Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some Thoughts on Wednesday

Maryland as expected took down a ECU squad that really should not have been playing in a bowl game anywhere. As I have said before 6-6 does not qualify a team for the post season . At any rate, ECU was there and now finishes the season 6-7. I think that ECU is well coached and will be a power in CUSA in the years to come; just not this year. Maryland has lost a very good coach in Friedgen and I have already said my peace on that. It is a shame, but that is the game of college football as it stands now. Everyone has to win at least a conference championship it seems or the coach is in danger.
Baylor apparently did not show up to play. Good thing that OK. State came out in the Alamo Bowl or the "Big XII" (do we still call it that?) would be 0-3. I have never seen a more penalized team than the Bears and Briles needs to get a handle on that if he expects to make much noise in conference next year. Illinois should not have been there at 6-6 but alas, they did win and come away with a 7-6 record for the season. Zook may or may not be safe. We will see.
Oklahoma State came out and rampaged in their scrimmage in San Antonio against a below par Arizona team. Just was not a contest. The score was actually closer than the action on the field. Arizona is just not a good team. It would be nice if the Cowboys could have played a little bit better opponent than this. Hell, the Troy Trojans, the Sun Belt co-champs would have been a better opponent than the Wildcats. Oh well there are some fair games on tap today. I am sort of looking forward to the SMU/Army match up. That may be good. The "Pinstripe" Bowl in Yankee stadium should be an interesting novelty and actually perhaps a good game. Syracuse and KSU are improved teams. We will see what happens.
Good day and enjoy the games.

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