Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week 14 Predictions

Well the regular season is winding down and I think for now I will leave the nonsense that is the BCS alone and concentrate on the upcoming games. Last week I was 12-8 for a total thus far of 157-101. There are some great games on tap this week with some conference championship games along with customary rivalry games. Let us not forget also that the lower divisions are having their playoffs at this time. Something that can easily be done at the D1 level once the ruinous BCS system is out of the way. Wait. I said I would not talk about that crap. On to the predictions for week 14.

1. Arizona vs Arizona State: For those that care, this rivalry game of no consequence is on tap tonight. Wish there was something better to watch but there you have it. Arizona is a better team marginally and may be able to win this one. Go with the Wildcats.

2. Northern Illinois vs Miami of Ohio: The MAC Championship game will be on for your viewing pleasure Friday night. This may be a very good game but the Huskies may be a legitimate top 15 team. I would put my money on them to win. Go with Northern Illinois.

3. Illinois vs Fresno State: This one could easily be the nail in Zook's coffin or save him for a bit. Illinois needs this game. Fresno is a tough team to play anywhere and the Valley Dogs are at home. I will go with Illinois to win this one in a close one. They probably just have a bit more talent.

4. UCF vs SMU: UCF is a good team and SMU is a good team for a CUSA squad. I will go out on a limb here and pick SMU to edge the Golden Knights. Go with SMU.

5. Rutgers vs West Virginia: WVU needs this one to stay in contention for a BCS Bowl and should be able to get the win. Go with WVU.

6. Nevada vs Louisiana Tech: Nevada is a darn good football team and Louisiana Tech is just not. The game is in Louisiana which may help the Dogs some but probably not enough. Go with Nevada.

7. Utah State vs Boise State: There is disappointment on the blue field and the Broncs are probably let down. Even with a lackluster performance they will be able to take these Aggies down at home. Go with Boise State.

8. Florida State vs Virginia Tech: The ACC Championship game could be fairly interesting. Va. Tech has rebounded but they have not recovered totally in stature from their 0-2 start and loss to a IAA squad. FSU is better than expected this year and should be able to win here. It may be close but I will go with the Native Americans.

9. Auburn vs South Carolina: Guess who will finally lose one? Yep it will be the Tigers. Of course that depends a lot on which Gamecock team shows up. I think an upset is in the works here and I will go with Spurrier and Co. to pull this one out.

10. Nebraska vs Oklahoma: It will be a shame to see the Huskers leave the Big Twelve with a conference championship under their belt, but that is likely what we will have here. Big Ten take notice. The Huskers will likely dominate this usually below par league. Of course this year is an anomaly with at three teams being top 15 caliber squads. Usually this is not the case. At any rate the Huskers will take the Big Twelve Championship this year and the Big Ten next. Go with Nebraska in their contest with Oklahoma.

11. UConn vs USF: UConn needs this game but it will be hard to get sure. Of course there may be somewhat of a letdown at USF after last week's win over Miami. That can happen. I will still go with the Bulls here in this one. Both teams have top notch coaching and only fair talent.

12. UNLV vs Hawaii: Hawaii may perhaps be a legitimate top 25 squad this year. They will have no problem here. Go with the Warriors.

13. Oregon vs Oregon State: The "Civil War" can be a good game. Oregon State fell apart this year and unlikely will be able to hang with the Ducks, but that sure would make things interesting nationally if the Quackers do falter. We will see. I will go with Oregon to stay undefeated and play in the BCS "National Title" game.

14. Idaho vs San Jose State: Akey's club fell off pace a bit this year and will not go bowling but they are a hands down better team than the Spartans. Go with the Vandals.

15. Middle Tn vs FIU: FIU has only one loss in conference this year and should not lose this one. The Blue Raiders have been a disappointment this year. Dasher's NFL hopes may have been "dashed." At any rate FIU has done well in conference and given some "big boys" all they wanted. I will go with the Panthers.

16. USC vs UCLA: Does anyone really care? Some do I suppose and I will go ahead and pick UCLA to pull off a minor upset here.

17. Troy vs Florida Atlantic: Troy did not win the conference this year as I predicted but still can be a very dangerous team. FAU is better than their record and I will go with them to win in an upset. Go with the Owls.

18. Washington vs Washington State: Another game that no one cares about. Washington appears to be the better squad although I have not paid any attention to either. There just is not any reason to after all. I will go with the Huskies here. Their record is better in this weak conference.

19. SFA vs Villanova: This IAA play off game should be interesting. SFA is pretty good as is Nova. Now Southland Conference teams have not done well in IAA play offs of late and that comes to mind, but I think that the Jacks will pull this one out of the hat.

20. Appalachian State vs Western Illinois: Another IAA play off game on tap. It is hard to go against the Mountaineers and I won't do so here. Go with APSU.

Enjoy the games.

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