Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bowls Begin and Championships are Decided

Due to time various matters taking precedence I did not get to put any predictions up for the start of the "Bowl Season" but will put the remainder up shortly. Yesterday there were three "bowl" games on tap and none were really worth watching. They were routs all. The most ridiculous; The New Mexico Bowl was between BYU and UTEP and resulted in a BYU rout. Thankfully I watched very little of the game. Both teams were 6-6 in regular season play and just being in a bowl was a bit of a stretch. A bowl game is not supposed to reward mediocrity. Oh well, so it goes. I do like Mike Price and believe he has done a commendable job in El Paso. It is arguably one of the hardest places to win in the country. Now the Humanitarian Bowl at least has some history behind it. The "Blue Field" Bowl has been around quite a while now. Unfortunately Fresno State decided not to show up. Perhaps there are just too many bad memories there for them to be successful against anyone on that turf. Of course NIU was led by an interim coach as Jerry Kill, like most successful MAC coaches, has moved on to "greener pasture." It will be interesting to see if the Minnesota job works out for him. He may have wished he had stayed in Illinois before all is said and done. The New Orleans Bowl at least is rewards a championship season for the Sun Belt. Troy shared the championship this year and was chosen to play in this contest. It was apparent that Ohio did not bother to show up and were easily handled by the Trojans. Solich is a good coach, but his bowl record with Ohio is dismal. I was a bit surprised at this outcome frankly. The Trojans have struggled a bit this year and I thought that Ohio would be able to take them. Not the case though.
In lower division ball the IAA title game is set between Eastern Washington and Delaware. Might be an interesting game. I watched Delaware some yesterday and they look like they can play  ball. Not real familiar with EWU.
UMD capitalized on a late turnover and beat Delta State by a field goal as time expired. Watched a bit of this one here an there. The undisputed D2 Champion was decided on the field of play. How novel is that?
Over in D3, UWW did it again. It seems like every year either they or their opponent, the Purple Raiders, are vying for the D3 Championship. I did not see this one which is a shame, I usually try to catch the D3 Championship game.

I will try to get the Bowl Predictions up as soon as possible. Have a good week

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