Thursday, December 30, 2010

Was KSU Robbed by a Ref's Bad Call?

I very rarely criticize the officiating in college ball. With replay bad calls are easily overturned. Bad calls that are not merely judgment calls that is. In today's game the "Pinstripe Bowl" KSU was robbed, in my humble opinion, of the opportunity for a two point conversion by a ridiculous call from one of the officials. He called an "excessive celebration" penalty after a KSU touchdown when there was clearly no such celebration. Borderline at best. When an overzealous referee perhaps decides the the outcome of a game it diminishes the contest for players, coaches, and fans. That being said the Big XII is not looking very good in bowl games thus far. They better step up. Nebraska should help matters this evening in the Holiday Bowl. The outcome is almost a foregone conclusion.

1 comment:

  1. Robbed! Absolutely. This bad call hurt everyone; Syracuse, KSU, the fans, and College football.

    But props to Bill Snyder, and here's to a better record next year!