records and someone has to win. Toledo is probably the better team. They may be a bit better than their record. This one might actually be a good game, but really....Should it even be played at all?

The Holiday Bowl is another ho hum game. It has traditionally been a bowl for those that are just not quite up to snuff though. There will be fans in the seats most likely. Both schools have a large fan base and a lot of them are some pretty affluent folk. They may have nothing better to do than brave the frozen tundra in San Diego to watch a game. Wish I could join them. The game itself is borderline garbage, but a trip to San Diego would be something to look forward to.

Some of these "bowl" games are just a waste of time. I suppose someone makes some money somewhere, but do we really need to see such uninteresting match ups in the post season?

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