Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TCU to the Big East? Boy That Makes A Lot of Sense

It is being reported that TCU is to move to the Big East after one more season in the Mtn West. That is near as stupid as Louisiana Tech being in the WAC. This is a result of the BCS further ruining the game of college football. Ridiculous. TCU has no logical reason to make that move if it were not for the BCS system forcing schools to make drastic decisions. Granted TCU will compete well in the Big East and perhaps even dominate, but it is still a ridiculous move and is not good for the game.


  1. It's good for TCU financially. Big bucks on the line. More and better television coverage, better television revenue, and sharing revenue with bigger schools. It's all about the money.

    It also gives tham a far better shot at the national championship game.

  2. I certanly understand the financial aspect, but as a purist I find the whole thing ridiculous. If the Big Twelve wanted to go back to twelve teams TCU would be one they should certainly look at. They would be a suitable replacement for Colorado, perhaps even a step up. Never will be able to replace Nebraska. Not sure who else though could be considered for an addition to the Big 12. Houston, Tulsa, UTEP, Louisiana Tech? Not sure there. Houston does have a history with the SWC which is Big Twelve is an offshoot of. Just speculating. I think there will be a good deal of "realignment" before it is all said and done.

  3. It's going to churn like a Maytag for several years, I suspect.

    Big 12 (whatever) may have wanted TCU, but TCU didn't want them. Big East has bigger television markets. I rather suspect the monetary value of a "championship game" is over-rated.

    I am with you in finding the whole thing ridiculous and a bit disgusting. Conferences should be geographic, determined by type of school (public/private), and size, and all conferences should have the same number of teams. Period. National champion should be determined by polling to four teams and then playoff.