Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bowl Predictions

In week 15 I was 3-2 in college football predictions which puts me for the year thus far at 163-114. Not so bad I suppose. Last week I did not have the time to work on my "expert" analysis and therefore did not put out any predictions. Last night I watched most of the "Beef O'Bradys" Bowl (the what?) and was surprised that USM allowed Louisville to come back on them. CUSA is starting off 0-2 in the post season. Anyway, the game reminded me to get the predictions up before the season was over. I find myself ready now to "run the table" for the rest of the year. Here you go....

1. Eastern Washington vs Delaware: The IAA Championship is at hand. The true winner in this division will be decided on the field. That is refreshing when compared to the fiasco in "big time" college ball. Delaware has been here before but I don't believe that EWU has. A couple of years ago the Blue Hens were a power with Flaco under center and they don't appear to have fallen much off the pace. I will go with Delaware in this contest. I do admit that I don't know much about EWU although they do have an outstanding won/loss record this year. I would suspect that both of these teams are better than some of the teams in D1 that are playing a post season game.

2. MAACO Bowl: This one starts in a few hours and pits an excellent Boise State team against a pretty good Utah squad. The Broncos must be very disappointed that they are not BCS busters this year but when one plays in the WAC, CUSA or Mtn West; one loss destroys any hope of a BCS game. With that being said; Boise State is hands down the better team here. I will go with the Broncos to roll.

3. Poinsettia Bowl: This should be a very good game between two pretty evenly matched opponents. When was the last time SDSU went to a bowl game? It has been a while. Brady Hoke came over from the MAC and has done wonders in San Diego. I hope that it is a destination job for him and not just another springboard. I think the game to be a toss up but I will go with SDSU to win in a close one. They are playing at home although it can be considered a semi home game I suppose for the Midshipmen. San Diego is a huge Navy town.

4. Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii takes on Tulsa here and I would imagine that CUSA will be 0-3 in bowl games after this one. Hawaii is a good team and Tulsa is just a good CUSA team. Go with Hawaii to win.

5. Little Caesars Bowl: This one should not even be played. While Toledo is 8-4 and perhaps deserves some sort of post season honors, Florida International is 6-6 in a weak conference. Now FIU has played some major teams tough this year but still 6-6 does not deserve a bowl game.  While I like Mario Cristobal and believe he will be coaching in the "big time" at some point, I don't think the Panthers should be in post season. That being said, the game could be actually pretty good. I will go with the Rockets to win in a close one.

6. Independence Bowl: This Bowl has been around for quite a few years and should have been able to get better teams than these. Air Force is fair at best and Georgia Tech is 6-6. 6-6? Yes. A bowl should not reward mediocrity. I will go with Air Force to win here in a close and probably uninteresting game.

7. Champs Sports Bowl: NC State and WVU is a pretty decent match up. Neither conference is very good but WVU probably is the best team in the Big East. Yes I know that UConn won the Big East but still I think WVU is the better of the two. The Mountaineers should be able to beat the Wolfpack but it might be close. Go with WVU.

8. Insight Bowl: Missouri should have gotten a bit of a better game than this one but those are the breaks. Mizzou does not have a huge national following like say the Huskers or the Longhorns. That probably has a good bit to do with it. That being said, they should have no problem with a fair at best Iowa team. I would go with the Tigers hands down in this contest.

9. Military Bowl: ECU vs Maryland may be a pretty good game although ECU at 6-6 should not be there. Will Big Ralph coach the Terps in this game? He apparently has been forced out as the coach at Maryland. Shame. I think that Maryland has the talent to win here but will have a fight on their hands. Go with Maryland.

10. Texas Bowl: This one is played in Houston and features Baylor vs Illinois. Baylor has been a pleasant surprise this year and is a well coached team led by an outstanding QB. Illinois is being rewarded for mediocrity. I wonder how much longer Zook will be able to hold on to his job. I think Baylor will win here. It is almost a home game for them.

11. Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma State is probably deserving of something better than this. They face off with Arizona in this contest and will prevail with little problem. Go with the Cowboys.

12. Armed Forces Bowl: SMU is a good team for CUSA and will be a good team period in a year or two. Army is Army. They at least made it to 6-6 this year but will be 6-7 after facing the Mustangs. Go with SMU hands down.

13. Pinstripe Bowl: The what? Anyway this one is a contest between KSU and Syracuse. Syracuse actually had a pretty decent season. Be interesting to see how much better they will be next year. KSU is improving under Snyder and one can't help but wonder if he will eventually build them into a national power again. We will see. With all that being said, I will go with KSU to pull this on out of the hat.

14. Music City Bowl: This is an uninteresting contest between a 6-6 Tennessee squad and North Carolina. This one should not be played, but since it will be, I will go with the Vols to win. Someone has to.

15. Holiday Bowl: Could not Nebraska do better than this one? This will not be a contest. Go with the Huskers hands down. Washington should not even be here.

16. Meineke Bowl: Clemson vs USF is just not a match up that anyone should really be interested in Clemson should not be in the game and USF is a fair team at best. Someone has to win here and I will go with USF.

17. Sun Bowl: Notre Dame vs Miami may be a good game. ND is improved over recent years and Miami just can't seem to get over the hump. I think Coach Shannon should have been given a bit more time with Hurricanes but that is the way the game goes. I think that Miami will have the talent to win here. Go with the Hurricanes.

18. Liberty Bowl: UCF is the winner of CUSA and should be rewarded with a better opponent than Georgia. I will go with UCF here. They are a better team than many people know.

19. Chick Fil A Bowl: Here is a real bowl game. South Carolina is a good football team, although they are a bit inconsistent. Such is the case with the Noles. It will be a good game between two pretty evenly matched teams and I will go with Spurrier to have his kids ready for the win. Go with South Carolina.

20. Ticket City Bowl: Texas Tech vs Northwestern may be a good game. Texas Tech is not the same team they have been in the past and Northwestern may be better than their record. I will go out on a limb here and pick the Wildcats.

21. Outback Bowl: Florida vs Penn State: This may be a good game. Both of these teams are probably somewhat better than their records indicate. I think that State has the most talent this year and will win. Go with the Lions.

22. Capital One Bowl: Alabama will be able to beat Michigan State with relative ease. Bama has had a disappointing year but actually are a better team than their record. MSU, while a good team, is not quite as good as many think. I have watched them a number of times and they are easily beatable by a good team. Go with the Tide. I hate to say that. I really do.

23. Gator Bowl: Mississippi State vs Michigan could be good. The Bulldogs had had a surprisingly good season and Michigan is Michigan. This will be a close one and I will go out on a limb and pick MSU for the win.

24. Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs TCU probably won't be as close as some would think. While I am always a fan of a BCS buster, I think that Wisconsin may well be the second best team in the country. They may have a bit of trouble adjusting to the fast pace of the Frogs' but once they do adjust they should be able to contain them. I will go with the Badgers here hands down.

25. Fiesta Bowl: UConn vs Oklahoma may or may not be a good game. Depends on which Sooners team shows up. It is debatable whether UConn should even be here but since they are, the game has to be played. I will go with the Sooners here to win with relative ease.

26. Orange Bowl: I refuse to call this the "Discover" Orange Bowl. There is just too much of that type of thing. Remember the classic games such as the Peach Bowl, and Citrus Bowl. Where are they now? They are called the Joe's Garage Bowl or some such shit. Now with that being said, I must say that this should be a very good game. Stanford is under appreciated nationally and Virginia Tech has certainly rebounded after a disastrous start to the season. Stanford is the only quality team in the Pac 10 other than Oregon and Virginia Tech is certainly the class of the ACC. This translates into some good football teams. I like Stanford's QB and like the way they play the game. It may still linger in the back of  the Hokie players minds their embarrassing loss to JMU. I think that Stanford will prevail in a very good, hard fought, and tough game.

27. Sugar Bowl is this year between Ohio State and Arkansas. Ohio State may be a marginally better team but the game still has to be played. I like the Hogs and will try not to be biased here. Mallett can be a brilliant QB and can also stink up the place. A lot like Garcia at South Carolina. While the SEC is top to bottom better than the Big X, Ohio State is probably the better team here and I will go with them to win. I hope not. At any rate it will be a big party in the French Quarter.

28. Go Daddy Dot Com Bowl: The what? Middle Tennessee should not be here. They were a disappointment this year. They have the best QB in the Sun Belt in Dasher but things just did not work out as planned. Miami of Ohio had a pretty decent year in MAC ball and are a good MAC team. They should win here. Don't you wish Danica Patrick would show up at halftime wearing nothing but some pumps? That is the only thing that would make this game worth watching.

29. Cotton Bowl: Now here is a game to watch. TAMU is much improved over the past and LSU is a BCS Bowl caliber team. While the Cotton is not a BCS Bowl, it perhaps should be. This game is pretty evenly matched and a lot depends on which team shows up on both sides. I think that LSU has more talent and will go with them here. Go with the Tigers.

30. BBVA Compass Bowl: Huh? Should this game even be played? Pitt had a disappointing year and Coach Dave is out. Kentucky football is Kentucky football. This will be close and I will go with the Panthers to pull this one out of the hat.

31. Fight Hunger Bowl: Nevada should be able to win this game over Boston College. There are so many bowls that the talent is diluted to the point that many games are just nonsense. Nevada, with one loss, deserves a chance to prove that they are a quality team. I will go with the Wolfpack here in a rout.

32. BCS "Championship" Game has Oregon taking on Auburn. This should be a no brainer but the game still has to be played. If Auburn shows up to play then the game is a foregone conclusion. If they don't then it may be a close one. I think the Tigers will show up and embarrass the Ducks. Go with Auburn.

Don't think I missed any bowl games (other than those already decided) but who knows for sure? There are way to many of them.


  1. What was amazing about the Poinsettia Bowl has less to do with SDSU beating Navy that with the condition of the field. Just 24 hours after it was under two feet of standing water, it was an amazingly palyable field with nary a divit or mud spot in sight. That is astounding. Navy was supposed to have the advantage on a wet field...

    Brady Hoke is here until a job at Michigan opens up. He said befor he took the job here that he would go to Michigan if he got a chance.

  2. You missed two, because there are 34. I have no idea which two you missed.